Sweet Tuesday Blue Eyes: Artwork & Fanvid



“He’s got eyes like the bluest skies . . .”

Pale blue eyes with a distinct limbus ringing the irises, which are very changeable in color. Incandescent blue at times, stormy grey-blue at others, fringed in those plentiful lashes, framed by expressive masculine brows. Blue eyes that turn nearly black, a crystalline green and even tan at times; tender, sweet, sad, angry, sorrowful, amused, vengeful, bleak. . . . beautiful.






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  1. Sweet child o’ mine really grabbed me! It’s wonderful! Will it be on YouTube? It didn’t come up when I tried. Hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for the goodies!

    • Glad you liked! It’s playing fine on this end, Lynne. Might be one of those YT glitches, they do happen from time to time. And yes, I am moving easier, thanks. I fixed my own breakfast this morning. I have to be very careful to only bend straight up and down–any bending/twisting is a NO NO. Gonna try to walk out to the mailbox later after it comes and it warms up a bit more. A very chilly spring morning here, dropped below freezing last night.

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing a bit better. Carefully, carefully, now; you know the drill.

    These pictures are so spellbinding, it’s hard to look away.

    • I am being very careful. Sunday set off alarm bells because I haven’t hurt in that particular manner since recovering from the accident. Brought back very painful memories. He has such beautiful, expressive eyes. If they are the windows of the soul, surely Mr. A has a truly lovely soul.

  3. Thanks again for this blog, I love to admire your graphics daily. 🙂
    Last week I read a blog explaining when Margaret knew that she has fallen in love with Mr.T, but now it seems I have lost the name or link to that. So I will put this here, I hope you would like it: a very interesting paper is doing the rounds of economics blogs.
    “How the Mid-Victorians Worked, Ate and Died”
    Analysis of the mid-Victorian period in the U.K. reveals that life expectancy at age 5 was as good or better than exists today, and the incidence of degenerative disease was 10% of ours. Their levels of physical activity and hence calorific intakes were approximately twice ours. They had relatively little access to alcohol and tobacco; and due to their correspondingly high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables, they consumed levels of micro- and phytonutrients at approximately ten times the levels considered normal today. This paper relates the nutritional status of the mid-Victorians to their freedom from degenerative disease; and extrapolates recommendations for the cost-effective improvement of public health today.”

  4. I read your comments, hope you get better soon!!! My mom has similar problems, and I wish you fast recovery! 😀 But anyways, you’re so right-his eyes do change!!! I never quite realized it before, but they DO shift hue depending on the lighting and/or what he’s wearing. OH, he is so gorgeous… Those keen eyes, paired with that dark hair. *sigh*

    • Thanks, sweetheart, slowly but surely. My own eyes change colors–from blue to green and grey–but not nearly as much as Mr. A’s do. I mean, they even went TAN in some scenes from Strike Back, picking up on the desert colors, as well as that lovely crystalline green. He’s a chameleon, that man. 😉

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