Richard’s interview with BBC Radio slated for Wednesday, preview Sunday


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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I, for one, was devastated after the whole “Charlie” thing self-destructed, but I’m really hoping we get some good news from the new interviews. Also pretty sad about the hold-up on “Black Sky”. This photo is definitely better, but I still think he looks like he needs some serious R&R and a lot of chocolate ice cream.

    • I know, “Charlie” really was a disappointment, but hoping “Black Sky” won’t end up moldering on a shelf somewhere and we will (eventually) get to see it in theatres.

      I’ve been disappointed so far this week in terms of RA media events, and it’s been a really hard week in other ways aside from the FMS flare-up ( 4th anniversary of my mother’s passing was Wednesday and my dad also died in March 10 years ago this year), so I ‘d really like some good news, you know?

      I asked my husband to bring home some chocolate ice cream of some sort. 😉

      • Wow, that sounds good–wonder if my housemate would stop on the way home and get some for me? I’m hoping very strenuously that the warmer temps we are due for over the weekend will calm my fibro down somewhat–like you, I’m way over feeling like I’ve been clobbered by a mack truck! We are also laboring under the problem that my housemate has just lost her job and has nothing on the horizon at the moment, so that has not helped matters in the least. It would be so nice for something good to happen, which I suppose is why I’m really invested in the possibility that Richard will have something wonderful for us to look forward to. Short of that, I may hole up with chocolate ice cream and rewatch all of my RA dvds while working on my doll pattern!

        • Sorry for your troubles, Stephanie. You may not see how they will get better, but most likely they will. Think positively, appreciate good weather and friends, but not too much chocolate ice cream, and hey, I always get a warm feeling and a bellylaugh from RA and Angie. Good luck!

          • Unfortunately, long, drawn-out fibro flareups tend to give me a huge case of the cranks–but thanks for the caring words. I did just talk to my housemate and she is going to bring me some chocolate ice cream on her way home! So I shall read Angie’s messages, gaze at Richard, eat chocolate ice cream (probably not all of it at one sitting) and hopefully feel better by tomorow.

            • I have the same problem with the cranks. I think I’ve been coming off as a curmudgeon to someone at Twitter who is new to the fandom, and I don’t mean to. But I really wasn’t wowed by that interview with Lorraine yesterday on a number of levels. It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t cringe-worthy, but it was sort of “meh” for me (a couple of other people, including HeathRA and Ali at RANet agreed with me, BTW). I’ve been cuddling with a certain three-legged cat and went out and fed the dog brigade and enjoyed some time playing with Jack the adorable puppy. Helped a bit. Now I have a pair of reading glasses ON TOP of my bifocals so I can try to do some typesetting for Pecan Ridge Productions. 😉 Eyes being cranky, too!

              • “Curmudgeon” *giggle* Nunca tu, querida [never you, darling]. All of us in the fibro club know how difficult it is to be cheerful when pain control is job one. I hate that the pain wakes me up and interferes with my concentration. I try not to groan, mutter, and growl, but it hurts, damn it. Richarding and critters help a lot, even though I agree that the interview was “meh.” Lucky has just spent some cuddle and purr time with me, so that’s better. Brownies with Guy for breakfast, that’s better, too. Chocolate ice cream is not an option right now, because I’d have to go into town and there’s no train service right now (mudslide south of here blocking tracks). It’s raining again, so we’ll go back to watching the river.

              • Believe me, Leigh, I know how you feel–those long nights when you’re screaming inside for some real, sustained rest and it seems like your entire body has other ideas. I also resent the blazes out of it, because nights like that lead to the fog, and I get up the next day trying to be creative and my mind seems to have decamped to FibroStupid, USA for the time being. I hate that!

              • Having one today, as a matter of fact–luckily, washing dishes doesn’t take major brain power. Just a bit of coordination, which isn’t easy with fibro either. I have to say, though, it’s very nice here today, which is such a lovely change from how the last month has been. Maybe the ground hog was right after all.

              • Nice here today, as well. Coordination. Ha. The three-legged cat and I bear a certain resemblance to each other in our general klutziness. Time to get in the shower and get ready for the beauty pageants we are shooting this afternoon and tonight. For money!!

              • Fingers crossed the river behaves itself. Wish I could send you some rocky road (with choccie syrup and whipped cream). Yep, been there and done that with the whole fighting to be cheerful thing.

