More Guyday Friday: More Angsty, Angry, Smirktastic S3 Guy









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  1. “Smirktastic”. Love it – you may need to compile an Armitage specific dictionary :). (Not to be confused with “smurftastic”. There’s a thought, RA voicing Smoulder Smurf, the only one who can ever breakdown Smurfette. (I have no idea where that came from?! No more Taco Bell at 1am!)

    • Marianne IS Smurfette ! Always deceiving the Smurfs. OMG I love Smurf language ! In Smurf language you can tell everything and now I realize I can strip quietly of Guy’s human dignity. Guy, si tu me schtroumpfs j’aimerais schtroumpfer ta schtroumph dans les schtroumpfs si tu me le schtroumpfs ! Do I need to translate in English ?

      • Smurf language is international :). I cannot get the mental image of Smoulder Smurf out of my head…little blue dude, a bit taller than the rest with Glamour Guy hair and wickedly arcing eyebrows…man I wish I could draw!

        • I should give it a shot. I would have to pull up some Smurf pictures to look at for guidelines. 😉 Oh, crap, I have so much I need to do. Let me tell you, trying to write a children’s story when you are accustomed to writing for adults is a challenge. *sigh*

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