RA: Just Sublime in Sepia


I apologize if a lot of my posts of late have not focused on Richard. I’ve been distracted by dogs, spring-like weather, RL photography ops, Alfred Hitchcock, Georgette Heyer, that children’s book and other RL stuff.  Someone is liking my OT entries, though, as one of my “canine exploration” posts got something in the neighborhood of 16 “likes” and I NEVER get that many on anything. Dogs must be man’s best friend.

However, we are back to a post on the lovely Mr. Armitage and some of my photo edits featuring his sublime image in sepia, one of my favorite editing tools. Hope you like!






BeFunky_f (2)ss

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  1. Even though I haven’t been commenting, I have been loving all the doggie news and pictures. The mom and pup are beautiful as are your own dogs. I’m a dog lover myself – always have been – although we did have a cat for a few years that my daughter “adopted”. She (the cat!) was allowed into the basement, but only when we realized she was pregnant, as my husband was very allergic to them.

    I have to say, however, that sepia pictures of Richard have always floated my boat as it were!! He has a look about him that seems to lend itself to the medium and it somehow enhances just how gorgeous he really is. It’s hard to pick a favourite from the pics above. 🙂

    You mentioned Georgette Heyer. Are you reading one of her books or are you listening to one of the audio books again? I have all of her “Regency Romances” now and find myself re-reading them over and over. For some strange reason I keep picturing Richard as the romantic male leads and not just as Damerel!! Now I wonder why I do that? 😉

    • I am glad you have been enjoying the doggie photos. And continue to enjoy the studies in sepia of our dear RA. 😀

      I am actually reading bios on my Kindle of both Alfred Hitchcock and Georgette Heyer! Just recently read her “These Old Shades” on Kindle, it was one of the Daily Deals.

      Richard is just cut out to be that sort of rakish, dashing, gorgeous romantic lead. Enough said! LOL

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