Guyday Friday: Thoughts of choccie-drenched hotness & more . . .


When I nibbled on these ears, I wouldn’t feel guilty. Would I start there, or with the handsome toes? Take a sidetrip to the raspberries or the peaches . . . decisions, decisions.


Tousled long hair, Guyliner, crinkled look of consternation. I love it all.


One of those three-quarter views I enjoy so much highlighting Mr. A–and Guy’s–lovely masculine bone structure.


Sir Guy haunting Sherwood Forest? Maybe.


Always feeling this need to calm and soothe Sir Guy’s ruffled feathers . . . if you know what I mean.


Is Sir Guy beautiful here or what? The intent look on that face, the hand in action . . .  OK, I know he took the necklace from the bride-to-be in a not-so-nice way, but . . . *guh*

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  1. Oh, my gosh, you have to stop being so naughty today!!!! Raspberries? I almost fainted! Someone will have to go to confession on Sunday. hahahaha Wait until I blog this on Tumblr!!!

  2. He is SO GORGEOUS is all of these photos that I’m ready to swoon–sometimes (not often) I forget how incredibly beautiful he was as Sir Guy. Still cannot understand how Marian could look at him and not fall at his feet–I would have been a puddle on the floor.

  3. Yes, we share the fantasy about the dark knight all drenched in dark chocolate and interested in our methods of removal *lick, nibble, suck, smirk, repeat* These pictures remind me just how gorgeous Guy is, as if I could ever forget.

  4. Mhhhhhhhhhh, delicious indeed. After having given up chocolate for Lent, I was actually really looking forward to nibbling my first piece of the dark delicacy tomorrow. Come to think of it – if asked, I would easily swap chocolate forever for a nibble on Sir Guy… Thanks for today’s delicious package…

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