Tami, you’ve got one heck of a consolation prize.


Sadly, The Hobbit did not take home any trophies from the Academy Awards. I was particularly pulling for Tami Lane, the makeup artist who transformed RA into Thorin each day, not to mention all the other actors for whom she performed stellar makeup magic.

Ah well, two more films, more opportunities.

However, I think Tami is already a winner and in a big way.  She’s earned the admiration of millions of fans around the world for her work. Not only that,  she seems to have won the true friendship of one amazingly talented, kind, generous, warm-hearted and absolutely gorgeous actor turned bad-ass dwarf named Richard Armitage.

I’d say that was made of “winning,” wouldn’t you?  (And she gets to do more bonding with him starting in May! Lucky girl.)

She’s already got one Oscar on her shelf.

While gold statuettes make good door stops or book ends, they DON’T give you big, cuddly hugs like this.



Why do you think she’s smiling so gleefully?!

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  1. Spot on Angie! “Oscar” is after all only a hunk of cold metal while Richard is a hunk of a totally different variety! 😉 Seriously though, I too was rooting for her and was so disappointed that The Hobbit nominees did not get the recognition they truly deserved. She may have been denied an award but she is a winner in our eyes as I believe she has a friend for life in Richard, bless him. You just have to look at his eyes in both these pictures to see just how fast friends they have become. I sure would love to be on the receiving end of one of those hugs! *sigh*

    • Yeah, and the Oscar is just gold-plated, while RA is made of the precious stuff through and through. 😉 Richard’s eyes and smiles say it all in those photos. As do Tami’s, who appears to be one very happy young lady. Undoubtedly that gentleman gives splendid hugs. Those long, strong arms and that broad manly chest . . . *sigh*

  2. I wonder if the Academy is planning on doing what they did with The Lord of the Rings series, which was ignore the first two films and then let the last film sweep the board.
    Yes, I envy Tami, too. She and Richard seem so confortable together. I love her great big beaming smile. You can tell that this is an experience that she treasures.

    • It’s entirely possible. Or they may never award the films anything. I am a little jaundiced at present towards the Academy. :-/ But I am glad Tami already has one Oscar under her belt and I know she will DESERVE more in future, whether or not she ever gets another. And yes, she is one happy, and lucky, camper.

  3. I would take a hug from that wonderful man over a hundred awards any day (not that either is likely to come my way lol!!)
    What makes me so happy for Richard is that he has not only had a professionally fulfilling experience on TH, but also forged these wonderful, close friendships with fellow cast and crew members. I honestly believe that he too would see that as the greater prize.

    • I absolutely agree. Some things in life are worth FAR more than awards. He’s said that if he never worked again as an actor, he could feel happy from what he’s taken from this experience. He’s obviously proud of his work and loved being a part of that community. Yeah, I’d say ultimately the whole Hobbit experience and those with whom he shared that journey is a great prize indeed.

  4. I love these pictures they make me feel all warm & cuddly inside. Oh to have a big bear hug from Mr A (infact any sort of hug will do lol)

  5. Thanks for this post! I also was feeling quite disgruntled on Tami’s (and TH’s) behalf last night, and reading this made me think about the whole thing in a different way. Yes, I would love for her to receive the applause she deserves; but YES, the friendships they’ve all formed are worth far more than any statuette. (However you spell that silly word) As with LotR, I would have given much to be a part of the crew for this Middle-earth adventure. :} And the hugs from our Mr. A, swoon swoon triple swoon. He looks warm and cozy to hug in that outfit. lol

    • Well, I am glad it helped put you in a better frame of mind, too. I am hoping before it’s all over Tami will get another Oscar statuette, but even if she doesn’t, she’s still a winner. I think working on these films, while involving long, sometimes grueling hours, would also be a joyous creative collaboration.
      And to get to work with a super-talented (and appreciative) actor such as Richard who takes your wonderful work and matches it with a fantastic performance–wow, that has to fill you with pride and excitement. To form a strong rapport with a co-worker always makes the day go better. 😀

      I think it was a cold day and I suspect if felt extra good to be wrapped in RA’s robe like that. 😉

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