Thorin Thursday: Hear Him Roar! (and just watch him. And sigh.)


thehobbit-p1_4283ddHopefully I can throw up this post of the magnificent Thorin before computer finally gets around to updates. Can’t let Thursday go by without some of our favorite hottie hairy dwarf, now, can we??






Isn’t he just a beauty? *sigh*

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    • Well, he is well equipped, too. 😉 It’s been lovely to have new screencaps to plunder thru and still not done. Going to take a little nap now. Road scraper was at work earlier (not that it didn’t need it after all the rain) and it’s a bit quieter now.

  1. I think I just Thorinized twice looking at these oh so delectable pictures! – Did you know that Friday (your Thursday) is my new favourite day of the week. Thorin, Thorin, Thoirn, how you make me go all squiggly wiht your equipment!

  2. SOOOOOOO happy that “Hobbit” will be available next week, but meanwhile these pix are glorious–I have this crazy vision of me sitting at the craft table putting my figure ideas together surrounded by different views of Thorin on all sides.

  3. I am almost drooling with anticipation for the next movie! Now, if only Peter Jackson decided to throw the Army a bone and include the scene where the dwarves take a dip in the stream. Let me tell you, Thorin is not the only dwarf with rippling muscles! hahaha … All I care about is the story. ;p

    • I know what you mean. Both about anticipating the film AND wishing for a dwarf dip. Mmmmmm, hmmmmmm. Of course, we all are most concerned with the story. *cough* Absolutely.

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