Daily Archives: March 30, 2013

Sunday SmoRgAsbord: ChaRActers & the “real” RA


Spouse and I watched The Hobbit on Blu-ray tonight. More on that later (he did say it didn’t seem as long watching at home ;)).  I spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to use Muvee Reveal to edit a birthday vid and let’s just say it wasn’t cooperating. I have since moved to the more vanilla offerings of Windows Movie Maker. A 30 minute video can seem like an eternity under such circumstances . . .  I’ve recorded the new Doctor Who to watch tomorrow, just caught Orphan Black ( very good performance by Tatiana Manslany) and now watching The Nerdist.

Tomorrow night–the long-awaited return of Game of Thrones (oh, Tyrion, how I have missed you!), the debut of Mr. Selfridge on PBS and once more, it’s a return to too many things I want to watch ending up on Sunday nights.  Feast or famine at times, I have to say.

Anyhow, here are some new photo edits for you to peruse, my dears. Hope you all have a happy Easter/Easter Monday!