Last Call for Thorin Thursday: The Softer Side



He’s proud and sometimes haughty, but he can also show humility. His temper is sharp, but there is a soft spot in his heart for those close to him. Often stern and forbidding, when he is able to let his guard down a little, a gentler side shows. And the smiles, rare though they may be, are just incredible. Perhaps all the more incredible because of that rarity.





And then there is Richard himself. Modest, gentle, with that sweet humility. Pretty hard not to love.


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  1. He is quite simply so beautiful–I know he quails and seems to want to crawl under the furniture when anyone points that out–but it’s true. In all his guises, but perhaps more so in Thorin. Long live the dwarf!

  2. Thorin is such an honorable character–he cares about his people and took the responsibility to lead them out of their homeland to find a new place, never giving up hope of one day reclaiming what had been theirs.He’s carried a heavy burden on his shoulders, he’s been let down by those he thought would help him, he has his own doubts and fears about the task ahead.

    He’s proud and prickly, but he is a good man–er, dwarf. Angry, yes–but he has lost an awful lot in life-grandfather beheaded, dad gone mad and disappeared to who knows where, his homeland taken away from him.

    So much on his shoulders. You want to somehow help him lighten his load, to make life a little easier for the uncrowned king under the mountain. A character you can care about and believe in and cheer on.

  3. Never truer words were said, Angie and Stephanie. He is truly one of a kind, bless him.

    Such a moving scene between Thorin and Bilbo. It moves me to tears every time I see it. But I find the next scene just as moving when I watch the emotions Richard manages to convey with only his eyes and facial expression when he sees Erebor. It is a masterpiece in acting that is quite unique, IMHO. The fact that he can act without having to say a word is one of the things that drew me to him as an actor when I first saw him in N&S.

    • I just watched the movie “The Lucky ONes” with Zac Efron. He has lovely blue eyes, but there’s nothing really THERE in them. He’s not a horrible actor, but his performance seemed so lifeless compared to what I see in Richard, so much emotion in his eyes alone, the merest widening of them, the raise of a brow or flicker of an eyelid. So much said without speaking a word.

      And when Efron did a love scene, I could only think to myself, oh, boy, RA would have been SOOO much hotter. 😉

      • I find myself doing that ALL the time. No matter who the actor is, my immediate response is wow, Richard would have done that so much better–not to mention sexier!

        • I do, too, but it was particularly bad with Efron. I think because he does have very striking blue eyes, and yet they just sit there and look vacuously pretty. They don’t EMOTE and Richard’s eyes are beautiful AND speak volumes. There’s intelligence, world-weariness, humor, danger, desire, fear, angst, hope, joy, humiliation . . . Efron was playing a Marine who’d undergone three tours of duty in the MIddle East and seen awful stuff, of course. I just didn’t see that in his face. Yes, he buffed up and looked good in his undies, cropped his hair and grew some heavy stubble, but never believed in him as this war-hardened veteran.

          • I find that so much more in American actors, though–in many cases, I’ve kind of given up on watching American produced films. I’ve also given up on a dearly-held rule of many years duration that I won’t abandon a movie before the end–NOT anymore. If I can tell early on that it just doesn’t engage me, I tune out. NOT that I’ve ever done that with Richard–no do I ever expect to.

        • I’m guilty of doing exactly the same thing! One movie that comes to mind is “Love Happens” with Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston. Aaron played the part well but I found myself saying over and over as I watched, “Richard would have played that part SO much better.” Richard just has “IT” in spades. Please PTB, cast him in a movie “all about love” ASAP! He would be absolutely brilliant. 😉

  4. These pictures are great (again) Angie. That second and 4th one… As you have all said (better than I can) the way he can act without saying a word is truly amazing. I really noticed it recently in the end scene of the Hobbit as he walks up the rock after seeing Erebor. There is a teeny tiny wince as he holds his side from a wound he obviously got fighting Azgog. Its things like that that make him truly gifted at what he does. Im still finding out how talented he is as i make my way through his other work. I consider myself very forutnate indeed to have ‘discovered’ him.

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