At this point, it’s still just a rumor for me.


From Caroline Frost at the Huffington Post UK, March 25, 2013:

Much-loved spy drama ‘Spooks’ could make the move to the big screen, with one of its stars revealing that there is a script in the works, being penned by the original writers of the hit series.

“There is a script kind of in the machine,” HuffPostUK has learned from actor Peter Firth, who played MI5 chief Harry Pearce throughout the ten series of the popular drama.

“They should make it,” he adds. “It’s not like it’s a gamble with this one. But it costs a lot, and there’s not a lot of money to go round at the moment.”

This would suit Firth, who previously told HuffPostUK that he wished for a happier ending for his character with longtime colleague and barely-expressed love – Ruth Evershed, played by Nicola Walker. Viewers of the series finale in October 2011 watched goggle-eyed, as Ruth became one of Spooks’ huge number of agents to fall for her country, or in the actors’ case, the dramatic storyline.

This article has been buzzing around on Twitter for a couple of days and been blogged about on a few occasions, too. But the more I think about it, the less I get excited about it. Hasn’t this rumor been floating around for quite a while?


Saying “there is a script kind of in the machine” doesn’t exactly equate to “yes, we ARE making a Spooks movie.” And considering the continuing economic woes, the likelihood of more money to go around for such a film seems unlikely.  Do we want to see something done on the super-cheap?

Would I love to see my favorite spy Lucas North in a film? Sure I would. But we have no idea who would be included in the cast if and when the film was made.  While Richard has expressed some enthusiasm for returning to the role, is he genuinely interested at this stage of the game or simply being polite, agreeable RA?

Since Firth is talking about wanting a “happier ending” for Harry and Ruth–who died in the final ep of the series–that can only happen if they do some sort of flashback. That, or have this become Spooks: The Zombie Files. Or possibly Spooks: The Vampire Chronicles.  All the dead spooks are really undead, you see . . .

Perhaps die-hard Spooks fans will be pleased to see any combination of cast members (dead or undead) come together for a film version.  Truthfully, being more of Richard Armitage/Lucas aficionado than a Spooks fan (although I have seen almost the entire series, sans some of the earlier eps and series 10), I am not one of them.

And a lot depends on the storyline. Naturally, IF RA was involved, I’d want a lot of Lucas.  Frankly, if I had to sit through much more UST between Ruth and Harry, I would feel like doing dire things to myself, as much as I like Nicola Walker as an actress.

Now, as I have mentioned elsewhere, Lucas, alive and well and appearing in a shower scene, scrubbing up to “Love in an Elevator,” would definitely draw me into the audience. 😀

Anyway, while it’s a fun idea to toss around, I just can’t take Spooks: The Movie seriously for now.

What I would like to see is Black Sky get finished and distributed.  We know that one will feature our Richard! And if not in a shower, then wet. 😉

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  1. I totally agree! At first i was very excited, but then after discovering through *spoilers* (Aggrh) that Lucas North came to a sad end (can i really bear to watch series 9!?) and that the movie would have to be a ‘prequel’ type scenario, then the less likely I think it will happen. And, to be frank, if Lucas isnt in it then I wouldnt go and see it! (I too feel a Ruth/Harry love story would make me claw my eyes out!) BUT… Lucas as a sexy vampire? Complete with white shirt and stubble? Now that is something I could get excited about.

    • LOL I could get into Lucas as a vampire. He already had that otherworldly look going for him in the series with the pale skin and dark hair and piercing blue eyes. I got so sick of the whole Harry/Ruth thing I wanted to scream for them to go ahead and get a room already. It just got old. *sigh*

      • Well, a vampire would probably survive (?) the end of S9, so there you go. Now, all we need is a decent script and some financing…

  2. These things are always best aken with a grain of salt. There’s been a persistent ROME movie rumor for years now. Much as I’d like to see Lucas shake off the horror of John Bateman, I’m not holding my breath. Black Sky however…can’t wait to hear RA’s American accent!

    • One might say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. At least Black Sky has been made–it’s a lot closer to being on screens than a Spooks film. And I’d like to see him playing another character, too–a new character.

  3. I’m with you. Enough with the rumours. Do it or shut up about it! Anyway, I hope Richard’s American accent has improved from the time he says he auditioned for a part here in the US and the casting director said: ‘That was great. Now, can you do it with an American accent?’ EEEK! No way they would have cast him this time if he didn’t have the accent down, right? Besides, the Oklahoman accent is a Southern accent – that is another challenge. Anyway, yes, please, WET!Richard would be very nice, indeed. I hope the movie doesn’t go straight to video!