            • I am very lucky in some respects. Thanks to our heart’s inspiration (gee, wonder who that might be?), I have had several different ideas for projects lately, and am also working on some for upcoming birthdays for dear friends, so as a rule, my brain and my hands stay pretty well occupied. Plus, there are always my cats, ever good for laughs–I have one who likes to stand on his head or flip cat beds over and wear them as hats.

              • LOL! As Benny has said, pets certainly can offer entertainment value! 😀 Thumper had been cuddled with me and then decided to go exploring. Three-legged roly poly cats do not explore gracefully, no they DON”T!

  2. Angie, you are never a crank–whereas I, on the other hand, feel like I’ve been nothing but lately! I have to say that I was not enamored of the interview yesterday either–feel like poor Richard must be getting tired of answering the same stuff over and over again, although he is always and forever the perfect gentleman about it. I haven’t seen all that much of Lorraine’s interview work, but think she could have done a better job than she did yesterday.

    • Well, Windows Live Mail just quit in the middle of trying to reply, so let me try, try again. As I was saying, I have felt pretty much like Miss Cranky Pants of late, but I am trying. 😉 Judging by Richard’ body language and facial expressions, I am guessing he wasn’t having the best time of his life during the interview, either. Just a teensy bit irritated, I thought–as if he wanted to say, “Come on, Lorraine, been there and done that, let’s move on, shall we?” But he’s much too polite to do that. Not his style.

      I’ve only seen Lorraine’s various interviews with RA as opposed to other guests, but this certainly wasn’t the best of them. I think one of the earliest ones from 2007, when topics like VoD were fresher, is probably my favorite.

      • I also found Lorraine irritating in the interview. I showed it to a friend who isn’t really what you would call a true fan of Richard’s although she does acknowledge that he is “a fine actor, a very handsome guy and obviously a really good person”, and apart from the fact that she had a hard time with the Scottish accent she said she wished Lorraine would just “let the man talk and stop interrupting”!! She did ramble on quite a bit and the questions were pretty boring for the most part.

        It sounded to me as if he had a bit of a cold and seemed somewhat congested. It ticked me off no end when she compared him to Snow White’s “Grumpy” when he was so majestic as Thorin. It was almost as though she hadn’t really understood his character at all; in fact it made me wonder if she had actually seen the movie even though she said she loved it. It’s a good thing he is always such a gentleman. All in all rather disappointing! 😦

        • Oh, thank you, so it wasn’t just me–I, too, found myself wishing that she would be quiet for five seconds and let him speak (after all, that was what he was there for!) She’s what those of us in the US tend to refer to as a twinkie.

            • That’s as good a definition as any of the others I’ve heard. I had the same basic response when I saw Kathie Lee Gifford interview him a while back on the “Today” show–I wanted to brain her with a brick.

              • I guess I should still be willing to give Lorraine the benefit of the doubt, since that’s the first time I’ve seen her and am not otherwise familiar with her work. On the other hand, Kathie Lee is always like that–I was cringing and poor Richard looked like he wanted to crawl under the chair. I found myself hoping that whatever was in his glass was wine or something else fortifying!

              • Lorraine’s pretty much always talkative but I swear she seemed to be on speed or something this week. Richard was so sweet and delightful in that Today interview IN SPITE of KL. And it was wine and I hope some good stuff. 😉

              • Kathie Lee has always made me want to stuff her mouth with a large piece of fruit so that she cannot possibly talk for at least 20 minutes. Same diet for Lorraine?

          • Thanks Stephanie! I’m Scottish and even I had a hard time catching what she was saying at times. She also needs to slow down! For those who are unfamiliar with the accent, it must have been much worse. “Twinkie” is a good definition! 🙂

            • See, I mentioned that at another blogsite, wondering if, particularly for non-native English speakers, she wasn’t very hard to understand. I was OK because I can understand most UK accents w/o trouble. The rapidity of her speech linked with the thick accent would have been almost unintelligible at times otherwise. But I was sort of brushed off with the “she’s so charming” thing. Sorry, Charlie, but that one doesn’t fly for me!

              • See, the accent didn’t bother me at all–I just really wanted her to be quiet and let Richard get a word in edgewise, maybe about something he wanted to talk about? Something new, perhaps?

              • I used to work with someone a bit like Lorraine. Reminded me of a Scottish terrier–grabbed hold and wouldn’t let GO! LOL Didn’t really give him enough time to respond before leaping on to the next babbling. I wonder if she has this internal monologue going on in her head that interferes with her being able to concentrate on the subject at hand.

