Richard’s Secret Thoughts: Twitter Video Edition


I’ve always gotten the impression Richard really wasn’t all that comfortable hawking stuff. Oh, promoting his productions and praising his co-stars, crew members and more, sure, raising monies for charities, absolutely, but selling stuff–no.

I think back to the little promo he did for the Spooks 9 DVD and its special features, recalling that slightly sheepish expression he wore on his face.  I could be wrong, of course. (Maybe it was the bogus quality of the scriptwriting in Spooks 9 that was bugging him. Certainly bugged ME.)

Anyway,  I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the recent “thank you” vid to Twitter fans of The Hobbit, a vid which was also, of course, a shameless plug to remind everyone the DVD is coming out so BUY, BUY, BUY! (as if we need encouragement).  And I enjoy having fun with our modest fellow and imagining him having less-than-modest thoughts in that handsome head . . . in that spirit, I present Richard’s Secret Thoughts: Twitter Video Edition.


Richard, pondering his amazing combination of potent masculinity with boyish winsomeness.


I mean, really, he does have it all.  Awfully hard to fit it all in a teeny bubble.


It is almost St. Paddy’s Day, James is Irish and–I couldn’t resist the leprechaun hats, green beer and rainbow. Sorry.


Richard now gets down to the brass tacks. The reason to buy that DVD/Blu-ray/Combo pack/digital download/whatever-heckity-else-they-come-up-with to sell you.  We want him. And sadly, this may be the only way he’ll end up in our living room. Or bedroom. Or–whatever. *cough*


Yeah, there’s plenty of comic relief (albeit of the creepy kind in the case of the bug-eyed beastie) with Gollum and party boy Bofur–but for white-hot sex appeal, go for the alpha dwarf every time!


Really, there’s always someone trying to outdo the Master. Silly rabbit.


Need I say more?

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  1. Angie you always manage to brighten my day, but this is some of your best work…I can’t stop laughing. I can totally picture Richard saying some of this in his mind. 🙂

    • LOL the bubbles seem to be a hit! I have an idea for coming up with some spoofy stories using existing screencaps–sort of comic strip kind of thing. Just in idea stages. We’ll see. Lots going on in my head.

  2. Ha! Very cute! I don’t think that any of the three of them are comfortable with the plea to buy the video judging by their closed in body language. Richard’s actually more open (the legs) than the other two. That pose with his hands in that particular spot gets me thinking about what he’s protecting!

    • They are also stuck together on a small piece of furniture which doesn’t give them a lot of elbow room, really. Just not the best-planned day all way around.

      And did they film this before or after the Twitter debacle?? They may simply be ready to hightail it out of there! LOL

      I think we had a discussion somewhere about Richard’s powerful thighs *cough* making it difficult for him to sit as the other men are–and not enough room for him to do the ankle on the knee thing. The open legs and talking hands definitely work for me, I must say. 😉

  3. ROFL! Re. “The open legs and talking hands definitely work for me, I must say”, they work for me, too, as does the eyebrow, the smirk, and the pure charm. No one even challenges The Master. Better than HRT, more powerful than a steady diet of green M&Ms, Richard gets to me (and I’m sure many others) where I live. *snickers* Yes, Richard, I’ll buy your DVD when I can.

  4. You got it exactly right in the first bubble. The same thing came to my mind when I saw this video: to be so masculine, there’s still something boyish and innocent about RA. And it’s not just the school boy sweater and tie that brings it out. By the way, very funny post.

    • Like they need to hawk the dvd anyway–I certainly understand Richard wanting to do his bit for “The Hobbit” team, but he does have that look like he wishes he was someplace else.

  5. Angie, you are such a gas!!! Those bubbles are inspired. You give me a good laugh all the time, and this is my third time around reading RA’s “secret thoughts.”.

    He’s a good sport to do this pitch to help the team, but I can’t blame him for looking like he wishes he were elsewhere. He’s much too classy for this stuff. I’ll buy the DVD anyway, just because he’s in it. So will his whole army, I bet.

  6. Show of hands, how many of you watched or bought “Captain America” for the few minutes of Richard’s performance? Hmm. Does that count as an estimate of the market segment for TH?

  7. Bra-vo! Once again, you did some brilliant work with these edits. We all know he did not want to be at that Twitter thing. I’m sure that his new BFF Martin Freeman must have told him the horrors his lady Amanda went through defending her friend on Twitter and how she had to close her account due to all the hate. If you add the uncomfortable accommodations and his … generous natural proportions, no wonder they all looked ready to bolt and go get drunk at the nearest pub! Poor bby!

    • Poor Richard, Twitter just didn’t treat him well and can’t blame him for not wanting to be a part of it. The guys gave it the good old college try, bless their hearts, but they looked uncomfortable and definitely ready to get the heck out of Dodge, as the old saying goes. 😉

      Hurray for RA’s generous natural proportions, too. *There I go objectifying the man again*

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