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Thinking of Armitage yum to come this week



Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that lovely hair springing up so temptingly? Richard at the BAFTAs, courtesy of RANet

Oh, RA, you lovely man, we will be seeing and hearing and hearing from you in the next couple of days. What a treat!  It’s been feeling a bit drought-like again in RA Land (if not in RL–more wild winds and rain hitting us here) and the news there was no official date yet for Black Sky’s release didn’t help any. *sigh*

And now to know you’ve stepped up to the plate as did your  castmates and are going to answer fan-generated Tweets tomorrow! To be followed by an interview with the ebullient Lorraine Kelly on Thursday!  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  I know this sort of thing may not be your favorite part of the job, but we so appreciate it, we really do. You are the best!

(Now, if only you will answer one of my questions during the Twitter Q & A. And if only Lorraine can contain her enthusiasm for our “beautiful man” and let you share some wonderful news with us . . . instead of just sitting there gently laughing and looking absolutely divine, I am sure. And what will you be wearing??)








Twitter is a-stir; RA is coming, RA is coming (to visit if not to stay)


UPDATE: I still don’t have a time when this is going to take place, but it appears Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt will also be in on the Q&A. Not as excited now TBPH. Can see Jimmy taking over the whole thing. *sigh* Feel like crap all way around this morning anyway. Hope your day is going better, my dears!


Yes, in case you somehow haven’t heard, hell has apparently frozen over and our own Richard Armitage will be on Twitter tomorrow with the assistance of @TheHobbitMovie answering fan-submitted questions. Just don’t ask him what he had for lunch.  😉

Tomorrow,  wants to answer YOUR fan questions! Send your questions now using http://twitpic.com/c8x400


I’ve already asked several questions, one of which was if we’ll hear more of Richard’s singing voice along with Thorin playing the harp. And there’s been plenty of activity in the Twitterverse as questions have been coming in fast and furious from all over the globe.

Not word yet on the actual time of day this will take place, but a lot of bated breaths over there at Twitter, let me tell you! I will post more info as soon as I know.

Do I think this will make RA a convert to Twitter? Uh–no. I think he may be feel more than a little overwhelmed at the tidal wave of questions, serious and silly, coming his way–although I am sure he will handle it all with his typical aplomb.

And to be honest, while I am thoroughly looking forward to this event and seeing his answers (and hope he does more such Q&As in the future), I still don’t see Richard Armitage as a guy who will choose to hang out a lot in the Twitterverse.  Just doesn’t seem like his style.

Then again, I never thought I would do it, either.  Life can surprise you!

Do any of you non-Twitter folks have questions you’d like me to submit on your behalf? Leave me a comment.


Someone’s already asked if RA plans to have more swing and sway moments of hair acting with his horse.