Tie, cardi and talking hands. It’s all good.


Richard Armitage is joined by Tweeting buddies Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt to give Hobbit fans a “thank you” in advance of the DVD release next week. A short, sweet vid with Richard looking spiffy and doing that adorable “talking with his hands” stuff we all love.
Only a few more days until I have The Hobbit in my hot little hands! The combo package, not Martin Freeman. Just to be clear on that.

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  1. Although if you did have some previously unacknowledged crush on Freeman that would explain your thing about hedghogs.

  2. Well, at least we know they were doing more than sitting around staring at a laptop screen that day. 😉
    Combo package, eh? Richard *and* Martin? *snicker*

  3. Someone, somewhere commented on this already, but I just love the way he’s sitting here…legs uncrossed, knees apart. So casually masculine – yum.

  4. I love the way he sits. It may not be elegant, but I agree with Obscura, it’s so masculine and YUM!
    Also loving his bared forearms as per usual. 🙂

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