            • Lord, Angie, that’s the best laugh I’ve had since finding the photo of Thorin holding the Fraggle. I don’t know that the term is used all that much anymore, but it used to be pretty common when describing ditzy types. I just think that it fits–perfectly. And I still think that Richard was looking under the weather that day–don’t think it was a matter of projecting at all. We’re all just so used to his supreme gorgeousness that even his being a little ‘off’ is very obvious to us.

            • LOL Angie! They deep-fry just about everything – Mars bars, pizza, icecream, butter, etc. so why not a twinkie! 🙂

        • Well, I think when someone who isn’t a mad fan 😉 finds Lorraine’s interview rather maddening I am justified in my feelings about it. I admit I felt rather bad yesterday when Velvet suggested I was projecting my feelings onto him, which wasn’t fair to him or us to do that. She’s a new fan and admits she finds everything re Richard interviews, etc. interesting and exciting. Well, I am not and sadly, I didn’t. Felt better once Ali and Heather and Bechep spoke up and agreed with me (and as Bechep pointed out, she IS a new fan).

          LOL Lorraine might have been too busy whispering to the person next to her when she did see the movie to really take it all in. Why do I suspect she misses a lot of small, subtle moments in things?! 😉 She’s a sweet and charming lady, but–I really prefer to see Richard interviewed by other people. I mean, even Mylene, who filled in for Lorraine and was a bit of a ditz, didn’t irritate me as much as LK did this week. Plus, RA seemed to feel so much better in that interview (and played flirty-girty, too).

  3. Thanks for this post.
    Just my 2 (depressed too) cents. The world economy as well as the film companies are in the hands of the same kind of people, wanting a quick buck. They do not look for artistry or ideas or great actors or Richard III – the way they do not look to invest in productive capacity, education, research,- prefer investing in usury, financial engineering, fast turnover movies.
    That being said, if I had RA’s dough, I would simply retire to a nice place and smell the flowers. It is just not worth it.

    • I worry that he doesn’t have as much money as we might think–I am sure agent’s fee, taxes,maintaining various residences, etc. ate into his $2 million paycheck for TH. I hope he negotiated a good deal for doing that third movie. It really isn’t easy out there for a true artist such as Richard, I agree.

      • I would be surprised if he does, although I get the feeling that he is careful about things like finances. I love the fact that he finally bought himself a nice car during “Spooks” but would rather be driving around in an old clunker.

        • I think he is probably quite careful because he went through those years of real struggle. I’m thinking his international lifestyle could get a bit pricey at times. He’s so modest, so reluctant to bring undue attention to himself. So un-divo like. *sigh*

          • I imagine Richard is quite careful, and chooses when and on what to splash. I hope his agent has a superior contracts person working on his behalf, and I hope, too, that he has a very good tax advisor. Such assistance would mean that he could save substantially and that he could retain more of what he earns => more books, more chocolate ice cream, more yoga classes, more air tickets, more skiing, etc.

    • My problem is with reality shows–although I must admit, my heart was lifted somewhat this week when one of my housemate’s favorite shows, “Drop Dead Diva” was literally resurrected from cancellation land by the efforts of outraged fans who signed petitions and wrote emails and letters and did everything they could possibly do to get the powers-that-be at Lifetime network to change their minds–and it worked! Whenever I see a scripted show cancelled these days, I automatically think “uh-oh, new reality show on the way”–very happy it didn’t happen this time.

      I think there is room for quality work, which is why I have such high hopes for Richard’s “Richard III” project, especially since the timing seems to be so perfect right now. And we have two more Hobbit movies to look forward to, as well as other projects I’m sure he has in the works since his profile is now so much higher. I don’t think he will let us down.

      • There’s a reality show for EVERYTHING. Storage unit auctions, fishermen, pawn shop owners, dog trainers, little beauty pageant contestants, rich people who got rich by being famous for being famous . . . Yeesh.

        I think RA will hangin there swinging as long as he can. If he’s anything, he’s a guy in it for the long haul.

        Really, really hope the Richard III project does come to fruition for more reasons than one.

        • Hmmmmmm–maybe we should think about mounting a letter (or email) writing campaign to let whomever know how many of Richard’s fans are waiting with flags held high to see “Black Sky”. Sometimes I think they still don’t get just how enormous (and growing all the time) his legion of fans really is.

        • I sincerely hope to see the demise of reality TV — can’t stand it. The Spanish versions are even worse.

