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Check out HeathRA’s fab vid of “One Expected Party & Art Show”


This fun video of TORn’s big Oscar party and art show was sponsored by East Coast radio show Fictional Frontiers. Shot and edited by our own beloved Heather, creator of many fabulous RA fanvids and a graphic designer by profession, it is well worth a watch. You’ll see familiar faces (Miss Heather is in there, too, looking lovely in a mulberry dress), hear some good music from some LOTR stars and their bandmates, and see fabulous art inspired by Tolkien’s characters. Enjoy!

So Not Dead Guy: It’s good to be Loved Into Being


One of the great things about being So Not Dead is you never get ill. No colds, no tummy troubles, no sore muscles from over-use, no splitting headaches from dealing with that pesky voyeur Forest Boy.  And you can eat all the chocolate ice cream and gooey brownies that you want to and never gain an ounce on your long, lean, muscular frame. *sigh*

Sir Guy loves being SND.  And we love Sir Guy, our Hot Velveteen Henchman, don’t we? Yes, we do.


It’s great to be able to service visit all the lovely ladies around the world who admire me. They appreciate my–stamina.


I still enjoy a good dried plum, but I confess decadent chocolate ice cream and hot fudge sundaes are much more fun. Whipped cream, anyone?

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And I have a very generous nature. Ladywriter also likes to give me gifts–the latest Lancome mascara, new eye pencils, black leather trousers, hair product–I think she likes for me to look my best. *smirks* I hope you do, too.


OK, I am still a bit touchy over certain subjects. I have been working on my anger management issues. Still, you wouldn’t want me to be too much of a goody-two-shoes, now, would you?? *broad smirk and raised brow*


I am always happy to come and grace your dreams, you know. I’d like them to be happier than some of mine have been.


Everyone seems to like this particular image of me.  And really–what’s not to like? *devilish grin*  Happy Guyday Friday, everyone!

Richard’s interview with BBC Radio slated for Wednesday, preview Sunday