When will it all get sorted out? ‘Black Sky,’ WB & Rhythm & Hues



Black Sky producer Todd Garner tweeted a link to this article today:


Sounds as if this could be a drawn-out affair. *sigh*


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  1. Welcome to Hollyweird, dear Richard–this frosts me to no end. I want to see this movie and I don’t really care about Warner Bros. disagreements (this legalese stuff never makes any sense to me, anyway). If the company it was contracted out to can’t fulfill the contract, it should be canceled and transferred to a company that can. Do these people honestly NOT GET the huge fan base Richard has and how many people they are messing with? AAAARRGGGGGHHHH!

  2. I really don’t get it – the film is 90% in the can from what we’ve heard and WB need to get it into the cinemas in order to recoup their capital expenditure. Just do it Guys! Stop arguing and paying lawyers exorbitant fees and have some common sense – if the current SFX company can’t do it, cut your losses and get someone else to.



      • You know – it’s a question i ask myself every day Stephanie; my colleague and I often lament that we don’t rule the world (or even our organisation) because if we did, a lot of the bullsh*t would be eradicated.

        • I just wish I understood the legal ramifications of it all better; Warner’s seems to be arguing R&H don’t own those VFX and therefore can’t auction them as part of this deal. Well, who do they belong to? If this gets into additional lawsuits Lord knows how long the whole thing could be. Poor Todd Garner. I Tweeted him and said I know it must be frustrating with things simply out of your control. And it’s three films being held up by all this, so three times the cast/crew affected by this.

          I watched “Dracula 2000” earlier and guess who did the VFX? Yep, R&H.

          • Thanks for tweeting Mr. Garner with your sympathies. Because I worked primarily with government contracts, the rules I know are different. However, if the contract was terminated, as WB claims, R&H would typically be obligated to hand over whatever they had produced prior to termination, with no continuing rights, intellectual or otherwise, in the product. (I saw this occur on a project where a company’s contract was terminated for cause, and my firm was hired to help clean up the mess.) If those were the terms, then there is nothing to stop WB handing the materials to another firm to complete the project, regardless of R&H’s bankruptcy status.

  3. I couldn’t care less if this film never gets released. I just hope RA got paid well. The only thing that is of interest with regard to this is if he manages to do a good American accent. If not it is better the world never hears it anyway.

    But I think they will sort it out some way. IIRC they have invested $40m in Michigan alone, this is not a cheap movie and they won’t want to put it on the shelf. Two other high profile movies are affected as well, and they will sort it out for the sake of those, if not BS. BTW I still do not agree that RA’s fanbase is a market force for whom it would be profitable to release BS. This movie is mostly aimed at male teenagers I would think.

    • It’s mainly a story of a father and his sons, with the storm as background. I can see how the special effects might appeal to a younger crowd, but there are many of us who would go to see Richard read the phone book dressed in a garbage bag if that was his odd inclination. I, too, hope he was well paid for his work on this film, regardless of the outcome of all the legal stuff–but I still would like to see the film.

  4. This film was important for Richard to prove his capability as an leading actor in an American made film. This film is the first full features US film for Richard and it would show his versitality as an actor. I do care that this film is being held up in legal wranglings! Black Sky shows his raw acting talent without all the hair, makeup, prosthetic face and muscles, etc. It is pure Richard in his own skin proving his depth and capability as an leading actor! This film appeals to American audiences and particularly to families. It has an universal appeal due to so many recent natural disasters across the country.

    • I absolutely agree. This is a very important film for Richard in that it will demonstrate once and for all what we’ve known all along–that his appeal is universal, his talent is a force of nature, and he is very, very bankable in terms of projects. I hate that it comes down to that (reality shows anyone? Also known in my house as the demise of American television), but this is the United States and unfortunately. everything comes down to the Almighty Dollar in the end–and TPTB need to be made aware of the fact that this man is a model of what most of us want our movie stars to be. The movie needs to be completed and released for the benefit of Richard’s career–it is very important for him.

