This one took my breath away. Literally. Thank you, DJ.



I think I’ve got it back now. Wow.  What a beautiful image.

Thank you, Dark Jackal at Heirs of Durin, for sharing wonderful screencaps like this one from the special edition Best Buy Hobbit Blu-ray combo pack. This version features an exclusive 30-minute documentary on the making of the film. Click on the link below to go to DJ’s blog and check out the gallery there.  There are some fantastic images of RA and his fellow cast members. Oh, it’s feeling like Christmas again!

I’ve been working on RL stuff, specifically my part of the Jr. Miss FDA Pageant video, which is a separate video mixing live footage with my edited stills and set to a special edit of that Flo-Rida song, “Sometimes, I Get a Good Feeling.” Benny will add it to the end of the pageant footage.  I did that all by myself–with a little tutelage from the Master, aka Benny, and I am kind of proud of it.  Old girl is still learning new tricks.

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  1. Don’t you LOVE that photo–someone pinned it on the Richard Armitage board just a little while ago along with a few other amazing images and I was drooling all over the keyboard (please don’t tell my housemate–it’s her computer!) Never thought I’d see the day where I’d be salivating over a dwarf–now, if Amazon would just get my order in the mail!

    • As I said, I ‘d been away working on RL stuff and just catching up and now I am pouring over DJ’s wonderful gallery and snaffling like CRAZY. This one was on her front page but it would have captured me immediately in a sea of images. WOW! The world’s most beautiful, alluring, majestic and sexy vertically-challenged hairy 200-year-old guy LOL

  2. It took my breath away too, even amongst the plethora of images that have appeared. Just beautiful. I’ve been too busy reblogging like a crazy woman to snaffle! 😀

    • I saw a glimpse of myself in the video while editing–in spite of trying to avoid the video cameras, there I was darting around in the crowd after the event–and was thinking. “Who is the chubby old chick in the red sweater, she looks familiar . . .” And yes, it was ME and my extra chin with this weird expression on my face. I quickly edited myself right out. 😉

      • Video is hardly ever kind. It is certainly more cruel than still shots. Video magnifies and exaggerates flaws and minimizes good features, unless one is specifically dressed and made up for the shoot. I was caught in a candid video once and I had a similar reaction.

        • I’m so horrified when anyone tries to take my picture (any kind), I usually try to dive behind the nearest piece of furniture. I always come out looking like a retarded chipmunk.

          • I am so used to being behind the camera and being in control (from years as newspaper reporter and as photography enthusiast) I don’t like it when other people randomly take my photo. I know my best angles and lighting. 😉 As a woman gets older, the angle from which you shoot is also very important. Got work against gravity!! 😉

          • I run like a rabbit. Even when a friend who has taken amazing photographs tried to photograph me and Lucky my cat, the results were far from good. Lucky was frightened, but he still looked good. Although one friend was kind and said I looked “pretty”, oh dear…

            Now, I’m having to think about a photo for a bookjacket and an “author profile.” Arrgh. It will be next month before I can get anything decent scanned.

            • I think of my mother and MIL whose backs we were constantly catching on video back in the day. Always hiding from camera. My mom kept claiming she wasn’t photogenic but she really glowed in her photos. I liked the photos of you and your Luckie! Please let me know when you find something for the book cover. I haven’t forgotten.

            • Telling stories on myself here, but this is how being in front of a camera affects me. Back when I was singing professionally, my partner and I went to have photos done by an excellent photographer. By the time (we’re talking hours here) he finally got one of me everyone was happy with, the rose I was holding had wilted so badly that they were having to prop it up with heavy duty hairspray.

              He got a great one of my partner in less than half an hour.

        • That’s very true. Thanks for reminding me. One thing I did look for when editing the music video was avoiding images of the girls when they were making odd faces or fiddling with bra straps, etc. Really tried to present them at their best and there are some lovely images of them being exuberant young things, laughing and smiling and “voguing” for the camera. I am quite pleased overall with how it turned out.

  3. Oh my!! He is one very beautiful man! Has anyone ever mentioned that??? 😀 The above image and many others which DJ shared made me very emotional. I kept thinking what an incredible experience for Richard and all the hundreds of others involved in making these fantastic movies. My copy has already been shipped from Amazon so I can hardly wait! 😀

  4. I can’t believe some women actually get paid to touch his face and his hair and measure his body and put costumes on him…and kiss him!!! aaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh … Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if my father would have let me go into showbusiness when television came a calling and I had the chance, but I was 15 and he said no. Can you imagine your job description being: ‘Kiss Richard Armitage’? *DEAD*

    • I know. I always thought I would have gladly volunteered–or even paid–to apply Lucas’s tattoos! LOL I think kissing Richard Armitage would have to be one of the best parts of any actress’s resume. Although GoR on Spooks never seemed to properly appreciate it. :-/

      • GoR? Anyway, I still think that – aside from North and South, Richard has left a lot to be desired in his on screen kissing. Please don’t stone me! I haven’t really seen any passionately delivered kissing, the way other actors have done. Did you ever watch Zen with Rufus Sewell? If you did, you know what I mean! I think tomorrow’s post will have to be about kissing. Darn! Now I’ll have to do lots of research tonight! Oh, well, anything for my readers. ;p

        • Genevieve O’Reilly, aka Sarah Caulfield. Or as I like to call her, Freezer Queen. 😉 Richard tried, but just no chemistry there IMHO. If you think about it, he hasn’t been given a lot of opportunities for passionately delivered kissing. Poor shy John S., Guy with Marian acting like he had the cooties, Lucas and those ill-matched women, no kissing with Thorin . . . :-/ Never had the chance to see Zen.

          Now that fantasy sequence in Strike Back with Danni and Porter? THAT was hot. Just didn’t last long enough, alas.

      • I don’t doubt it–I read an article in a UK magazine that said he really loved snogging with Dawn French, so I imagine there was some enthusiasm there. He’s so adorable as Harry anyway–but I agree with everyone else, they really do need to give him more opportunities for romantic scenes. A romantic comedy, maybe?–he’s said a number of times he’d like to do more comedy. I’d be all for that!

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