Lucas, More Light than Dark



I have to joke about Series 9, otherwise I tend to cry. Oh, well. Lucas was, is, and will always be a hero to me, a complex one, damaged by those years of torture and deprivation, plaintively longing for a relationship that was long since over with his ex-wife, struggling to find his place in the world and to regain the trust of his colleagues–flawed, damaged, but a HERO, nonetheless. Loyal to his country, concerned about colleagues, kind to young folks in trouble like Dean. Cerebral, resourceful, a deep thinker with the soul of a poet.

And what a handsome and stylish fellow he is. So attractive in his Belstaff jackets and snug-fitting jeans, in the Pete pinstripes with the power red tie, the dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes, deepened by the cool-toned sets and lighting on the show, giving him an otherworldly beauty.





Oh, and he’s also quite fetching when he’s not wearing a lot of clothes . . . just sayin.’



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  1. You know my views on Spooks S9. Lucas is a hero, at last SND and living happily ever after in the multiple alternative universes of fan fic. I can’t look at these pictures without sighing. “Falling in love again, never wanted to, can’t help it …”

    • Yes, thank goodness things are happy for Lucas now in the Land of the SND, living a myriad of alternate existences all much better than what the scriptwriters chose to give him. *sigh*

  2. Lucas was, is, and will always be a hero; will never understand why the writers chose to twist and turn things into that ridiculous back story in the end. That wasn’t done with anyone else!

    • I’ve been reading up on the story line and watching some vids on YT, and I’m getting the gist of the plot since I can’t watch the series yet. I don’t get it, it’s like this whole hidden history came out of nowhere and he lost his honor and integrity. Those writers… Grrr….. I saw the end of S9 where he and Harry are on the top of the building and it brought me to genuine tears!!! I honestly don’t know what’s up with people… D: But Lucas is LUCAS, and that means an honorable hero!

      • His character went through so much–horrendous torture, 8 years of brutalization and deprivation, coming back to nothing, having to prove himself all over again, then out of nowhere we’re supposed to believe he’s this whole other person who has nothing in common with Lucas North as we know him? What are we, idiots? NOT!

        • That angers me! I mean, I take it as mujertropical said-an insult to our intelligence. It makes me sad and mad at the same time 😦

        • The fact that they thought we’d swallow all this hook, line and sinker was a definite insult to my intelligence. I sat there laughing at some scenes. The one where the baby Spooks were supposedly trailing Lucas through the London streets? “Lucas” was far too short, wrong build, wrong walk, wrong everything to be Lucas!? How observant were the Intelligence Officers Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight?!

      • “Out of nowhere”–exactly. They tossed aside everything established about the character and gave us this ridiculous soap opera plot that was a complete disconnect from the past series. I still think those writers were trying to prove something–“look at what we can do, how clever we are, how we can take the show where it’s never been before!” Yeah, right. *snort of disgust*

    • I know, even though Tom Quinn was thought at one point to be a baddie and had to go on the run, it was nothing like the hatchet job done on RA. As best as I can recall, everyone else who was a lead got to leave alive or die in a heroic sort of fashion. Except Lucas. 😦

  3. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the whole of S9…it just spiraled out of control in terms of even remote plausibility. I like to pretend it was all just a nightmare that Lucas wakes up from after he’s saved the realm for the gogillionth time. 😉

    • That makes more sense than what TPTB wrote, Obscura. As I’ve mentioned before, I see S9 as simply RA’s audition tape for the Richard III project.

    • Wakes up, and pops into the a nice, steamy shower to sing “Love in an Elevator” only to be joined by a sexy blonde (NOT Sarah Caulfield) who isn’t dead either. 😉

  4. Season 9 was a slap in the face to the fans. It was an insult to our intelligence and full character assassination of the hero we had seen for two full seasons. NO WAY was Lucas a traitor or a mass murderer. Was it an acting tour de force for Richard? Sure, but it was completely ludicrous! Ugh.

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