  5. This is an important film for Richard. Black Sky is his first full feature American film where he is the leading actor. This film is a vehicle for him to show his raw acting talent without the makeup, prosthetic face and muscles and it demonstrates to an American audience and film executives his versatility with accents and roles. Black Sky is an family film and that is a major selling point in the US market. The Hobbit has not opened many doors of opportunities for him in the US. Black Sky will appeal to the youth market, families, US cable networks and other US bases TV networks. I definitely want this film to be released and not tied up in legal wrangling. Since Starring in Strike Back, British actor, Andrew Lincoln has established a very successful career in the US with HBO network and Richard is striving for similar success in US films.

  6. A musician friend got embroiled in something like this. He and 2 other people created this beautiful album and the management company paid him $2K for his work with the stipulation of added royalties when the album sold. Then the mgmt co filed for bankruptcy and they never got a dime even though the album sold very well on amazon and even brick and mortar stores. But that is the reality of legalese that bind just about anything we do these days. Once the SFX company filed for bankruptcy, anything that was in their hands is stuck in limbo till the company is bought or they make it out of bankruptcy by raising their own money.
    It’s unfortunate that WB is playing hardball by not extending $17 mil (forgot the real amount from the article) plus change minimum for each of the 3 movies that are sitting in the SFX company’s offices, but their films are basically hostages in this unfortunate affair so you can’t blame them.
    Hopefully the WB lawyers did their work right and really did terminate those contracts and if they did, then WB can get their movies back.
    As for my friend, they still haven’t gotten the rights for the album back after 10 years but he’s moved on and now works with Hans Zimmer in movie soundtracks after that first album got Zimmer’s attention so he’s not complaining.

    • God, that’s awful–I have heard so many stories like this in the last ten years or so that it’s scary, and I’m sure that there are far more that we never hear about. However, working with Hans Zimmer–very impressive!

    • Thanks for the input, Velvet– as I have said, I don’t always understand all the legalese, but it is the scenario I was envisioning. The films are more or less stuck in limbo for now.

      I do know WB hasn’t had many homeruns in recent film releases ( TH notwithstanding, that’s done OK 😉 ) and they may be tighter with the purse strings of late. It’s a shame when stuff like this happens and I can only hope those lawyers did earn their no doubt generous fees from WB.

      I am sorry your friend got caught up in such a mess but yeah, working with Hans Zimmer is definitely nothing to sneeze at. I am really glad things worked out for him. 😀

      • I know that WB has been having a tough time with a lot of their releases lately–but a great deal of that is that they seem to keep recycling the same tired plots with different names, while relying on one or two major blockbusters to pull them out of the hole. Our “stars” are people like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (neither of whom can act their way out of a paper bag, as far as I’m concerned), but the studios churn out movie after movie anyway, perhaps hoping that sooner or later the audiences will decide that these people have talent? Makes me wonder who makes these decisions–I’d far rather go back and watch anything with Richard, other British series, or M*A*S*H* reruns or movies from the ’40’s and ’50’s (late ’30’s also).

      • At that time, it was difficult for him. But it prompted him to record his own music independently and that’s how his work was discovered in Hollywood, beginning with the Ali movie. He’s toured with big name musicians but now his work is focused on movie soundtracks. Working with Zimmer isn’t a bad thing to have on your resume either 🙂

        Fate usually works that way. She closes – or appears to close one door but really the key just doesn’t fit YET – while another one, a much better door, has opened up in the horizon. And this will be the case for RA.

        There’ll always be work for him now and it’s just a matter of choosing which one he wants to do. Or maybe just enjoy his time off and ski to his heart’s content 🙂

        • I admit I also find myself hoping just maybe he’s found a special someone he’s enjoying spending some time with during his time off. Just the hopeful romantic in me. 😀 And may many interesting, challenging opportunities lay ahead for RA, offering a wealth of career possibilities.

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