Thorin The Bad-Ass from Erebor: First Look at DOS



OK, I didn’t get to see the entire event today due to some serious buffering issues. However, thanks to friends and Tolkien geeks out there on the Net, I have seen what is my favorite part: at the very end, Thorin and his company, assembled in a group, with Thorin declaring, “We are the dwarves of Erebor, and we have come to reclaim our homeland!” And you don’t doubt he means every word of it, either. I mean, just take at look at the expression on his face in the screencap above (courtesy of MorrighansMuse at Twitter).   That, ladies and gents, is one bad-ass dwarf.

I do have a clip of the last several minutes of the event (not sure how long it will be around, so peruse it while you can) courtesy of Daily Motion and, which includes that final scene and some other footage including a spooky scene with Gandalf, and a lot of green screen stuff (apparently there is no completed trailer yet). You will catch some additional glimpses of the lovely Thorin.

First Scene From The Hobbit: The Desolation Of… by dm_514f5e7f66d4c

There’s also some interesting blog comments made by Brendon Connell at Bleeding Cool during the live event which help fill in some of the gaps for me.

A couple of thoughts: I think everyone felt the many retakes with Martin in the boat scene were a bit much. Agree with Servetus PJ failed to get his point across about shooting from different perspectives.  Also surprised they didn’t use more fan questions rather than using actor questions. You know that plenty of people had to have submitted questions . . . and I agree with Servetus, that Jed Brophy really is a cutie when you ditch the starfish hairdon’t.

All in all, it seems to have gone pretty well– much better, certainly, than the Twitter debacle.  What did those of you who did get the see the whole thing (or a portion of it) think? Fantabulous, “meh” or somewhere in-between?

(Here’s the link to the blog comments)
And here are some GIFS of Thorin and his men courtesy of Morrighansmuse at Tumblr. They capture what was REALLY important in the whole thing to me, I’d say. 😉



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  1. Like the Twitter event, it’s all over and done with by this morning down here, and once again, it seems like that’s probably a good thing. 😉 As you said Angie, with such huge ticket sales internationally, that WB chose the States only for this event is annoying. I don’t know the technicalities of the whole thing, maybe one country is all that can be managed. Hopefully, some of the footage at least, finds its way into future vlogs.
    The video is down, but at least there are screencaps and gifs -I’m assuming they’re still up on Tumblr- heading over there now to have a look. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling more comfortable now *hugs*

    • Yeah, I think they’ve left the screencaps and GIFs alone, it’s the vids they don’t like. 😉 I had to take some more pain reliever. I got up earlier and journeyed to other end of house to see Benny. Oh, my, that was painful. Had a light snack and meds and trying to relax again. Thanks for the good wishes.

        • Yeah, I think the important stuff was captured. If you don’t care about Martin Freeman repeating the same line over and over or seeing PJ’s James Bond posters, etc. etc. stuff like that, you will be fine. 😉

  2. Couldn’t be seen in Canada either – at least when I tried to find it later! I couldn’t be at home when it was on live. Oh well, like you said Mezz, we will have to hope someone shares it or PJ puts it on a vlog. It really is too bad of WB to limit it, when sales for THAUJ and the DVD’s etc have and will come from all over the world. I think their view is very short-sighted as this is no way to encourage fans.

    • Yeah, I am a bit disgruntled over how certain things are being handled. It’s as if they want to take full advantage of us at every turn and assume we’ll just take it . . . and it seems we will. Like Pavlov’s dogs, someone said.

      • I said the bit about Pavlov’s dogs because I sure felt like one, waiting for the live feed to begin and then waiting and waiting for the damn “sneak peek” to happen. It’s nice to see the many takes of Martin Freeman but really, six freaking times of the same scene – we’re not watching it to go to film school or anything – we’re supposed to be waiting for a sneak peek.

        After almost an hour, they then show that last clip with Thorin and “dwarves of erebor” and I thought, they sure waited till the last minute to show it. But before that we had to deal with inside jokes about the Colbert mug (like I really care about whether it washes off at the dishwasher), what PJ had hanging in his bedroom during his teen years (and no, I did not really want to know that) and whatever else BUT what we sat there for an hour to see.

        Anyway, all clips out there, including mine of the dwarves of erebor have been taken down and I’m off to copyright school – complete with multiple choice questions to answer.

        • Hey, sweetie, yeah, that’s right. I really wanted to take a nap this afternoon but no, I felt I had to stay up and then the whole frustration with the buffering. And really, most of it I could truly have lived without (well, all of it, actually, but I did so want to see any new footage of Thorin).

          It was overkill with Martin, and I haven’t heard anybody say they liked that Colbert thing so glad I missed it, frankly. I didn’t need to know about Raquel Welch, either or some of the other crapuh stuff.

          Lots of people on Twitter seemed to absolutely love every minute judging by retweets, but then I jokingly told my husband some would get excited over a rusty nail if Sir Peter was involved. To which he replied, “Oh, you wouldn’t if it were Richard Armitage?”

          “Yeah, but there would be a good reason for the rusty nail if Richard were involved!” Not that I am biased or anything. 😉

          • I sort of live blogged while it was going on, too, but it was the aftertaste that I hated when it was all over. That I was sold nothing of value – except about 16 seconds of Thorin announcing their presence in Laketown. Sure there were other things, too – Luke Evans, Lee Pace, Evangeline Lilly, Stephen Fry, Orlando Bloom – but these things really belonged in a vlog, not a sneak peek – and because of that, I could not get rid of that nasty aftertaste at all.

            • Yeah, I have to agree. Nothing really–I don’t know–of what I was hoping for, other than those few precious seconds of my favorite dwarf. A lot of that could have been saved for a vlog. I find myself trying harder and harder to just lessen my expectations of these events. Oh my gosh, we’ve still got more than a year and a half of this heavy marketing (more so at certain times, of course, than others) . . . Feelings really mixed at this point. Wondered if part of it was not feeling well today. Pain can make me crotchety . . . oh, well, c’est la vie.

              • I hope you’re feeling a lot better. I have nothing to complain about health wise so I’m just griping merely because – well, I actually have something to gripe about LOL. But I’m taking a step away from the WB/PJ juggernaut that is marketing and wait for the movie to roll into the theaters. That is, until the next meaty bone WB/PJ dangle in front of me…

              • I wish I could say I was feeling much better, but not yet.As long as I can avoid the torturous pain I experienced after breaking my tailbone in 2011, I will have that consolation. That was absolutely no fun at all.

                The wind is howling and it’s turning much colder tonight, so another big atmospheric shift after all the rain and endless thunderstorms overnight. Now yawning my head off, so hoping I will sleep better and maybe feel much better in the AM. *fingers and toes crossed*

                I feel like I should step back a bit too, it’s not as if I don’t have other things to focus on in life, but as to whether I actually will–*sighs and shakes head*

              • Believe me, I know all too well what you mean. We’ve had another temperature plunge today and are expecting snow/rain tonight and tomorrow. It’s getting harder to breathe and when you can hear me at all, I sound like a giant frog. Next step is hooking up the vaporizer and hoping for the best.

              • ah, two of my most vivid memories of childhood are the scent of Vick’s VapoRub and the hissing sound of the vaporizer. Hope it helps and you feel better soon.

              • Thanks. Leave it to me to get almost to the end (I hope) of winter to catch a major case of the grunge. Drat that groundhog!

  3. Well, sorry guys, but looks like all the vid clips have been blocked by WB on copyright grounds. Figured that might happen. Maybe they will post something soon they will us all see. 😉

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