I am glad I didn’t read this about you, Mr. A.


In case you missed it, apparently one of those Real Housewives stars slept with actor Gerard Butler. Seems Brandi Glanville claimed it before,
but Gerry wasn’t admitting to anything. This week, apparently having seen photos of Ms. Glanville, he admitted the two had hooked up, but he’d forgotten her name.

Glanville (the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, now married to Leeann Rimes, just to fill you in) is  excited that she’s been vindicated in this matter. Oh, Ms. Glanville, I am SO happy for you. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

First of all,  I wouldn’t be all that proud of trumpeting the fact of having slept with some guy who found it such a forgettable experience he couldn’t remember exactly who I was, even if he was some hottie Scots actor. Then again, I am guessing the reason she felt the need to do so in the first place was to boost her own self-esteem (“Look! I bagged a Hottie Scottie even if he doesn’t have any idea who I actually am!”) and brag about shagging an A-lister.

Secondly, I hope to never see or hear this kind of story about Richard Armitage as his star continues to rise.

And I don’t think I will.

Not that I don’t recognize he’s a grown man who lost his virginity a long time ago. He might be one who even possibly enjoys the occasonal casual “hook-up.” We don’t really know, do we? We can only surmise.

But  I am convinced RA is not a man who kisses (or much of anything else) and tells. There’s no evidence of that thus far, at least.  Nor do I think he is attracted to the sort of woman who is likely to go blathering all over the internet about such a tryst, either. Let me say I think he’s just a little–or a lot–classier than that.

I am thankful that Richard Armitage is a class act and a true gentleman.  But then again, that’s one of the reasons we admire him so much, right? Not just your bog-standard celeb.  Not intending to bash Mr. Butler, who is a talented and charming guy, but this is the kind of tabloid fodder behavior of which I grow weary.  And really, Gerry–one of the Real (Fake-*Ass) Housewives? Please.

Sometimes, it’s really nice and refreshing not to have everything about a well-known individual’s personal life splashed out for everyone to see. There really IS such a thing as too much information.  A little mystery can go a very, very long way.


About fedoralady

I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Ah, yeah…that doesn’t say much about either of them does it? Generally, I have no problem with whatever goes on between two(or however many),consenting adults but it’s probably better that it stay between them, not them and TMZ.

    • Yeah, it really isn’t something I would want to tell the world LOL I just feel as if we don’t need to know all the stuff people do, famous or otherwise, in bed or the hot tub or roof or wherever else they hook up. As long as they are adults above the age of consent and no one is being physically harmed, etc. go for it. But there seems to be a certain mentality that everything should be shared. I appreciate the fact Richard has a sense of discretion.

      • Yep, there is such a thing as “too much information”. It’s really too bad that so many of the glitterati seem to have missed the memo on that one – even worse, that it seems to be a path to “fame” for some…you know who you are! Snaps to you Mr. Armitage…inquiring minds really don’t need to know. 🙂

        • I remember John Mayer (before he got a little older and wiser) sharing way too much about his various conquests. He really came off as a douchebag. I think he even added to being one! 😉 And oh yes, putting your naughty bits doing private things out there for everyone to see is the pathway for some to fame. What’s even sadder is when a person’s own mother or father is the one who puts the photos or videos, etc. out there for the world to see! Give me a quiet, reticent gentleman like RA over that sort of thing ANY DAY.

  2. I have to agree with you right down the line on this one, Angie–I can’t imagine our boy being attracted to someone who’s going to splash a relationship all over the tabloids to further her own ends. He’s shy and pretty reserved about things like that, and I think that’s part of his charm and certainly his class. As long as he’s happy, what he does in private is certainly his own business.

    • It’s not just that she’s another plastic-looking Hollywood blonde–it’s the fact so many of these reality “stars” get involved in these shows in the first place is their obvious desire to end up splashed all over the tabloids. They court controversy to help sell photos of them, and then their books (ghost written of course) and clothing lines, etc. I find that really off-putting.

      I want him to be happy and I certainly hope he finds happiness and satisfaction in his most private life.

      • No one I can think of deserves it more. For now, I think he’s much more focused on the work–but I do also believe that if the right opportunity (person) came along, he would try to find time to pursue it. I still think he needs someone to pamper him a bit!

