Guyday Friday: You Bring Out my Naughty Side, My Dark Knight



I don’t think the title of this post really needs much explanation.  We’ll just use some visuals . . .







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  1. Goodness Sir Guy you have made me go a little bit squiggly! *THUD* I simply must try and tear my eyes away, yet I cant seem to find the will power to do so! (and visuals are always good! 😉 )

  2. As someone who became an RA fangirl for Thorin, I am new to the delights of Sir Guy. This blog should be mandatory viewing for every new RA fan! Sir Guy 101! THANK YOU!

    • Hello, Maria, and welcome! Every Friday is, of course, Guyday, and you can always count on tutorials re my personal favorite ChaRACter here (not that a certain hairy dwarf is exactly shabby). You are most welcome. 😀

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