  4. I’m joining the chorus. A rumour is just that, not anything substantial. And yeah, “Lucas, alive and well and appearing in a shower scene, scrubbing up to “Love in an Elevator,” would definitely draw me into the audience.” I would much rather certain parties got their act together, finished post-production, and released and distributed “Black Sky”. Give us something real. Give us Richard doing what he does best.

  5. It’s a total rumor. And you guys are taking this all way too seriously. Talking about him being in the movie — it’s called hype. Who knows, if there is enough interest, they might consider him, and that would be a good thing whether he ends up in the cast or not. I have other thoughts on this as well as I always do about Spooks. LOL!

    • Uhmmmmmm– that WAS my point, people are taking this way too seriously. You know, it’s why I joked about Lucas shower scenes and vampire spooks and zombies (although a spoof of spooks could be pretty funny). Still would rather see Black Sky become a reality on screen than any Spooks movie TBPH. I think Peter just needed something to talk about and figured dredging up that old rumor would work. 😉

      • My bad, and I’m blaming my inability to see you were being humorous on my lack of caffeine this morning. It’s a miracle I can type without it. : D I am grinning, but that’s a true statement. I’m almost useless without half a pot.

        • LOL! Well, that explains it. I didn’t think I was being overly subtle. 😉 I have a huge mug of coffee myself on this cold LA morning.

          I need to call the bank to figure out where the new checks (it was bought out by another bank and all the account numbers have changed) they were supposed to send have ended up and need to be fully cognizant before I attempt conversation. We got new debit card so just hoping they failed to mail checks as some others are missing theirs, and they are not in someone else’s pocket. :-/

          I have to say, the idea of Ros as a kick-ass vampire is becoming more and more appealing . . . You know Hermione could bring it. Just sayin’. . . 😉

          • I hate it when the banks change hands. At least they don’t make you pay for the new checks, or shouldn’t. And I could not even function for banking right now. No way.

            Ros as kick-ass vampire would be great. LOL!

            • This bank has changed names a couple of times but this is the first time it’s changed hands and we’ve had to get new cards, checks, etc. It is a pain. I write very few checks–I use my debit card most of time–but there are a few bills we still have to pay archaic way. 😉 Water, for example. I am visualizing Ros snapping, “Don’t waste my time!” then flashing those fangs before sinking them into some hapless victim. Oooh, Sarah Caulfield . . .

              • NOooooo, that would mean Sarah is immortal. *gag* : D

                I also still have to pay my water bill with a check. I mention this to TPTB about every other time I pay it, which I do in person since I pass the town hall every day. I do not want to spend the money on a stamp too!

              • Nah, just kill her, don’t turn her. I count on Ros to do it right. I’d never want that creature around forever, it was bad enough for, what, seven eps?? LOL

                Our water comes from a community in the next county. We have no reason to go there (opposite direction of our hometown), it’s 20 minutes away, so we HAVE to mail it in, basically. Just not convenient. But at least we don’t have to pump our own as we did in the old days when I was growing up. That water rusted everything but my golly, it certainly tasted wonderful. Full of minerals.

              • Re. Ros, yes, I’d trust her to just have some lunch and toss the leavings in an incinerator, no problem.

                Condolences on the bank hassle. Been there, done that, and it wasn’t fun.

                Water: Would it be worth redrilling the well and installing a pump, maybe a filter? I know people here who are still using well water and a pump Some are on generators; others use a gasoline engine. We don’t have Briggs &Stratton here, but you get the idea. If the water tests okay, this could be a solution.

              • Ros always rocks. 😉 Finally got in touch with bank, and they apparently sent the checks and slips Friday, which means they simply haven’t gotten to us yet. And we can use the existing BT checks until they arrive. The old pump we had growing up ran with electricity, which meant when we lost power, we also lost water. There was no backup generator . . . which makes me wonder, but did my parents do with the chicken houses when the weather knocked out the power?! Hmmmm.

  6. My feelings at this point are for Pete’s sake, work on getting “Black Sky” finished and released!!! What’s the hold-up, people? It’s a very different role for our boy, we already know he’s the main show (well, okay, we knew that anyway), and after the “Charlie” debacle (still smarting over that one, thank you very much), I’d far rather have the sure thing. Again, the James Cameron connection could surely scare up some funding somewhere.

  7. I’m 100% with you 🙂 if they wanted to make a Spooks film, they shouldn’t have killed off practically every interesting character in the ten series of the show 🙂

    • Exactly! Someone said they’d have to start with the aftermath of Spooks 10. Let’s see–we’ve got Harry and Dimitri (?) and Guy’s crazy little sister (can’t remember character’s name since I didn’t watch). Sorry, doesn’t seem too promising to me. 😉

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