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It’s going to be a barrel of fun: RA’s thoughts on TDOS *spoilers*



Richard Armitage Net has the one-page Q&A interview with Richard from Total Film‘s May 2013 issue in its news for today. RA talks about the intensity of working with Sir Peter–a director who “throws down the gauntlet” to everyone working with him, it seems–and some of what we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug. Yes, there is a bit of a spoiler in it, so be forewarned before you read.

What was delightful for me was reading how much of a thrill ride Richard expects the dwarves in barrels scene–orginally meant to be the finale of the first movie–to be. From his description, it does sound pretty exciting and it’s what he’s most looking forward to seeing in the film. And think about it. Wet. Roaring. Thorin. *thud* Works for me!

Click on GIF to see wet, roaring Thorin in action


Reading Richard’s responses makes me happy once more that he got this role and seems so very satisfied with the experience of working with Peter Jackson and making these films. It’s really been a dream come true for him, and possibly “the most important piece of work I will ever do.”

And now I am all the more ready to see the second film. And wet, roaring Thorin. Oh, yeah. Dry is good, too, of course.


In the meantime, RA, I’ll be thinking about you as you get back into fighting shape to film the Battle of Five Armies scene for the final film. Oh, the places you are taking us . . . I truly hope you are enjoying the journey. You deserve it!