Richard’s secret thoughts during Lorraine Interview: a parody with pretty pictures of Mr. A


The recent interview with Lorraine Kelly was pretty “meh” for me, personally. But what if we could be privy to what RA was actually thinking?  His internal reactions to what the talkative, perky-as-a-ferret, not-for-everyone’s tastes Ms. Kelly was chattering about? 

Of course, I can’t read RA (or anyone else’s) mind and this is strictly for fun. You must bring your sense of humor with you when I am in this sort of  satirical mood. I do hope you will enjoy!


Let’s start with a nice wave from Mr. A himself. Always good to get a handshot in!



Poor Richard. He is fighting a nasty cold and feeling a bit off. Finds himself wanting to say the most nonsensical things. He’s in a fog of congested sinuses–and Kelly.


He is quietly amused when he she keeps talking–and talking–and talking. So hard for him to even finish a sentence.Doesn’t she need to stop and catch her breath??


(Sorry the print’s so tiny on this one, you might have to zoom in.) Richard has begun to speculate on how to stop the chatter . . . as only HE can.


Yep, the Tongue of Concentration is good for more than just–concentration.


Oops! The cunning plan has run aground.


Truly a dilemma as she talks–and talks–and talks . . .


And it’s a somewhat predatory gleam–can Lorraine have designs on our beautiful RA?


(In case you missed the mini-vids, Mr, A had to upchuck on set after overheating during The Hobbit. Hopes it didn’t make it into any possible blooper reels.)


It’s not easy being the Sexiest Man on Earth–with a head cold, yet.

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  1. Absolutely maavelous daahling and totally brill!!! 😉 Hope you could hear my English accent there and not my usual Scottish one (even though I think I’ve lost most of it! LOL! Sorry, I just can’t stop laughing! *holding sides* These are quite priceless Angie and so very apt. Wish Lorrrrraine could read them. 😀

    This is the pick-me-up I needed. I’m really tired as I had a very late night last night at a fundraiser, then losing an hour of sleep with the clocks changing didn’t help. All the wonderful pictures of this beautiful man are simply a bonus! 😉

  2. You owe me one new keyboard! In future, could you please refrain from posting your funniest bits during afternoon tea time in Sydney?

    Now i’m off to fetch a jay cloth…

    • Oh sorry. *ooooops* Are you the one who had the classes with Lorraine?? If so you might have especially enjoyed this LOL

      I actually started this with one photo I posted to Twitter. Then I thought, oh why not do a series. I had all those screencaps, right? So created them and posted one at a time as I finished and got some good laughs there. Thought I would unite them in a post here. 😀

  3. LOL — we need the spitting-coffee-in-front-of-computer emoticon here. Thanks for this. I really needed a chuckle this morning. It’s raining like crazy and the river is overflowing its banks again. At least for now it has another 1.5 m before it reaches the house.

  4. Excellent and you make me laugh ! He deserves a gold medal for hearing “broken records”. The Dibley’s thing really was boring !

    • I sensed he wanted to roll his eyes when she brought that up again but managed to restrain himself. I mean she does bring it EVERY time she interviews him and it’s been , yeah, something like eight years! I am sure he’d rather look ahead than behind. Glad you enjoyed! 😉

  5. What a hoot–it kind of makes up for the twinkiness of the interview we were all so looking forward to. Amazing to find he can still be the sexiest man alive fighting a head cold and an interviewer he probably wanted to throttle at several different moments. I certainly did!

  6. Angie, you are a scream! And RA is as gorgeous and as sweet as ever, even with a cold and an interviewer who won’t shut up. Thanks for the pictures and cheekiness to warm my days.

  7. These are just hilarious! Pure genius!!! Thank you so much, Angie, you had me in tears!!! I´m sure there´s a sort of telepathy going on there with you and RA. LOL 😉 They have been warned now, no vicar (or speedos) to be mentioned in interviews. LOL Love from Spain 😉

    • Thank you and welcome, Amparo. 😀 Yes, I might be able to read minds–just a little. 😉 I am certain RA would be happy if certain topics such as Speedos, VoD, the circus or Hot Dwarves were never, ever mentioned AGAIN. 😉

        • I groan every time they are brought up again myself, so I can only imagine how HE feels. As we discussed at Twitter (there’s another former newspaper reporter I follow) it’s so EASY now with the internet to get up-to-date info on public figures. Spend just a few minutes surfing the internet and you’ll learn about more recent projects and interviews and have something with which to work in terms of questions. Sure, you will cover some of the same ground, but there are new twists you can bring to things.

          • There are just so MANY things she could have brought up–“Black Sky”, heading back to NZ for more work on “Hobbit”, his thoughts on the discovery of Richard III or thoughts on a project–how come we know all this stuff and she apparently did no homework whatever? Oh, well, over and done with–maybe it will be a while before he agrees to do her show again. Unless, of course, she agrees in advance to let him talk occasionally! Although, as I’ve said many times before–he could read the phone book dressed in a garbage bag and I would hang on every word.

            • They did talk about Black Sky a bit, but she didn’t ask him specifics about his character, what attracted him to role, etc. *sigh* I guess because I used to do this sort of thing for a living I get really frustrated when chat show hosts and others have someone as interesting as Richard to interview and do such a piss-poor job of it. I mean I had to talk to some people where it was like trying to get blood out of a stone to get information! LOL

              • What can I say–has been a very long day, brightened only by your contributions, Angie. Heading off to bed–to sleep, perchance to dream–of Richard.

              • Have a good, restful night and I hope there are some lovely dreams. 😀 We’ve been struggling to have those kinds of nights. Benny and I have been riddled with arthritis woes on top of my FMS (he broke his leg in two places a couple of years ago and I fractured my tailbone and years before that, badly damaged knee in same accident that left my forehead scarred. So we feel it in our bones nowadays. ;))

  8. I was fine…enjoying the read….started to chuckle….yeah,giggle,smirk….hee! HA-A!…then…I read the word..*Thud*…and I choked on my own saliva, INSTANTLY Crying with laughter,as I gracefully plummeted to the floor .as the chair-on-wheels I was sitting 1/2 on, went to theleft, LOUDLY, and I WENT DOWN equally LOuDLY, and not as gracefully, as that d*mn chair…!!! SCADS! You are FUNNY!

  9. This was a million times better than the actual interview, thanks for the amazing laughs! They should make it a crime for interviewers to ask boring repetitive questions – if any of us gets the rare opportunity to bask in his majesty, oh the questions would be so much more insightful, entertaining and bring out his wacky (hopefully naughty) sense of humor :). Cheers! Btw, what would you ask him?

    • I am glad I could entertain you. 😀 yes, I was quite disappointed in that interview overall. Richard is too much a gentleman to ever say he gets tired of the same old questions, but I am certain he does. There’s a post “What would YOU ask Richard?” from last summer you might want to look up.

      • Thanks for directing me to that earlier post, I just read it now – a great tea-time read! It sparked my thoughts about what I would ask… Really all my questions would be to explore deeper into some of his previous interview responses, e.g. His propensity for a bad temper (chair out window), “Love in a elevator”, by Aerosmith in the shower, and “Betty Butter Buttocks” as a suitable Middle-Earth name. To me, these raise more questions than they answer… Grin!

        • That just popped into my head and I thought you might have fun reading it. 😉 I LOVE Richard’s cheeky side. And that he likes a woman with a naughty side, because I definitely do have one (if you haven’ta already figured it out). As I have said before, I have temper issues myself that I have wrangled with my entire life, so I’d be interested in exploring that, too . . . re some of his comments and answers, I think he likes to keep us guessing, frankly!! 😉

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