The clothes make the man even *more* magnificent. Thanks, Ilaria.



New York premiere

I’m tired. Didn’t sleep last night and haven’t napped any today. So I’m going to keep it simple and share just a few photos of Mr. A looking dashing, dazzling and delicious in his duds as styled by lovely and talented Ilaria Urbinati. Richard Armitage appeared relaxed, comfortable, stylish and confident throughout the grueling press junket and red carpet appearances.

By the way, I understand that Ilaria dressed no less than 21 celebs during  this week’s awards ceremonies madness, including Academy Award Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper and the lovely Nina Debrov of Vampire Diaries.


Today Show in NYC

A9C3tinCcAAtpUG.png large

Tokyo premiere


Tokyo press junket


Toronto premiere


Cinemax 60 Second Interview

A98HzxlCAAIDyK4.jpg largedd

London Royal Premiere


Wellington press conference

BeFunky_187663415dddddRoots Bookstore in Toronto.


Q&A session in London

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  1. 21 celebs? Ilaria must be worn out after all that. Whilst i might fantasise about going shopping for a certain TDH man, i don’t envy her 21 stressed out celebs on Oscars night!

    Lovely pictures.

    Take care Angie.

    • Indeed, Bolly! I can see Ilaria needing time off after that one. Even fashion designers don’t work that hard at their own shows. I do have fantasies about one of her clients, but only one. ; D

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