        • Me, too, the pampering–I like to think of him getting that TLC. It’s somehow important for me to know that HE knows he is loved and appreciated as Richard Armitage the man, not just RA, the hot and rising star actor. I hope the right one does (has?) come along to some degree for him . . .

          • I completely understand what you mean–looking at his eyes some times, I don’t get that he’s gotten a lot of that in his life yet. He’s the first to say he hasn’t had a lot of relationships–but I would like to think of him getting that nourishing and nurturing from someone who truly appreciates him for who he is.

            • Yeah, he’s a self-admitted late bloomer, and I suspect there’s a part of him that still sees himself as the very tall, skinny, somewhat shy kid with the nose he hadn’t grown into quite yet, instead of the beautiful, graceful gentleman he’s grown into. And I do think when you reach a certain level of fame there must be that concern, “Do they like me for me or because I’m an actor? Will they like me for myself or is it the character(s) that really draws them in?” You now he’s often mentioned that about the characters–that’s who we find sexy, not him. Oh, Rich, I beg to differ . . .

              • Wow, how did I miss that? I can totally hear him saying it, and he has certainly played his share of sexy, romantic roles–Gisborne and John Thornton, to name only two. But there are also the sweet, shy and quite heartfelt John Standring and adorable, quite lovable Harry Kennedy and conflicted John Porter and tormented Lucas North–yes, we love all of his incarnations, but it’s the man behind them who truly makes them live for us.

              • He was voted “Sexiest Thing on Two Legs” a few years ago by ? The Romantic Times? and interviewed afterwards. Very much the “aw shucks” RA, looking at his feet and likely blushing and saying, “Oh, no, it’s not me . . .” But that is just what I have said. Without the amazing man who brought all those diverse characters to life, would we have come to love and appreciate and admire them as we do? I think not.

              • Okay, I do remember when he was given that title, and also remember thinking that he was probably dying of mortification at all the hoopla–but it’s been awhile since then and he’s created so many more memorable characters since then, and now possibly the most memorable of them all (at least, so far)–the magnificent Thorin. Yes, my dear, we love your characters–but the creations are yours.

              • I would guess that response is a combination of inherent modesty and upbringing…to that end, I showed a pic (Glamour shoe tie shot I think) to my gal pal who has never seen a single thing he’s done, and she immediately pronounced him fit for duty (wink, wink). I’m sure he gets ogled plenty…even taking fans completely out of the mix.

              • Surely he does (get ogled, I mean). I know he talks about going under the radar, but even so I would think that tall delicious drink of hot chocolate would be hard to miss . . . that is one very attractive male. Then again, I would like him to know that while it was his good looks that piqued my interest and his talent that captured me initially, it was all those personal qualities I perceive that have me keeping the torch burning, so to speak. 😉

              • I’m with you there…I’ve ogled plenty in my day (tastefully of course…I am a lady after all), but it takes more than physical beauty to hold my attention. Whatever the “it” is, he’s got it in spades…he does seem to be working it a bit more lately…finally sinking in maybe? It’s pretty subtle, but that slight edge that’s been pee king out now and then, is soooo enticing. As if I weren’t already firmly on the hook 😀

              • I think there is more confidence there. I really started noticing it when he did that first Hobbit press conference. Yummm, yummmm. He might have just been channeling his inner alpha Thorin, but I sure was liking it, I must say. And he was fab on the junket and at the premieres. Looked great (some fans poo-poo the whole stylist thing, but I am not one of them) totally oozed charisma and star appeal.

              • MmmHmm, confidence is oh so attractive. It can make lions out of so-so dudes. Add confidence to the already potent attractions here…devastating. I think the stylist was a huge positive…having a professional dress him may well have made all the difference in a part of the job he has pretty candidly admitted to disliking. The key seems to be knowing when to say…”no, I’m not wearing that”. (Did you see Melissa McCarthy at the Oscars? She needs to fire whoever it was who told her that dress looked good). BTW…waxed denim: everywhere on the hoof in Manhattan…still looks weird to me.

              • As I said over at Servetus’ blog, what he wears when he’s “off duty” is one thing. But when he is aware he’s likely to be captured by the professional photogs at various events, I really think a stylist (a GOOD one, which all celebs do not have) is a godsend. He doesn’t have to worry if he’s wearing the right thing–not that I think he obsesses over it, but if he started being the butt of jokes for his rotten fashion sense, well nobody wants that to happen to such a sweet guy. Not that it ever would, but let’s not take chances.

