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Walk this way, Mr. Armitage. Please.



Channeling a little of Lucas here? And wearing his own coat from the 24 Hour Play after-party at the Old Vic, if I am not mistaken.


I love the look on his face here. A mixture of amusement, challenge–that je ne sais quoi that makes him so irresistible.  Such a sharp-dressed man, too. A bit of a Mad Men vibe?


I wanted to make this look slightly less like a police line-up (although The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies) so I used a Lomo effect to highlight his beautiful face, then added a blue sky with clouds overlay and matte effect. Because he is soooo heavenly, n’est-ce pas?

More of Robert Ascroft‘s wonderful photos of RA with my edits.

A man growing older ever so gracefully . . .


This is a very pretty young man.


This, however, is an absolutely beautiful mature MAN.  Talk about aging gracefully.

ascroft male beauty

Observe that prominent brow, the line of his aquiline nose, the strong, stubble-covered chin and that beguiling bit of extra flesh beneath it.

Those amazing, expressive eyes, deep set and fringed in a pair of lashes any woman would envy, framed by bold masculine brows that remain blissfully unpruned.There is a slight crease between them as if he is lost in thought. The lines, the crow’s feet are visible, seemingly unretouched.

There is majesty here, and gravitas, and pensiveness. The face of a man who has lived and loved and felt deeply.  And there is oh, so much masculine beauty.

Not a pretty boy. A beautiful man.

I can hardly bear to look away . . .

(lower photo edited from Robert Ascroft’s wonderful portrait collection of RA)

Ascroft’s “Adam”: A beautiful photo of a beautiful man



So much to love in this Ascroft photo, courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

There’s the way the light accentuates the planes of Richard Armitage’s face, its strong features softened by that smile, and the radiance further highlights those fine fair hairs on his forearm and the architectural beauty of his hand. I see strength and grace and hope in this image. And a great deal of true masculine beauty.

What an amazing man. And how happy am I that I discovered him back in 2007.


And God looked at his creation, and it was very good indeed.

More Fun with Country Canines, Signs of Spring, and some Blonde Chick















Trying to decide if I should ditch the bangs. Wore it like this Saturday and no one screamed in horror. No one recognised me either, come to think of it. Still trying to decide what to do re color. Interested in your opinions. Just want to change up things a bit, I reckon.  Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis . .. 😉