Marshmallows & Pain & Thorin: Pre-Dawn Musings from Fedoralady


So the latest “must-see-but you can’t if you don’t have the secret decoder ring nanny, nanny boo-boo” event has come and gone and Lord knows what we will be subjected to in the coming months as bits and bobs of the second film of The Hobbit trilogy are dangled before us like the proverbial carrot.  Yes, my friend Velvet of Morrighan’s Muse, Pavlov’s dogs have been located, and we, apparently, are the salivating pack.  We may hate ourselves in the morning, but we will feverishly do our best to gobble up every morsel we can glean of whatever they throw at us tonight.

You know what? I don’t really care about elves (sorry, never consumed by ardor for Legolas, too pretty for my tastes, and now Thranduil has pissed me off seriously by getting in my dwarf king’s personal space) or dragons (even if voiced by a talented actor who looks inexplicably like an otter and speaks the Queen’s English quite beautifully).  I am awake again in the wee hours and in pain.  Listening to the wind still roaring a bit outside, I am eating marshmallows, of all things (at least they are fat-free),  my heating pad back on, seeking some sort of relief.

Lots of emotions running through me right now. I am angry at my body for letting me down yet again,  and a bit miffed with Warner Brothers for what I perceive is greed and a certain lack of respect for fans,  and feeling oddly defensive of my Thorin/RA and irrationally angry at the thought of Bard or Thranduil or anyone else stealing his magnificent thunder.  Call me crazy–you wouldn’t be the first–but that’s the way I feel.

So let’s look at Thorin, shall we? Maybe this will take me to my happy place. If nothing else, it will give you something nice to swoon/chuckle over.

Update: Apparently Warner Brothers has hired lawyers to go against screen shots taken of the Hobbit Live Event. Hearing thsi, I have even less love for them. Now they’ll come up with a Super Duper Extra Extended Edition with actual DNA of the cast members to help pay the exorbitant lawyer fees. Give me a freakin’ break . . .







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  1. So sorry you are not well Angie ! I totally agree with you. WB “joue avec nos pieds” as we say in French and abuse our patience

    • Thank you, sweetheart. I really do find this whole thing “sticking in my craw” as the saying goes here. And now for the studio to go after screen shots as well as video! What harm is that really doing them?! The next thing you know they will be asking bloggers who commented on the unfolding images of their “special event” to take down their thoughts. Just doesn’t sit well with me AT ALL.

  2. Yes, Thorin takes me to a happy place, too. I feel like that marmalade cat, purring as I look at pictures of Thorin. Thank you for these.

    Re. “… a bit miffed with Warner Brothers for what I perceive is greed and a certain lack of respect for fans, and feeling oddly defensive of my Thorin/RA and irrationally angry at the thought of Bard or Thranduil or anyone else stealing his magnificent thunder”, I am more than a bit miffed and I don’t think it’s odd to feel defensive. I go “Grrr” especially when I see WB has dangled these ridiculous and costly tidbits as if Thorin were not the one who is responsible for pulling so much attention. If it weren’t for Richard portraying Thorin, I would not go to any trouble to see the films (and I don’t thnk I’m alone). Sorry, Sir Peter, but without Richard/Thorin, Middle Earth just isn’t enough for me.

    • I posted a snide comment at Twitter asking WB if they were now going to send lawyers after bloggers for sharing their thoughts on their latest “special event.” I think it is effing ridiculous for them to try to make everyone take down screenshots as well as video snippets. Who do they think they are, anyway? God??

      At least I know I am not the only one bothered by all this. Nothing against Lee or Luke or Benedict or whomever, all actors just doing their jobs, but Richard really gave that film (and will give the trilogy) something extra it wouldn’t have had otherwise. Well, for one thing, ME spending my money on theatre tickets, DVDs, books and merchandise. Otherwise—no. Thorin IS the soul of the films. Thanks for making everyone wait until the bloody end of the “sneak peek” to really see anything of him.

      • Take down screenshots as well as video snippets? Bloody arrogant idiots. Don’t they realize that by leaving well enough alone that they are raising their profile and potentially increasing their customers and thus their profits? It’s free advertising. The whole point is to lure people, to get them to desire the product enough to part with their hard-earned cash. If WB marketing people are this thick, WB deserves to go under.

        I have nothing against the other actors, either. They earn their keep, like others involved in making the film. Still, I agree that Thorin is the soul of the trilogy. To make people wait for the tiny little snippet at the end of the “sneak peek”, then threaten bloggers, that is so ludicrously wrong, an insult to their potential audience.

        • I’m not doing it, what little I have put up. I told Benny about this and he said, “But isn’t this supposed to be about the fans and getting people interested in the next film and everything? It’s free promotion for their product. I mean, actually piracy for profit is one thing, this is something else.”

          Exactly, this is something else, and TPTB at WB need to get it into their thick heads we are not the enemy. When I saw that about hiring lawyers to go after screencappers I really saw red. As someone said, “Oh, THAT’s a great use of their money.” How about sinking some dollars into completing “Black Sky” starring that charismatic actor who wowed so many in one of their few true box office hits??

          I feel insulted and belittled and disrespected by them, personally.

          • No kidding. What is the matter with them that they think they can afford to insult, harass, and belittle potential customers, but can’t put money into getting “Black Sky” finished and distributed? Who holds WB stock? Isn’t it about time they called a shareholders’ meeting and let the shareholders decide to oust TPTB or not?

