Last Round of Tuesday Blue Eyes: He’s Simply Irresistible








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  1. Very nice pictures indeed. O.K. I am going to bed now, maybe. Just one more look. One can never tire of looking at Richard.

      • I got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep and cursed self at 5:00 am my time. Was off to work, Easter food shopping make supper, put all the shopping away, wash sheets, take bath, talk to husband after he came home from training and now 23 hours later I am back finally. Lucky for me we are off school and are on spring break, so I can spend a few minutes just looking. I most days ask myself why I don’t go to bed earlier at 5:00 am only to turn around and do it again that night.

          • I have been known to say sleep, who needs sleep! OK yes I do and since I am now on the tail end of a cold or spring really is here and my allergies are playing up I do need some. No getting up at 5:00am tomorrow for anything. I will most likely wake up (out of habit ) but not getting up. As for the break, haha, that’s funny. On Friday son 2 will have his BF over or home for Easter ( his family had to move to another state for jobs) I will spoil him with treats but he is like another son to us. On Sunday I will make Easter dinner the whole meal so it will be an early morning, I have been saving 2 new audiobooks that Richard has read and that will make the time go easier and make it fun. Just to here Richard read a story is great. I will start tomorrow with the prep and finish on Friday making the homemade Polish sausage, it is a family recipe that came from Poland. With all this stuff to do I still have to do my homework that is due for my class on Monday night. I will get to sleep in all but Sunday, as I need to get up early to get all the work done. Can’t forget that Saturday night Dr. Who is also be back on BBCA for the new shows, it is a big deal in our house. I hope I got all the shopping done today or maybe just a few things at most.

  2. Well, that has definitely fixed my little red wagon for the rest of the night–just kidding! To sleep, perchance to dream about a pair of gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, sweet smile from my favorite guy–at this point, I would give a great deal just to feel a little better. To borrow a phrase from the Carpenters, “I’ve gotta see your sweet, sweet smile every day”–hopefully as many times as possible.

  3. And then there are the days when he’s about the only thing (other than my kitties, of course) that makes things better. By the way, love that second photo–the expression makes me want to laugh!

  4. Lovely night cap! I keep trying to focus on those eyes, but if ther is an open collar, I cannot help but stray to that irresistible little dusting of hair at the base of his neck…. *guh*. Sweet dreams ahead 🙂

  5. That crack at Elijah at the end was cruel, but funny as heck! Oh, my gosh! I seriously don’t know how your husband doesn’t get jealous. He’s a saint! 😉

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