More Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Random RA Sweetness *sigh*



Richard Armitage, I don’t know you, but I certainly like what I see. Oh, not just the six feet and two inches of long, lean, muscular masculine beauty with all its grace and agility and amazing sex appeal that I see before me on film and in stills.

It’s also the good-humored, charming, self-deprecating, modest, witty, hard-working, genuinely nice man I perceive you to be.  The man who readily shares hugs and smiles with his fans.  The man who digs so deep to “bring it” with each and every one of his performances, who makes us care just as deeply.  The man who never takes it all for granted or who forgets those less fortunate than he.

More than talented or gorgeous or charismatic. A really sweet guy.

Truly, how can I not love a fellow like you?








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  1. Every one of these makes me smile–and right at this moment, I can use all the help I can get in that department. He inspires me in so many ways, this man I don’t even know and somehow find it in my heart to love for all his wonderfulness.

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