Last Call for Thorin Thursday . . .


Because Bechep/ladyOakenshield just can’t do without hits to satisfy her Thorin addiction. Hope the rest of you enjoy the majestic allure of our favorite dwarf.







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  1. *THUD*, *SIGH*, *SIGH TWICE*, *THUD*, *THUD* and last but not least, *SIGH* now I’m off to collect myself and get up off the floor. thanks Angie! I wonder if there is a medication for my Thorin addiction?

  2. The second image is one I hadn’t seen before–and I absolutely love it! Thanks, Angie! Helping to inspire one of my next projects–a fabric Thorin doll!

    • Stephanie, that’s from those gorgeous new screencaps I found at Gallicka. 115 pages of TH screencaps to go through so I am still not done. Oooh, can’t wait to see your fabric Thorin doll! Please share pix!

      • I found a Santa pattern from an old magazine with very Richard-like features, believe it or not, and I’m thinking he’ll be about 22-24 inches tall once I finish–still searching for the right fabrics for the outfit. Haven’t made a doll in a while, so have no idea how long it will take–but I think it will be worth the effort! Will keep you posted.

  3. *melts* Oh, that second picture… Could someone mop me up? I’m in a puddle at the moment. This is the first role I’d ever recognized Mr. A. in, and I absolutely LOVE Thorin. After all, he did introduce me to the wonders of the man. First love, eh? 😉 Yet there still remains so much to catch up on.

    • Oh Dwarfy- you have no idea what you are in for! Thorin is just so unbelievably beautiful and sexy, I fell in love 4 months ago and Im still catching up on all the delights of Mr A. May I suggest you fasten your seatbelt!?

      • I saw The Hobbit for my birthday back in Januaryand the first time I saw him, I was enthralled. I was thinking, “Who is this guy, and who does Peter Jackson think he is? Dwarves aren’t supposed to be sexy!!!” Then… he spoke. Dear. God. From that moment on, I was hooked. If I were a dwarf (I’m already short, and I would still be a lady minus the beard, of course), I would follow my king anywhere 😉

          • I was on the edge of my seat from the moment he walked onscreen. I couldn’t move–I knew it would be that way, but it still caught me off guard a bit. Such is the way he always affects me–siggghhhh!

            • I was caught totally OFF guard. I had never heard of Richard Armitage (I now vaguely remember thinking he was cute back when he was in the vicar of dibley). I hadn’t seen any pictures of Thorin – I was expecting a hairy old dwarf like in the book. Oh boy was I wrong! Now he is all I can think about. 😄

          • Totally! Lol we’re all just chatting away. But it’s over a worthy subject, is it not? 🙂 And when he yelled anything in that rumbling baritone, or opened his jaw to scream in rage or despair, and especially when he sang… I had to tell myself, “It’s okay, Kait, you don’t really need your ovaries anyway!” Haha!

            • I love his voice–he’d said something in a much earlier magazine interview, that “he wasn’t a bad singer”. A bit of understatement there, methinks? But I wasn’t prepared for what I heard, just in that short solo he did before the rest of the dwarves began to sing. And being a former singer myself, I’ve been told that I tend to be hypercritical–although it would be tough for me to find anything about him to criticize. Not that I’m looking!

            • Oh the singing, and the yelling, and the talking and angry talking, and the mildly amused talking (when one is a dwarf king one cannot be more that mildy amused)…Hmmm, I think this calls for a brisk walk outside and clear my head a bit or I fear I will be lost for the rest of the day!

              • Indeed, indeed 😉 I want to thank all of you lovely people for welcoming me here and communicating with me so freely and not shunning me or ignoring me. I feel like part of the group already, if you don’t mind me saying. It’s so nice here, and you all are even nicer 😀 So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart ❤

            • One of the best things about my new found love of RA is meeting some really funny, amazing people. you are more than welcome here! We have lots of fun (sorry Angie, we are using your blog for a chat!) if you are on twitter, look me up @lady0akenshield. With a zero not a o We talk RA all day and night!

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