Hey! What’s that watermark doing THERE? And other thoughts.



NOT that I would ever remove watermarks from photos *cough* but I didn’t attempt to remove these from Sipa.com taken of Richard exiting the BBC March 7. I have to say I do love the expression on his face above: amused, wry, a bit weary . . .

And these had me pondering the placement of the watermarks. Purely a coincidence?  Probably.  But that didn’t stop me, of course. Warning: This could possibly fall under the “Stripping Mr. Armitage of His Dignity” category.



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  1. LOL! how interesting – I wonder if the person that arranges the watermarks (er…a watermarker?) is a female – in any case it certainly drew my attnetion to a certain “area” and Im sorry but in those jeans, jacket and shirt? *puddle*

    • It actually looks as if he’s tucking something into his back pocket, but good Lordy… ;p I don’t think the man is capable of doing anything normal that has no effect on anyone-everything he does is extraordinary. For Pete’s sake, the man could read the dictionary and we would all be enthralled! 😀

  2. The middle photograph (arms behind his back) made it look as though he was under arrest and my mind immediately went to John Porter diamond smuggler. lol

  3. The red-haired woman in the gray coat: who is she? It’s driving me nuts! She’s been on t.v., or someone who looks a lot like her has been on t.v., but I can’t work out where/when, no matter how hard I wrack my brain.

  4. I did notice that his jeans fit very nicely. 😉 At least the water marks aren’t over his face like others have been.
    Then there’s the chain around his neck that’s tantalisingly close to revealing what’s on the end of it.

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