Thinking of Armitage yum to come this week



Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that lovely hair springing up so temptingly? Richard at the BAFTAs, courtesy of RANet

Oh, RA, you lovely man, we will be seeing and hearing and hearing from you in the next couple of days. What a treat!  It’s been feeling a bit drought-like again in RA Land (if not in RL–more wild winds and rain hitting us here) and the news there was no official date yet for Black Sky’s release didn’t help any. *sigh*

And now to know you’ve stepped up to the plate as did your  castmates and are going to answer fan-generated Tweets tomorrow! To be followed by an interview with the ebullient Lorraine Kelly on Thursday!  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  I know this sort of thing may not be your favorite part of the job, but we so appreciate it, we really do. You are the best!

(Now, if only you will answer one of my questions during the Twitter Q & A. And if only Lorraine can contain her enthusiasm for our “beautiful man” and let you share some wonderful news with us . . . instead of just sitting there gently laughing and looking absolutely divine, I am sure. And what will you be wearing??)








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  1. I don’t know if it will be Lorraine… according to the website, she was injured in a jumping accident a few weeks ago…anyone know if she is back?

    • Honestly, I got so spoiled with the excess of riches pre-Hobbit and then–it got rather quiet. So I felt ridiculously excited to hear about the interview on Thursday and then to discover he’d be on Twitter tomorrow! If my knees hadn’t been so bad I’d have literally jumped for joy.

  2. I am looking forward to the next couple days! What great photos, I really like 1 and 5. Yes I could just run my fingers through his hair. O.K. maybe it’s because my poor husband’s going bald… sad really he has the softest hair almost like baby hair . Thanks for the great photos, I really needed a smile tonight.

  3. im really looking forward to them both! (although twitter will prob happen about 2am for me – im keeping my iPad by my bed – hoping lots of PINGS will go off if its about to happen and wake me up!) Being a late comer to the Richard Armitage…er…party? i didnt get to see a lot of interviews etc prior to the release of the Hobbit – Richard and I met on Boxing Day 🙂 so very excited about upcoming events!

  4. Lorraine was hosting this morning’s show so hopefully it will be her tomorrow. I love Lorraine interviewing Richard she positively gushes and he seems really comfortable and confident with her. Have got it to record and will be watching it live can’t wait.

  5. Yup, just too damned adorable! And gorgeous! I love ALL these pictures! You don’t disappoint, Angie. I’ve been away for a couple days, lobbying at the Capitol in DC for legislation and funding to support those with Fragile X Syndrome and autism, both of which have hugely impacted my family, especially my younger son and a grandson.

    So nice to get back home and find all these adorable pictures of our sweetheart. If he were in a play on Broadway, I would certainly get myself to NYC and see it more than once. That would be so much more pleasant than talking about disabilities, even if I don’t know NYC like I do DC. Imagine, a whole play with RA in person in front of me for a couple hours: how would I stand it? They’d have to drag me out of there!

    I haven’t figured out Twitter yet either. So please keep us gals of a certain age posted on what goes on. I’m looking forward to your inimitable take on this event!

    • Welcome back, I hope your lobbying efforts went well, Lynne. I think if I found out RA was doing a Broadway play, I’d have to try to see if I could make it happen to go. One of my dreams is to see him on stage. *thud* To be in the presence of greatness . . .

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