Finally! Guyday Friday: There’s CAKE! (& art & vids)


“Whot . . . no–vertically challenged hirsute would-be king appearing today?” The dark knight drawled, a glint of amusement in his kohl-rimmed blue eyes as he lounged against the door frame.

“It’s Guyday Friday, so I’d say it’s pretty much all about the six feet, two inches of smouldering testosterone-laden medieval gorgeousness,” Ladywriter replied insouciantly, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Sir Guy rubbed his aquiline nose and gave a small yet manly sniff. “I wasn’t certain–after all, it seems it’s been Thorin Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday here at the blog, my lady.”  There was a note of accusation beneath the sarcasm in the rumbling voice. Did she detect a hint of sadness in those mesmerizing eyes?

Ladywriter wriggled just a little uncomfortably. She had rather wallowed in all things Hobbity and Thorin-y.  But with the big DVD release and new featurettes with so much Thorin goodness, wasn’t it only to be expected? Still, Sir Guy could be a little–sensitive at times.

“I promise–lots of Guy art, Guy vids, Guy goodness on the schedule for today.” She smiled and tilted her head. “Along with—strawberry rum cake. Moist and flavorful–with a kick.”

Both eyebrows raised, Sir Guy’s mouth curled into a delighted smirk. “Just for me?”

“You betcha.”

Sir Guy swiftly came to her side and pressed a hearty kiss to her forehead. Ladywriter released an inner “squee.”

“I’ll wager HE didn’t get a cake . . .” And with a triumphant grin, Sir Guy strutted out, ready to enjoy a large slice of cake with a milk chaser.

Ladywriter smiled to herself. “Only for you, Sir Guy, only for you . . . my first Armitage hero.” She sighed. “And you’ll always be my first ChaRActer love.”





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  1. Poor Guy so insecure, so jealous please don’t be Guy we all love you. Loved the vid Angie cheered me up no end. The snow arrived as forecast bitterley cold winds, icy, snow likely to be with us at least 4 days flooding in some areas houses without power, schools shut were is spring arrgh!!!! Thank goodness for the gorgeous Dark Knight. Happy Guy Day everyone.

    • My sympathies, Ajdaisy. We have everything except the snow. and Semana Santa starting Sunday, so nothing much will be open for a week anyway.

        • It’s quite chilly and overcast today after a couple of beautiful days–won’t make it into the 60s as forecast, it’s still the mid-40s here. Rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Can’t seem to get very motivated. Need to grab some lunch, walk down to the mailbox and also to climb in shower and wash hair. But what I really want to do is take a nap!

          • Hard to get motivated when it’s cold like this–even with my happy arrival and the good news from my friend about the canvas. Wish I’d thought to ask him sooner–he always does such a terrific job!

    • I can sympathize…mother nature has been a bit moody around here to…negative wind chills, blowing snow…where is that groundhog? I have a bone to pick with him! Good thing the sultan of smoulder is here to warm things up!!

        • I try to be philosophical… “it all balances – mild last year, harsh this year.” kind of thing, but at the moment, my yin is really kicking my yang’s butt! (BTW – I’m still working on that Smoulder Smurf…got a little side tracked – cheating on Sir Guy with Porter …shhh, don’t tell him – either him 😉 )

  2. Aww Sir Guy, you neednt feel neglected. There are plenty of wenches here to stroke your *ahem* ego. You just tell Lady Writer to send that ‘vertically challenged hirsute would-be king” over this way and i will happily stroke his!

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