A ‘proud, cantankerous’ father figure: An Xbox SmartGlass Exclusive Vid Clip


This clip is part of an exclusive featurette, “The Company of Dwarves,” which you get when you buy THAUJ on Xbox Video. It features Richard Armitage, Dean O’Gorman and Aidan Turner talking about their respective characters and their relationships with one another, and gives lots of behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film. Quite a lot of Thoriny goodness here. And the rumble of Richard’s voice. And I do believe I detected a note of Richard in Dean’s character voice–well, he did say he patterned it after RA, right?

Richard describes Thorin as a proud, cantankerous, angry, burdened man who has developed a hard shell from life’s circumstances. Yet the uncrowned King Under the Mountain also tries to be a father figure to his two fatherless nephews, Kili and Fili, grooming the eldest to one day sit on the throne and lead his people. We see how the three share a strong bond. Watch and enjoy! Thank you, RA Net, for the heads up on this at Twitter.

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  1. When you listen closely to Mr. Armitage, more and more of his personal actor’s approach to roles is evident. Intuitive, but reasoned, as well. Imagination disciplined by reason?

    • I think so, Judith. While he may “lead by his feelings,” using emotions and intuition in crafting his characters, he definitely does not leave reason and logic out of the mix. I think that’s only going to increase as he continues to grow as an actor. He may describe himself as a bit thick, but I think he’s far from it. A very, very keen emotional intelligence. Obviously puts a lot of thought into each character, their motivations and so forth.

  2. Thanks for the link Angie, I’d seen gifs on Tumblr but didn’t know where they were from, and was getting frustrated that there was something Richard-y out there that I was missing! As usual, I loved hearing his reading of his character.

    • It popped up as a link on Twitter and I immediately took a look. Short but really good, I thought. Richard discussing his approach to his characters is always engrossing for me. NTM the bonus of That Voice. And I really enjoyed Dean and Aidan’s input, too, as the nephews.

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