‘Cause I can’t wait.


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  1. You absolutely should buy it now. I’m sooo preordering it and will still buy extended addition in October.
    Here are my excuses for buying it twice:
    1. it’s for charity right? (come on, we need to find excuses where we can!)

    2. I’ve seen it 4 times at the cinema so can’t use your excuse there but I figure the many, many (many) hours I will spend watching it between now and October will save money as I won’t be going out spending money on other things.

    3. March – October are our autumn/winter months and I really want to cuddle up by the fire with Thorin! ( pause, rewind, pause, *sigh*, rewind…)

    4. My final excuse? It’s THORIN! How can I not have it now?!

  2. I had pre-ordered the Blu-ray edition from the UK store, then discovered I’ll possibly get it delivered from Amazon US a week earlier, so cancelled the first and pre-ordered again with the latter. Every single extra day that I have Thorin counts! Like Bechep, I look forward to snuggling up with him through the colder months. Pause, rewind, slo-mo, pause, rewind…being able to watch on my own and make as much noise as I like…aaahh, heaven!!! 😀

    • Mezz, will the Blu-ray from the US also play on your system? I know I ordered the Strike Back Blu-ray from Amazon UK and it would not work in our BR player. So I had to get the DVD version. I wasn’t thinking about the fact all Blu-ray players weren’t compatible.

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