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Thorin The Bad-Ass from Erebor: First Look at DOS



OK, I didn’t get to see the entire event today due to some serious buffering issues. However, thanks to friends and Tolkien geeks out there on the Net, I have seen what is my favorite part: at the very end, Thorin and his company, assembled in a group, with Thorin declaring, “We are the dwarves of Erebor, and we have come to reclaim our homeland!” And you don’t doubt he means every word of it, either. I mean, just take at look at the expression on his face in the screencap above (courtesy of MorrighansMuse at Twitter).   That, ladies and gents, is one bad-ass dwarf.

I do have a clip of the last several minutes of the event (not sure how long it will be around, so peruse it while you can) courtesy of Daily Motion and Bleedingcool.com, which includes that final scene and some other footage including a spooky scene with Gandalf, and a lot of green screen stuff (apparently there is no completed trailer yet). You will catch some additional glimpses of the lovely Thorin.

First Scene From The Hobbit: The Desolation Of… by dm_514f5e7f66d4c

There’s also some interesting blog comments made by Brendon Connell at Bleeding Cool during the live event which help fill in some of the gaps for me.

A couple of thoughts: I think everyone felt the many retakes with Martin in the boat scene were a bit much. Agree with Servetus PJ failed to get his point across about shooting from different perspectives.  Also surprised they didn’t use more fan questions rather than using actor questions. You know that plenty of people had to have submitted questions . . . and I agree with Servetus, that Jed Brophy really is a cutie when you ditch the starfish hairdon’t.

All in all, it seems to have gone pretty well– much better, certainly, than the Twitter debacle.  What did those of you who did get the see the whole thing (or a portion of it) think? Fantabulous, “meh” or somewhere in-between?

(Here’s the link to the blog comments)
And here are some GIFS of Thorin and his men courtesy of Morrighansmuse at Tumblr. They capture what was REALLY important in the whole thing to me, I’d say. 😉



Are You Ready for the Sneak Preview?: Thoughts


As I am sure everyone knows by now, Sir Peter is bringing us a Q&A session and live sneak preview of the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy, Desolation of Smaug (or is that “Schmaug?” 😉 ) this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST today.

If you are planning to participate and haven’t already, I suggest you take a look at this post at TORn, There’s some good info here:



I have mixed feelings about this event. As much as I am eager for any little morsel I can obtain about the next movie(dare I hope for wet roaring Thorin in a barrel??) , it bothers me it is more or less limited to fans here in North America. And since the box office for THAUJ was actually larger overseas than domestically, it seems more than a little unfair. Since I tend to be a champion of inclusivity rather than exclusivity, it dampens some of my enthusiasm. I have already been hacked off about all these “exclusive” extras on the various editions of TH DVD.  I mean, we are loyal and enthusiastic fans, but we ain’t made of money, folks!

Then, of course, there is the ever-present issue of my not-so-high-speed internet. Who knows how it will behave? I can only hope for the best and not stress out over it, as life will go on.  Starting to wax more and more philosophical in my mature years.

Finally, there is the matter of the fact something unpleasant going on in the region of my previously fractured tailbone. We had storms all night long and between arthritis and FMS, this surely played a factor in the pain reaching out to bite me in the–well, you get the idea.

Simply leaning down to pick up a 2-liter bottle from the floor in the kitchen this morning set it off. I hobbled back to the bedroom and my heating pad and popped an aspirin and Aleve. Hoping it eases off soon. 😦

So, are you planning to watch? Thoughts? Rants? Hopes?

(I will be back later, assuming all goes well and I do see it, to talk about the event.)