Thorin, Thorin, Thorin: Dwarf on the Brain


I finally had three hours of sleep this afternoon/evening, waking abruptly when spouse rubbed my foot to tell me he was home with buffalo chicken pizza. Sounded good, tasted good, but it’s all gone wrong on my stomach somehow.

That’s what I get for staying up all night again, watching The Hobbit, all the video blogs and the featurette promoting beautiful New Zealand. Then in the wee hours of the morning I let the YT clips buffer sl-o-w-ly so I could see another Hobbit documentary, “A Hobbit’s Tale,” with Richard reading through lines, clumping about in those big clunky dwarf boots and showing off his biceps with practice fighting.

Lastly and most endearingly, still in his Thorin makeup, complete with blood-smeared face and flowing locks, Richard and his lovely talking hands spoke to the film’s crew about how much he looked forward to returning to NZ this year. I love him and Thorin, so majestic and fierce and proud and beautiful, more than ever. I’ve got dwarf on the brain. Just in case you haven’t seen “A Hobbit’s Tale” here it is on YT in two parts.

And here’s more fanart. I hope you enjoy!







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  1. Now this is a symptom I can relate to . Thorin on the brain. It seems that he is all I can think about these days. *sigh* He pops into my head at the most inopportune times, and the other day I actually walked into a tree – yes a TREE while looking at a picture on my phone that someone had tweeted! He is dangerous to my health!

    • Ouch!! Hope you’re okay! I’m afraid you did give me a giggle though, although that sounds very mean of me. He certainly needs to come with a health warning! 😉

    • Oh, we KNOW you have Thorin on the brain. 😉 So sorry about running into the tree, but I could see that happening to me. Which is a good reason I don’t have photos on my phone. 😉

      • See, I don’t know if I’d been running into things–but I can definitely see myself getting lost in thought and tripping over stuff. I’m such a klutz, anyway.

      • It’s just another clumsy, absent minded thing I have done in the name of Thorin Oakenshield! I’ve burnt shirts I’m ironing, driven straight past the destination I was going to, tripped over countless things and banged into countless doors, tables and children. And I have also completely lost my train of thought on many occasions while teaching my 8year old class! – who think that’s hysterical!

  2. Come December we will see some of that famous Armitage temper come out when Thorin’s relationship to Bilbo deteriorates. I keep hoping PJ will throw us ladies a bone and include the scene where the dwarves take a dip in the creek! At least we’ll see them get wet going down the river and – once again – Richard will be tied up. Does he do this on purpose? hahaha

    • But in the beginning, at least, the two will be friends, as Richard has said. That will make the ultimate betrayal by Bilbo that much more angsty. Richard wet and tied up and roaring. *sigh* Does it get any better than that??

  3. My stomach did the same blasted thing! It is 1:37 am Wed. into Thurs. and I am reading…this! I still hurt abit, but that “I can’t wait to come back” …made me think of “W-W-RA-D”….and then…. the “Dancing Boot Guys”” just cracked me up …! AH-h-h-h so good for the heart!…and gut…n-i-g-h-t…

    • Sorry to hear that. Mine finally settled down enough to allow me to fall asleep earlier than usual. Today I’ve had nothing for two pieces of toast with light spritz of margarine and some Pepsi. Anyway, I am glad this entertained you through the pain. 😉 Hope you finally got some rest!!

  4. I love, love, love, the hokey pokey picture! I picked up TH at Walmart last night. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to see it or the above special. Hopefully I can catch up soon but I doubt it! Boo, Hoo! (Too much stuff in RL!)

    • Drat that whole RL thing! Boo hiss. Enjoy it when you get the chance. There’s just something about those big guys in those ridiculous boots monkeying around that cracks me up. 😉

  5. Do love the boots, they are too hilarious!!! 😀 But there’s something about sweaty, dirty, battle-stained and roaring Thorin that gets me EVERY time… the mouth, the beard… something about him. Yumm ;P

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