More of my favorite looks courtesy of Ilaria & RA



Who knew a cardi could be so darned sexy on a guy? Apparently Ilaria did. Thank you, sweetie!



Oh, how we love him in black leather, don’t we, ladies? And those black kicks are just great. The combo of the leather with that lovely, cuddly-looking shawl collar sweater is irresistible for me.


Loved this look, too.  The plaid and sweater vest beneath the blazer-traditional but NOT stuffy, casual yet classic. He looks comfortable and confident and indeed, every inch the winner that he is.


In his black leather jacket, hoodie and jeans, he looked young, vigorous and delicious. Another winning combination!


Ah, the cardi again under a dark grey blazer. Love this color combination on him. Blues and greys work so well with his complexion.  Again, Ilaria, thank you so much for helping our man look and feel his very best. Kudos!

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  1. I believe Sir Ian was quoted as saying, “Richard Armitage is made of cardigans and the tears of lesser men.” I can see that. I’d love to come home to find the black leather jacket hanging up and Richard sitting on the sofa in his cardigan…

    Thank you, Ilaria, for dressing him the way you do.

  2. The New Zealand airport outfit has been under reported in my opinion (one of my favourites but so much to choose from…) so thanks for including it.

    Oh yes- he wears a knit well!

      • When I first saw him at the airport he just blew me away with how gorgeous he looked dressed like that! That particular outfit and the also the checked shirt and vest he wore at the Press Conference in the Te Papa Museum are two of my favourites now. *sigh* I wonder if we will ever be able to watch that whole conference? It is obvious from the still photos that many if not all of them spoke but it seems these bits are not to be found. I sure hope we can see it all eventually!

        • In years to come we will remember the two airport appearances ( the other being when he got off the plane from LA) as being defining style moments. We were blown away by the new Illaria styling- I for one kept thinking his outfits couldn’t keep getting better.. But they did!

          • I have never been so eager to see what a male celeb was going to be wearing at various events. You know, you watch the Oscars, Emmys, etc. to see how the ladies are attired–but with RA, it was where in the world is he today and what in the world is he wearing? 😉

            • That’s so true!! I honestly never found myself very interested in what any man was wearing but with Richard I find myself wondering exactly the same thing as you pretty much every day! Mind you, Ilaria certainly has the perfect subject to work with. 😉

              • Yes, Ilaria has the perfect subject to work with, and Richard has the perfect DIY project; a fitted, walk-in closet to accommodate his new wardrobe. : ) She can shop with him, teach him how to wear things, pack for him, even upack for him, and dress him, but he’s going to have to house the clothes properly.

              • That’s a great thought Leigh! Of course maybe he already has one in his NY apartment – whatever that may look like! It’s more likely to have that kind of closet than many homes in the UK – at least the ones I was familiar with. Do you realize that you have likely sent many a mind off on a tangent by using the words, “dress him”? 😉

  3. Ohhh the cardi- only a certain kind of guy can get away with a cardigan. As gorgeous as he looks in it though, how I would love to unbutton it…

      • Thudding right there with you Angie, at the cardi as well as the “coming off the plane” look. 😉 I know for a fact that I do not look good when I come off a plane. Once again I ask the question – how does he DO that???

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