VFX studio for ‘Black Sky’ files bankruptcy; film still slated for release in 2013



Richard Armitage in a scene from Black Sky. Courtesy of Todd Garner at Twitter

Thanks to Awkward Celebrity Encounters for sharing this link to The Wrap at Twitter:


This could answer the question as to why we haven’t heard much of anything new recently from Black Sky. Looks like there is still VFX work to do on the film, and someone else may have to do it.

I recently read another online article detailing the financial woes of many US-based VFX houses. While places like Weta Workshop in New Zealand are flourishing, others are being forced to close their doors.

Selfishly, of course, I just want to see Black Sky completed and in the theatres (well) before the end of this year. I am eager to Richard on the big screen as more than Thorin. But I also want to see the film completed properly. I want it to be as good as it can be in its genre.

And it just seems as if we’ve been waiting forever. I know, I know. It was only shot last summer and it takes time to finish a film, especially if there’s a lot of FX work that must be put into places. I’m impatient–what can I say?


Richard Armitage and Nathan Kress in a scene from Black Sky. Courtesy of Todd Garner via Twitter.

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  1. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Oh, no. Rhythm & Hues (the special effects studio that did the award-winning Life of Pi) also has its hands in Black Sky? Terrible luck for the film. Comments over there, please.

  2. Which chapter are they filing under? I.e., are they restructuring, or really going out of business? Guess I should read the article.

  3. So it’s Chapter 11, but WB doesn’t want to leave its project there. Not sure how to feel about that, quite.

    • It doesn’t seem as if WB has much confidence in this VFX house, does it? I am not sure if switching horses mid-stream is best idea or not. I am not sure what to think. I just don’t want to see the film end up being shelved *sniff*

  4. Not good news, although they seem to be saying that it will be released at some point. I too want to see it done properly and would willingly wait a while rather than have it spoiled by not doing it right. First, the third Hobbit film is delayed and now this! 😦 Just as well we can do some Richarding and cheer ourselves up. 😉

    • I know. Some people were worried it might go direct to video, but it would be even worse if it didn’t come out at all! I think about more than RA–about all those young actors so excited to be in the film.

      • At least if it “only” comes out on DVD, we have time to study the production and RA ACTING in detail – silver lining? Maybe….

        • I think if WB is concerned enough to pull the work despite the Chapter 11 arrangements they are not planning on it going straight to DVD.

          • Yeah, it seems to me WB want it to be completed properly and are simply concerned re the bankruptcy situation with this VFX house. So I am thinking it’s still going to theatres but the release date, due to these circumstances, is more tenuous. Ah well. As I said, I’ve learned just how many things can go wrong when you are trying to make a movie. 😉

            • I sure hope it will be released – later, rather than not at all, which really doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m sure a great deal of effort must have gone into the making of it and not just by the actors. Fingers crossed that WB will see that it comes to fruition.

              • Yep, it’s a shame when you think of all the people who work both behind and in front of the camera on a film for it not to be seen (unless it is just absolutely horrible). And if Richard Armitage is in something, it can’t be absolutely horrible. Even Cleopatra was improved by his presence. 😉

      • Right with you, fingers crossed and all. I saw one movie that was a good ten years coming to production and it went straight to DVD a mishandled mess. So sad, and I hope this does not happen to “Black Sky.” I am consoled that at least Richard isn’t dependent on the VFX company for his paycheck.

        • I recently saw one that came out in 2011 (in theatres but in limited release) with Anna Paquin playing a 16-year-old girl. That made me raise my brows. Then I saw it had been made in 2006 and was due to be released in 2007 and all sorts of issues arose about the editing. It would have been three hours or more if director had his way but finally wrested from him by studio. “Margueritte” features a powerhouse performance by Paquin but sadly, very few people got to see and appreciate her work in it.

  5. I would rather wait to see Black Sky done right, than not at all or poorly done. What a day with also hearing that the last Hobbit movie will be in December 2014 not July 2014. I have yet to tell son 2, he will be disappointed when I tell him. Something has gone funny I have not gotten e-mail about your latest post since Wednesday. I see I have missed a bit.

    • Sorry to hear the notifications haven’t been working right. Haven’t been going into spam mail by any chance, have they?
      And I agree, I do want Black Sky to be done right rather than rudhing out a botched job.

      • Angie, No they have not been going to spam, but I have had my sons grade updates go to spam and not sure why that even happens. So far everything has gone to my e-mail. All this tech stuff can be baffling at times.

  6. Reminicent of the magazine article we waited for during the drought — which never happened. Most interesting piece of this article is news that Jeff Bridges is in a medieval movie — two of my favorite things. Although I’m wary of the “adventure” part — just like a hobbit.

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