                And now that he is better known in US, he is going to be scrutinized ore closely. Sorry certain keys on here are sticking badly The dress she had on was terrible, I agree. And I didn’t care at all for the one Adele wore for the Gra y Awards either. Figured out which key won’t work yet?? 😉

              • LOL. That is it…you don’t need to be the best dressed, you just don’t want to hit the bottom repeatedly. Have at those well worn jeans and ratty tees when on your own time….dressing it up for public appearances should also make him harder to pick out when in “civvies”. I was really worried about looking the tourist part in NYC, but jeans and boots seems to be the uniform in most parts…not hard to blend. That is too funny…friend and I were just talking about Adele’s Grammy dress too…looked like a weird lampshade…although musicians get a lot more slack than actors on the style front.

              • Well, I am glad you didn’t feel too “touristy.” 😉

                Have you ever heard of the actress/singer Bai Ling? She’s not that well known for her acting or singing abilities, but for wearing outfits that are just really out there. Usually very skimpy, too. She’s constantly on someone’s worst dressed lists. 😉 I feel good that Ilaria’s clients are often on best dressed lists for various events.

                That was just the most bizarre thing, that Adele dress. Like something Lady Gaga would come up with! LOL Adele is a really pretty lady, extra pounds and all, and that dress just didn’t do her justice IMHO. But as you say, musicians don’t seem to be expected to toe the same line as actors.

              • Well, I was able to blend fine until I opened my mouth and Wisconsin came pouring out ;).

                I don’t think men can usually go wrong sticking with classic, timeless styles that she tends towards. I wasn’t a huge fan of the plaid suit at the NY Premiere, but I liked pretty much everything else.

                That dress of Adele’s was bad enough standing still (is Valentino cutting from vintage curtains this year?), but when she moved…yikes, I thought it was going to flip over her head when she walked up the steps to accept her Grammy. She is a lovely woman…she should certainly wear things other than black, but this one was beee-zaar.

              • I agree he needed the stylist! However, I didn’t like the plaid suit or the waxed jeans either. Everything else was fantastic! I don’t think he liked being squished in the hoodie and leather jacket but it looked good! (Upon reflection, it must have been hot and bulky.)

    • I’m speechless how can an established, currently working actress get in this state? and how ungentlemanly of MF not to help out. I heard about Martine McCutcheon and felt sorry, her career seems to have stalled. Actors are self-employed they must be cany enough to put money aside to pay their taxes when they hit a lean spell.

      • Actually, it is very easy for a self-employed person to get into serious debt. Taxes are typically heavy and punitive, and not always easy to pay from savings; certain medical procedures are very costly because self-employed people have trouble getting coverage and “incidental costs” are not covered; past legal difficulties can accrue huge costs; and so on. As a fiscal entity, she is rightly on her own. MF is no doubt helping, maybe footing the bills for the children entirely, but he can’t give her funds without having to pay tax himself and then she’d have to pay tax on the “gift,” even if it were only a fraction of what she owes. Best not to judge unless one has all the facts.

        • Well, actually, they’re in Britain, so getting coverage for costly medical procedures is a non-issue. We don’t need to be covered at all, because we have the NHS. 🙂 You can choose to have a private health insurance as well, but it’s not needed.

  3. I have seen today the series one, episode 2 from Robin Hood for the first time. In fact, I have seen the whole series 1,2,3, with the exception of the first 2 episodes, which I have missed the first time they run on Tv, one month ago. I have a question.
    Regarding the video-artists who upload musical clips on the ytube, why none of the Guy-Marian scenes from S1x01 and S1x02 are used with predilection in their creations? The visuals are rich.
    I looked for a mention of the background story of Guy and Robin’s parents from Series 3… there wasn’t much, just that the Gisborne estate did not exist anymore, that he felt ashamed for his circumstances and hoped to soon have an “earl” title.
    Apologies for posting again.

    • I don’t think they really came up with that background story until the third series, that is why there is no reference to it in the earlier episodes. If you watch those early eps, there is no indication that Guy and Robin knew each other as children. They started out trying to make Guy very much the evil baddie, but then began to show a more human side to him. There are videos out there that do include some of those scenes you mentioned–keep watching!

