“Near-stalkerish.” Really?! I don’t think so.


I’ve spent much of this weekend working on a birthday video for our video production company partner’s grandson. I am still very much in the learning process of using footage versus still photos/screencaps and even with some handy-dandy editing software, it’s been a tricky process.

Lots of technical glitches, lots of trial and error. More than a few moments of frustration. I am still not fully satisfied (when am I ever in terms of what I create?), but my part is finally done, and it’s half-way through saving now, whittled down from over 32 minutes to 17, with a soundtrack including a half-dozen birthday and celebration-oriented songs. Benny will put the finishing touches on it.

My personal favorite moment? When the little boy’s husky dad heaves the rather large and very handsome family dog onto his shoulders and takes him away, striding in slo-mo. The dog seems to be enjoying himself.

I’ve always enjoyed making my little slideshow fanvids, choosing the rights songs, images and adding my captions, well aware they lack the technical know-how of our goddesses of fanvids like Heather or Daria (Giz the Gunslinger). Still, they’ve entertained me and provided catharsis in the making of them.

If in sharing them with others, I’ve also provided some entertainment, those “ooh” and “ah” and “swoon” and “thud” moments, and a few good chuckles along the way, then I feel as if I’ve “done my job.”  None of us receive any compensation for what we do in terms of fanvids (or fiction or art, etc.) so it is all a labor of love.  A way to pay tribute to someone who has brought so much pleasure and friendship into my life and the lives of others, who has sparked my imagination and my sense of wonder and urge to create.

What a lovely muse he is–so much more than merely  handsome, fit guy who’s nice to look at.

richard (1)canvas

A photo edit I did of the latest bit of Ascroft deliciousness that has appeared.

So I confess to being really bothered when two different comments showed up on my Dreamer video ( a career-wide video I made prior to The Hobbit celebrating RA as a hard-working and talented performer from his youth) suggesting my work was “near-stalkerish.” I am sorry, but I just don’t see it. If I’d felt it exhibited that vibe, I would have never made it and posted it in the first place.

I think the suggestion particularly hurt simply because out of the hundred-plus vids I have made, that happens to be one of my favorite ones. I love the music by Elizaveta and the message of that song, “Dreamer;” all the images of Richard from slighty gawky youth to sleek and assured grown up and the hopeful and positive spirit I believe it offers. It’s truly meant to be a celebration of the man as both actor and special human being, and dare I say I am rather proud of it? I have always hoped that if RA ever got the chance to see it, he would approve.

I did not rummage through the man’s trash to find these photos or in any other way “stalk” him. Thanks to some wonderful ladies like Ali at Richard Armitage Net, the folks at Richard Armitage Central and the gals at the Russian RA site, we are provided with many, many images of RA from throughout his schooldays and his career. These are not paparazzi pics invading his privacy, but headshots, professional photo sessions, behind the scenes photos on his various sets, official school photos and the like.

I personally love looking at old photos from the scrapbooks of friends, co-workers, family members and I know many others who do, too.  Why shouldn’t we enjoy these gems from the life of a man we like and admire and adore?

And frankly, looking at Richard Armitage makes me feel good. It lifts my spirits, moves me, makes me smile. It’s not just about the surface good looks and obvious sex appeal, although there is plenty of it; it’s about the decency and humor, the kindness and mischief, modesty and intelligence I believe I glimpse in that countenance. As for his performances, they are truly relevatory.
Surely there is a big difference between appreciating and admiring from afar and actually stalking someone, a person you clearly know you do not have a personal relationship with nor do you have any illusions you ever will?
Ah well, you can’t please ’em all.

And so I suppose I shall continue my practice of not only “objectifying” Mr. Armitage, but “stalking” him as well by making fanvids, art, writing about him and watching his performances. I am thinking of stalking Thorin next time around. Maybe he won’t slay me with the mighty Orcrist . . .

In the meantime, “stalk” Mr. Armitage with me, won’t you? And I hope you have had a lovely Easter. (Quietly busy here,with the thunderstorms kindly waiting until late afternoon to strike.)

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  1. Well, this is one of my favorites RA videos on YouTube. I have watched it many times and I even reblogged it on my Tumblr. Some people need to mind their own business and take a chill pill. Hugs.

    • Thanks, Mujer. I’ve always really loved it and if felt a bit like a slap in the face to me and to those viewers who liked it. *sigh* Can’t make them all happy!

  2. Stalk away fedoralady! I am right there with you. I am convinced that I and many more other “stalkers” have a more creative and elaborate definition of stalking, one that includes respect for the privacy as well as work of the man. But does not exclude admiring the already public image out there.

    Happy Easter.

