Guyday Friday: S3 Guy is simply awesome



The flowing locks, at first dirty and tangled, later lustrous and princely.  The Milanese-Japanese warrior threads. The floppy black pirate shirt and those jangling spurs. The really big, gleaming sword.

And the attitude.

Boozy, wild-eyed, vengeful, self-loathing. Proud, preening, smug and simply gorgeous. Defeated and yet not down and out. Introspective. Remorseful. Chivalrous. Fearful. Courageous. Free . . . what an amazing journey of discovery Richard Armitage takes us on with Sir Guy in the final season of Robin Hood. Guy of Gisborne, you ROCK!






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  1. Happy Guyday Friday! Guy on the big screen, OMG, what a thought… (Guy on the holideck of my mind, well, that, too.) I just posted my little story yesterday, and already Guy is pestering me for another one, and another pan of almond caramel brownies.

      • That’s correct. I post on Dreamer Fiction (DF) as Lady Anne. It is a members-only site, so if you’re over 18 and not yet a member, you can ask a member to recommend you. I’ll be glad to help.

        • I wouldn’t want to bother but if you could recommend me I will be grateful. I’m over 18 :D(in fact 25 spring passes away since then)…but of course mentally I’m 15(thanks to RA;))

          • Joanna, sure, I’ll recommend you. Just send me an e-mail at admin(at)dreamerfiction(dot)com with your preferred username, so I can reply confirming your e-mail address and your username, and giving you your password. Be sure to read the board rules, and then you’re free to enjoy.

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