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Coffee, Blue and Seeing Word Pictures: Cute interview with RA


This is a really cute interview done with Bin Weevils, which is apparently a free online computer game popular in the UK (they look a big like ants in your trash can, it seems). RA answered questions emailed (tweeted?) by young fans. As we discussed on Twitter, some of the questions are better than his more recent adult interviewers have used! Lovely to see his fan base continuing to grow. Enjoy.

Here’s to RA’s talented stylist: praise for Ilaria Urbinati from one of her clients


From InStyle.com, Vampire Diaries actress Nina Debrov on her collaboration with stylist Ilaria Urbinati:

 “If something doesn’t work, even if it’s a big designer look, she’s not going to make me wear it just because. It’s whatever I feel best in and what is event-appropriate. That’s why I love her so much.”

http://news.instyle.com/2013/03/28/nina-dobrev-stylist-ilaria-urbinati/ Click on for full article and to see Nina looking stunning in first outfit styled for her by Ilaria.

I have to believe this is Ilaria’s philosophy with all her clients: wearing what they feel best wearing and what is event-appropriate. And I would say that proved very successful for RA, who was definitely “wearing the clothes instead of the clothes wearing him” during TH press junket and various red carpet appearances.  On each occasion, he looked comfortable, confident, relaxed and oh, so handsome.

There was attire more cutting-edge for Tokyo, for example–that shiny blue waxed wool suit–and a classic tux that harkened back to film stars of old for the London royal premiere.

The black hoodie and leather for NYC–youthful and a little edgy. We adored those English schoolboy  vest-and-tie looks for press conferences– and who among us can forget the  retro look of the cardigan in Canada? Traditional and sexy and cuddly all at the same time.  Thank  you, Ilaria. We love you, too!



Thorin Thursday: Richard facing fears, getting ‘giffy’ in a wine barrel



Excerpt from the above interview with RA responding to query about what he is anticipating most seeing in DOS:

“I think the barrel sequence [in which the dwarves escape their elf captors by river, hidden in wine barrels],” he answered when posed the question by TotalFilm, “which we all thought was going to be the finale of the first film, is going to be incredible. I’ve seen all the various pieces: the aerial shots of waterfalls with barrels going down them, the very fast-moving river set where we were submerged under water, the wild river we’re floating down towards the end of the sequence… I think it’ll be one of the most thrilling parts of the second film.”

And I couldn’t help but think once more about Richard’s fears regarding water. Once again he’s not just in the water, he’s under it for a portion of the sequence, getting soaked to the skin, no doubt taking in some of it on this “fast-moving” river set. It must have been slightly terrifying and totally exhilarating all at the same time.  But hey, he was relaxed enough to play fish toss with Adam Brown. And chill with the fellow dwarves afterwards . . .


Click on the following three GIFs to see Thorin in action:




I can only think it’s going to be a very exciting sequence, indeed, complete with wet, roaring, angsty Thorin. Doesn’t get better than that!

And once again, I am impressed by Richard’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to feel the fear, to face it and to do whatever it takes to get things right. (Is it really nine months until we see him on the big screen again?! )