Here’s to RA’s talented stylist: praise for Ilaria Urbinati from one of her clients


From, Vampire Diaries actress Nina Debrov on her collaboration with stylist Ilaria Urbinati:

 “If something doesn’t work, even if it’s a big designer look, she’s not going to make me wear it just because. It’s whatever I feel best in and what is event-appropriate. That’s why I love her so much.” Click on for full article and to see Nina looking stunning in first outfit styled for her by Ilaria.

I have to believe this is Ilaria’s philosophy with all her clients: wearing what they feel best wearing and what is event-appropriate. And I would say that proved very successful for RA, who was definitely “wearing the clothes instead of the clothes wearing him” during TH press junket and various red carpet appearances.  On each occasion, he looked comfortable, confident, relaxed and oh, so handsome.

There was attire more cutting-edge for Tokyo, for example–that shiny blue waxed wool suit–and a classic tux that harkened back to film stars of old for the London royal premiere.

The black hoodie and leather for NYC–youthful and a little edgy. We adored those English schoolboy  vest-and-tie looks for press conferences– and who among us can forget the  retro look of the cardigan in Canada? Traditional and sexy and cuddly all at the same time.  Thank  you, Ilaria. We love you, too!



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  1. Guess it’s just me–I’ve always loved the way he looks in anything, even the jeans he wore that looked ready to fall apart (and what fantasies that conjured up!) I love his new looks, too, befitting his station as a rising star–but I still kind of miss the crooked bow ties from earlier days. They were so adorable.

    • Oh, I think he’s always a cutie, but I do think the reality of it is he’s made some not-so-great choices along the way for certain public appearances. What he wants to wear as a private citizen is one thing. But when you know you’re likely to have your photo taken at various gala events, you have to think about these things.

      And the better known he becomes, the more attention is paid to what he wears.

      I don’t want him to get made fun of in the press by ending up on “Fashion Police.” 😉 And I think he knows he doesn’t have the best grip on a fashion sense and is happy to put such decisions into someone else’s more astute hands. That’s him being the smart fellow we know him to be. There have been times when he looked, yes, adorable but flat-out awkward, too–and I think he’s moved to a place in his career where it’s increasingly less acceptable for him to do that. We’ll always have the memories of the crooked bow ties, right? 😉

      • You’re right, Angie, I would SO not want him to be embarrassed like that now that his profile has become so much higher since “The Hobbit”–and he has said many times himself that he has no clothes sense (don’t know if I’d go that far) and is probably very relieved to let someone else that is an expert make those calls for him. Funny, I’ve never thought too much about what the guys wear–until now.

  2. Ilaria has been a miracle in Richard’s life. I am so proud of our lovely man for making wise decisions when it comes to his career! He looks fantastic and sexier than ever. Now that he is moving in the Big Leagues, I don’t want to see pictures of him in jeans that are out of style and ill-fitting, nor do I want to see him wearing clothes that look like he grabbed the first thing from the floor or like he slept in them! NO!!! As much as he might hate it, he now has to look good all the time. Those stupid fashion police people are very cruel and mean. I do not want him to be humiliated, especially when his fellow British Actors like Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are always making the Best Dressed lists. God forbid Richard should be perceived as being less than them in the style department!!! 😉

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