A man growing older ever so gracefully . . .


This is a very pretty young man.


This, however, is an absolutely beautiful mature MAN.  Talk about aging gracefully.

ascroft male beauty

Observe that prominent brow, the line of his aquiline nose, the strong, stubble-covered chin and that beguiling bit of extra flesh beneath it.

Those amazing, expressive eyes, deep set and fringed in a pair of lashes any woman would envy, framed by bold masculine brows that remain blissfully unpruned.There is a slight crease between them as if he is lost in thought. The lines, the crow’s feet are visible, seemingly unretouched.

There is majesty here, and gravitas, and pensiveness. The face of a man who has lived and loved and felt deeply.  And there is oh, so much masculine beauty.

Not a pretty boy. A beautiful man.

I can hardly bear to look away . . .

(lower photo edited from Robert Ascroft’s wonderful portrait collection of RA)

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  1. There is so much there that it almost defies description–a man who has come into his own and will continue to grow lovelier as the years pass. What a gift he is.

    • He’s going to be like Paul Newman–a really beautiful old man one day. That wonderful bone structure and such a true class act. Yes, he is a gift and one that keeps on giving.

  2. He makes me want to write poetry again, something I have not done since high school. He also makes me wish I could still sing, because there are so many songs I would perform and think of him as I did. The greatest joy of performing for an audience for a singer is to look out at the faces and know that they are feeling the emotions of the song the same way you are. He inspires those feelings in me again.

    • I sing, too, so I understand what you mean. Making that emotional connection together. Seeing in their smiles, their eyes, body language.

      I have written some poetry, some comedic, some serious, tied to RA/characters. He makes me want to wax lyrical, rhapsodic, ecstatic . . .

  3. These latest pictures of Richard have given me so many “feels”, and now, I’m in tears. It’s not just his pure physical beauty that moves me, but, as you describe so perfectly, it’s the character of the man that shines through as well. I can hardly bear to look away…. Yep, me too.

    • These recent images move me in a way I never thought possible with simply a photograph. I too have been moved to tears several times and it seriously takes a real effort to drag my eyes away. I find I have to come back to them several times a day and I find I’m reluctant to admit just how long I look at them – even to myself! It’s hard to believe that so much beauty – inside and out – can exist in one human being. In Richard’s case he doesn’t have to try. He truly is unique.

  4. I wonder sometimes if he has any idea of the very real, positive impact he has on his fans–I truly hope so. Given how shy and modest he is, I’m not certain he would realize it, or how important it is to the people who follow him.

  5. Very nice blog post, thank you.
    I was a little worried with the way he looked during the last interview, as compared to the ones in December, for example “Fault” magazine footage.

    1. His new haircut, very short in the back of the head – I can’t stand or understand.
    2. He looked very much like he indulged in his Mom’s cooking over the last month or so. He has a rounder face, a little double-chin.
    Or, if not, then too much empty calories from choco-ice-cream?
    3. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to test “Jane’s hypothesis”. I don’t remember where I read the messages of one fan named Jane (on your blog, perhaps?), calling for Richard to get fat and/or ugly, so that the admirers will be tested and only the veritable ones will remain (presumably like her)– this is the gist of her position, if I recall correctly.

    Fickle that I am, I do hope he will get in shape for the next movie because otherwise I fear for his future casting.

    Perhaps my excuse for the alarn is that I have seen today for the first time the first episode from series 1 of Robin Hood, where he looks like a saint descended from a Russian Orthodox icon, so much beauty and youth. Recall that haircut? – I wish he would return to it (longer at the back).

    • Actually Richard has almost always had that bit of extra flesh under the chin, CB, it’s just more obvious at certain times and from certain angles than others.

      Go back to his Cold Feet days (see top pic) and in some profile shots he’s got it –and he was very lean, then, too, we saw him in a Speedo! His weight fluctuates somewhat with the roles he plays. He lost a stone to play Lucas fresh out of the prison and he was really thin, although still muscular. His face became much fuller as Lucas in S9 because he was still carrying extra body mass from playing Sgt. Porter. So S9 Lucas also has a little bit of what you referred to as a double chin. 😉 Some people prefer the very thin, chiseled look of his S7 face while others like his face much fuller. Everyone has their own tastes.

      Truly, I wouldn’t assume he’s given up on his looks from the interview with Lorraine. 😉 He’s got to get back into fighting shape for 10 more weeks as a dwarf, after all! And I for one don’t begrudge him if he has put on a little weight during his break. He works very hard, always has, and he’s allowed to as far as I am concerned. He seems fairly health conscious, he’s a runner, a natural athlete, and I don’t think all that is suddenly going to go away. He’ll do what he needs to do to get the roles. I am certain of that.

      As for the hair, yes, I prefer it longer, but it is his head, after all, and he’ll be cropping it short again anyway to wear his Thorin prosthetics. Maybe after he finishes with that we will see it grow out again.

      As for Guy, well–he is first in my heart of all the characters, the first one that led me to discover RA. And he is so very sexy and beautiful, no denying it. 😀

  6. After reading such a description, climbed me the temperature and I´m blush of my own thoughts, and that it was only his face. I don’t imagine any another part of their anatomy, well, actually Yes, I do!

  7. I know there are differing opinions but i love his current short hair cut. It’s very manly and pared back – it shows off his great bone structure but in a seemingly unselfconscious way. There’s no vanity about it and i also sense it’s a style RA is at ease with. I think if someone is comfortable with their appearance, it makes them more attractive.

    The latest photo is indeed beautiful. I’m glad they left the crows feet untouched as i have bit of a fetish for them in a man. I think they show he has laughed a lot and has a GSOH which is, for me, one of the most attractive features a man can have.

    • I don’t dislike the short hair per se, I just prefer it a little longer. 😉 But TBH I don’t care for super-short hair on most guys. Just my thang. 😉 (Maybe it’s being a child of the 60s??)

      Less hair, as with less flesh (think Spooks 7) tends to lend extra emphasis to his spectacular bone structure, that is for certain.

      I totally agree that being comfy with how you look, feeling good in your own skin, makes one much more attractive. It’s learning to embrace yourself and saying “Hey, this is me.” In contrast, certain celebrities who are constantly tinkering with their appearances, surgeries, implants, fillers, colored contact lenses, etc. etc. are off-putting to me.

      I was really glad about those crow’s feet, too. I was studying the photo and said, “Yep, they’ve kept the computer wizardry away from this image.” A great sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities anyone, male or female, can have. I married a funny man and he thinks he married a funny woman. 😉 It’s helped us through an awful lot. Richard’s humor along with his grounded quality are like catnip for me.

  8. I can’t imagine Richard ever growing fat or ugly or whatever this other person said–he has too much inner beauty, I feel, for either one of those to ever be a possibility. And I agree with Angie; very shortly, he will be back at work on “The Hobbit”, which is very physical and demanding, so I feel like he should be able to take a bit of advantage of his time off and indulge himself a bit–he seems to get so little of it, time off or indulgence.

  9. Lovely post FedoraLady. These new Richard Armitage portraits take my breath away. They are heart stoppingly gorgeous! RA is maturing like fine wine–he gets better and better with age. He is in his prime–personally and professionally. I’m so very happy for him.

    And like others, I hope RA understands the great gifts of friendship and creativity that he has inspired in his fans.

    And the fact that RA conducts himself with grace and poise, like a gentleman ought is icing on the cake. Richard Armitage is a fine role model as a public figure for anyone to emulate.

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