  4. In Gerard Butler’s defense, he did say he didn’t know who she was. I know, not much of a defense, but he might have left her alone if he knew she was a reality TV person. iow – probably a person with a big mouth who will kiss and tell.

    • If you don’t really know who you are slipping into bed with–you have to be aware, especially if you are as well known as Gerry that this could be somebody that would take advantage of the situation. I mean, sorry, but there are too many people out there who want to cash in on any type of salacious celebrity encounter in any way they can. Pretty sure she didn’t hold a gun to his head to make him do it, now THAT I am pretty sure he would remember. 😉

      I’m not standing in judgment of him, really, but I think he should try to be a little more careful from now on–unless he really doesn’t care. And maybe he doesn’t, who knows? 😉

      • I agree! He should be careful. Anything could happen. Pregnancy, stds etc. It might even be a woman who later claims that consensual sex was rape – you never know. I think it has more to do with the little brain suddenly becoming the dominant brain.

        • Oh, yeah, there’s a laundry list of stuff that could go wrong. Look at how much hot water certain athletes in particular have gotten into over the years from giving into temptation a little too easily and a little too often. Thinking with the WRONG head, one might say. 😉

          • Athletes, movie stars, politicians, royalty — they have all provided fodder for the tabloid press. Their lapses in judgment can be just appalling, and look even worse when broadcast over worldwide media. Plenty of people have thought the corner was dark enough when in fact it wasn’t. I am so grateful that Richard is a sensible man who safeguards his private life. He seems to know that the piranha are out there, just waiting for someone to stick a toe in the water.

          • Politicians also, (even extremely intelligent presidents) are particularly susceptible to not thinking with their brain. Over the years, the Washington Post has been full of their antics. You can even take a Scandal Tour of DC. And they say WOMEN are at the mercy of their hormones!

            Yes, RA does seem to be a sweetheart and a gentleman, a real class act by all accounts. It is an essential part of his appeal. I could get over my addiction if he were found by the police to be cavorting with a sex worker in the back seat of a car on a public street in Los Angeles. (Not mentionning any names!). I don’t expect to be disappointed in this way.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more, Fedoralady,
    Richard Armitage has class, elegance, grace, poise, and is a discreet gentleman. Sighhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. WordPress needs to have a button for “Loving” a post. This was gReAt!

  6. It was some time ago, but if I remember correctly Richard made the statement that he “didn’t put it about” and I have an idea that this may well hold true to this day. Having said that, I believe that whatever he does or doesn’t do in his private life is *his* business and no-one else’s. Certainly not mine!

    I do, however, hope and pray that he will yet find the love of his life, if he hasn’t done so already! 😉

  7. Oh, Fedoralady, I could not agree more: Gerry should take care not to just sleep around with whoever and that reality tv person should just keep it to herself. I can’t believe she doesn’t even find it embarassing that he did not even remember her name!
    Luckily, I’m quite certain that we won’t hear this about RA. I mean, he can do whatever he likes, but he’s careful about his privacy and will not let anyone get too close without knowing (and remembering!) exactly who they are.
    And I firmly believe that he would not be attracted to the likes of ‘that woman’! He’s got too much class and style and I wish some beautiful, caring, intelligent, independent woman would come along and sweep him off his feet 😉

    • I agree! I do love Gerry Butler, he’s one of my favorite actors, but at times it seems as if he just doesn’t care. From what I’ve seen, he’s had a pretty wild past, and even though he overcame the alcohol (and perhaps drugs, but I don’t know for sure), I don’t think he quite got over the need for flings and wanton romping. I do thing he’s a good person, however, and wouldn’t condemn him. I’m sure he’s quite nice in person and lovely to be around! But there’s just something about Richard… He’s not just another pretty face, he’s got guiding principles and morals, elegance and grace, manners and discretion. He’s just as beautiful on the inside as he is outside-and that’s saying quite a bit ;p

  8. I join in the choir of agreement too. 🙂 RA is a classy kinda guy.

    As for Mr Butler, he was EXTREMELY charming when I saw him in an interview a while back (Graham Norton Show, I think?) and I thought “wow, what a guy” and he definitely went up a few notches on the attractiveness scale. (This story has put him down a little.)

    Funny thing is, he mentioned he either had, or would be taking, his mother to the premiere of [the film he was there to promote]. I instantly thought of RA, who did the same.

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