          Amen to the high hopes for the Richard III project, as you say, for more reasons than one.

          • I fear due to the low costs of production compared to scripted shows they aren’t going anywhere soon. *sigh* Now the trend seems to be towards showcasing southern rednecks. I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me *having trouble keeping straight face*

            • Hate them, hate them, hate them–have never had any use whatever for any kind of reality (?) shows and absolutely will not watch them. Not to mention–they call these people (Kardashians, Honey BooBoo) reality (?) Stars (?). Am I the only one that was under the impression that you’re supposed to have talent to be a star? (okay, I’m ranting and I know it). To me, a star means James Stewart or Katharine Hepburn or Cary Grant or Kim Novak or–dare I say it? Our shining star, Mr. Richard Armitage.

              • I totally agree. I think it was Velvet that said reality people were “celebs” whereas someone like Richard is an actor–and in my books, a TRUE star. I almost laughed my head off when I saw a headline a while back that Kim Kardashian was the second highest paid “actress” on TV—what?? When has she ever “played” anyone but Kim Kardashian?? Even she admitted she didn’t consider herself to be an actress. No, I don’t consider reality people to be stars. I reserve that word for people with true charisma, magnetism, talent and allure—the people you mentioned are excellent examples. Ah, for the golden days of the silver screen!

  4. At the moment, BJ has had his supper and is sound asleep on the couch. He and his brother, Hawkeye, were found at the same time in a blistering hot parking lot in Chattanooga, TN more years ago than I care to tell you–we have six altogether. M*A*S*H* is another of my favorite indulgences when I’m feeling low, so I named them Hawkeye and BJ after my two favorite characters on the show.

    • Oh, I haven’t seen M*A*S*H in years but it was one we loved. Great names! We used to have two cats we took in as kittens on a snowy, cold winter’s night in Dayton, Ohio. Named Ginger first due to reddish color in coat and her spicy personality, so it seemed natural to name her sister Mary Ann–as in Ginger and Mary Ann in “Gilligan’s Island.” Mary Ann lived to be 15 and Ginger, almost 20. Funny thing is Ginger was the smart one and Mary Ann was the lovable dumb girl of the two.

      • Thanks to Serv’s post, I looked at richardarmitagewithcats on tumblr *snicker, giggle* How would you feel about ‘shopping your cats thus?

        • They are adorable. I might have to give it a shot a little later on. There’s a precious one of RA with a big old dog wrapped around his shoulder, too, that I love. 😉

  5. Good grief, I saw that and almost choked on my tea–someone whose claim to fame is a veritable porn video her mother leaked is an “actress”–PUH-LEEZE!!! Granted, they’re a bit harder to find these days–but we do still have a few: Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and of course, Richard. I saw something earlier today where a fan referred to him as a movie star, and he immediately replied that he wasn’t one, which I would expect of him–but since “The Hobbit”, I think he certainly qualifies. In my book, anyway.

    • Oh, yes, on the Black Sky set. A fan’s hubby said he’d never had his photo taken with a movie star, and Richard replied he wasn’t one. Ah, but I would beg to disagree now, Mr. Armitage. The actor who brought the majestic Thorin to life and commanded the big screen is definitely a movie star in my book.

      I love Meryl Streep. She’s an amazing actress, can nail accents and seems like such a lovely lady in real life. If the US gave titles, she’d be Dame Meryl by now.

      • I think Meryl is astonishing–one of my very favorite movies of all time (although very difficult to watch) is “Sophie’s Choice”. I doubt that movie could have been made without her. And she’s so down to earth, a true American treasure. Of course, it would help if more quality films were being made in the US at present and more roles were being written for truly talented actresses with a bit of maturity as well as talent. We in America also seem to be (in)famous for underutilizing our greatest talents because they aren’t 12 years old and a size 0.

        • Oh, “Sophie’s Choice.” I read the book first and it was very hard to get through, too. 😦 One of those books like “Angela’s Ashes” I am not sure I could ever read again. She was superb. And I love that Meryl does both heavy drama roles and more light-hearted fare really well. Very versatile.

          Yes, there aren’t many really good, meaty roles in American films written for women “of a certain age.” :-/ And that’s just when we get really interesting!!

    • And yeah, it’s the way KK rose to fame–doing the nasty with Brandi’s little brother on tape–that really leaves a sour taste. I swear, that mother of theirs is nothing but a pimp. 😦

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