      • It’s not as Richard’s fan contributed to a large portion of the money that TH has made! I would have gone once anyway, but not twice. I certainly wouldn’t have purchased the DVD/Blueray so soon.

    • I’m with you, Leigh. I have not seen LOTR, and I probably wouldn’t have paid (certainly not twice) to see The Hobbit without RA as Thorin. And I agree that all this marketing hype with its restrictions and failures to deliver is disrespectful and insulting to fans. But we do have the power to, as Nancy Reagan once said, JUST SAY NO, and I have. I will buy.a DVD of The Hobbit when I am good and ready, and I will pay to see the rest of rhe trilogy because RA Is starring in it, not because of PJ’s and WB’s marketing shenanigans. I know Angie will keep me posted on anything really significant in the RA world.

      So sorry you’re feeling bad, Angie. I never knew how bad a “pain in the butt” can be until I had a whopper of a literal one. Now I realize that figuratively, that expression is a severe insult. Bon Courage! Have you heard of an inversion table? Mine is continuing to work miracles for me and my back, including previously broken tailbone. Go to They are expensive new, but can be bought on eBay for much less. Other brands are less expensive. I use it daily for 20 minutes, to music, and voila! Back in the land of the functioning! And my orthopedic surgeon said he had no treatments left for me but surgery. I just said No.

      • What worries me now is just how much of RA will we get when the next film is hawked? I fear he will be shuffled to the background. Will he even be at Comic-Con this summer or be part of the press junket at end of year? Or will it be all about Cumberbatch and Pace and Evans? He’s committed a good chunk of his life to these films and why do I have this fear he’s coming out on the losing end of things? I feel so terribly down right now about the whole thing.

        As for my back, this ties in somehow to the accident that broke the tailbone and lingering issues and the FMS doesn’t help. I have no insurance so no sort of surgery would be in the cards for me if I wanted to, which I don’t. Heard to many horror stories about how various spinal surgeries have gone wrong.

        Just trying to rest it, use heat and hope it gets better soon.

        Sorry I sound so gloomy, I just have a lot dancing around in my head at present.

        • I’m so sorry, but you needed apologize for the gloominess. Pain can make anyone a “gloomy Gus”, and then there’s all the rest of it, thanks to rotten weather and insomnia and their misbegotten partners in crime.

          I was lucky with my spinal surgery. I am so grateful that I had a remarkable, gifted neurosurgeon who did a splendid job, who saved me from being crippled for the rest of my life. I wish I could wave a magic wand and either (1) make you all better or (2) give you an all-expense-paid trip to Seattle to see my doctor.

          I thought it was just me imagining that Richard was getting short shrift here. I hope we’re wrong.

          • Thanks, I just feel so pessimistic and sarcastic and positively stroppy today. I really was blindsided by this last “attack of the tailbone” or whatever it is and lack of refreshing rest isn’t helping.

            I know I am terribly protective of RA and his characters in certain ways and I just can’t bear to think of him not being treated as he deserves. And that whole sneak peek thing just didn’t sit right for me. It really didn’t. I find myself wishing he did have something else on the books, even if it’s not an RIII project or something along those lines. Just–something decent. A television role in a good project.

        • My mom was scared to death about spinal surgery. However, she was in so much pain and housebound, so she did it. She has an 8 inch metal rod in her back and artificial vertebrae. It was a definite success. Now, the vertebrae on the top and bottom are disintegrating! So she may have to get more done. She’s already the bionic woman with the back and both hip replacements. I hope that you get relief with your pain. It’s really a tough way to live.

            • Vitamin D is also very important. Those with back and/or bone problems need to have D levels checked periodically and may need Rx supplementation. Calcium isn’t absorbed properly without enough Vitamin D.

              • For sure! My calcium supplement has added D so I’ve always gotten some! But last year, my endocrinologist tested my levels of vitamin D and has me taking an extra 2000 mg each day. Part of our problem, too, is that we both have Hasimoto’s hypothyroidism and can’t take any calcium within 4 hours of our medication.

  3. Sorry you are not feeling well. I am sick too and cannot see the doctor until Wednesday. Boo!
    I am shocked that they are going after the fans, but they are not the only ones. This weekend a blogger over at Tumblr told us he was being forced to take down his awesome Downton Abbey blog because the studio had had the lawyers send him a cease and desist order due to copyright infringement. The guy was promoting the show! He didn’t have ads on his blog, he wasn’t making any money from it. He had put hours and hours into helping them out and that was how they repaid him. I think he should have gotten a thank you letter with a trip to meet the cast. Seriously, I feel like you. It’s not right to treat the fans that way. I was shocked that Richard was not one of the people who spoke yesterday. I know Martin is filming Sherlock, so I can fully understand why he wouldn’t be there or participate (although that is still not an excuse – he could have recorded his message). However, what is Richard doing except preparing to go back to Erebor? It was a big letdown. At least my streaming feed was perfect. I hope you get well soon!

    • I love using the ones with the dogs and cats. An extra degree of adorableness on top of Mr. Armitage. Speaking of adorableness, my three-legged cat is whiffling in her sleep in the cutest way on the pillow beside me.

  4. If you haven’t tried this, Angie, you should–a friend of mine who is aware of the fibromyalgia and back problems I have had for many, many years sent me some “Frankincense and Myrrh” oil, which has been a huge help. I’ve mainly used it for my knees and hands, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work well for your back. An added plus is that it smells nice–and if you can’t reach all of the painful areas yourself, I’m sure your husband can help. Also, you don’t have to use massive amounts, so it lasts quite a while.

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