    • Thanks. Yes,I am happy to admit to admiring and enjoying what we see (and hear) of Mr. A and loving the effect he has had on me. And I just can’t see that it falls within their particular definition of stalking or near-stalking in my case. 😉 Happy Easter to you, too! 😀

  3. Sigh. Sorry you got this today.

    I was featured on imdb last week — when someone who apparently didn’t know me and was unaware that I am the bogeyman of the queenbee of the imdb RA-crowd, had the guts to post something I had written that s/he thought was funny — as someone who was “unhealthily obsessed” — on the basis of information in a post that was gathered from public sources on the Internet.

    It got me an additional 300 hits … but it’s just so tiring. Why can’t fangirls just be friends?

    • Yeah, it happens. I’d swear if I hadn’t stopped having those a while back, it was “that time of the month.” I’ve felt particularly emotional and vulnerable all day long. *sigh*

      Oh, boy, guess that’s been fun. Little did this person know. . . yes, tiring, And so–needless.

      If we can’t be friends, we can at least be civil and be–I don’t know, more sensitive to the fact everyone doesn’t “fan” exactly the way we do?

      I hate feeling as if there’s this Hayes Office of Richarding (FYI the Hayes Office was the fixture in Hollywood that determined for many years what would be cut as objectionable from films. Such as having married people sleeping in the same bed . . .)

      • Oh, don’t be. I blew off a lot of steam writing that post. Who knows what will come next? 🙂

        What I’m discovering is that I’m developing a certain amount of callousness about it. Think what you like. Referencing the discussion below, too, about the vocal “judge” group — it’s a group that’s much smaller than it actually appears, I think.

        (Oh, and i have the same problem with evals …)

        • A very small group of small-minded people with very large mouths, perhaps? 😉 It just hit me at the absolutely wrong time, you know? Any other day and I might not have reacted as strongly. Goodness knows I had to deal with enough grief when I still worked at the newspaper.

          • loud mouths and sockpuppets. I never think in those terms, but I was convinced after discussion with friends during the last eruption of this topic that some of those “people” are suffering from “multiple personality disorder.”

              • I have the same suspicions, based on the kind of behaviour I have seen from certain parties. I don’t want to think that people are this spiteful, but there’s the evidence.

              • Someone points this out at imdb just about every time it comes up, by writing “Pot. Kettle.”

                I think some people feed off that kind of thing. Part of my developing callousness is deciding that I am not someone like that.

              • I think some people rev up the spitefullness factor because they don’t have anything better to do with their time–nothing creative or productive, anyway. It’s easy to criticize when you can’t do as well, let alone better than someone else, which would be a far better use of their time.

              • yeah, with the person at IMDB I have said repeatedly, if I’m doing it wrong, blog yourself! Do it yourself and do it right! But she never does, which to me also says something.

              • Those who can, do. Those who can’t–complain and criticize? Yep, it’s pretty easy and very cheap (other than your time) to start and maintain a blog. Definitely says something this individual doesn’t. Afraid no one will come to the party?? Afraid of a dose of her own medicine? Hmmmmm.

              • I suspect in some cases (and don’t mean this in a way of elevating myself) there is a certain degree of jealousy involved, too. I am pretty sure that’s why one particular nemesis of mine (and Servetus) has attacked and sabotaged me in the past. It’s sad and pitiful in its own way, but still annoying and frustrating.

              • Look at it this way, Angie–I believe there is a special place in hell for people like that. It’s not a matter of elevating yourself at all, dear lady–what you do has value in the world, especially to those of us who love and appreciate Richard so much.

  4. I am reminded of the classic line from STRIPES: “Lighten up Francis!” Some people seem to take themselves WAAAAY too seriously. Did I miss a memo somewhere on proper fangirl etiquette? I fail to see how using publically accessible material from a remote distance with absolutely no direct contact with the so called “stalkee” fits any definition of stalking. Ogling, objectifying AND stalking – busy, busy! I don’t know if everyone has to be friends, but there is certainly no need to be enemies. (Incidentally, I can’t open this in YT…am I doing it wrong?)

      • Yeah, it’s been up for more than a year. Funny how differently people can see the same thing, isn’t it? I’ve had close to 100 likes on it, which is one of the highest numbers I’ve gotten on a vid. I’d say the stalkerish vibe is experienced by a minority.

        • Too bad it only takes one jerk to ruin your day right? I get the same way with student evals…they can be really positive overall, but I will always focus on the one negative one.

          • That’s what I told Benny. I have had lots of positive comments, but it’s the few negative ones that I get that really bother me, that stick with me and needle at me. I guess that is human nature.

            • Our rational brains know that, but emotional side…a whole different story! I try to look at it like ice skating scores, throw out the lowest and the highest and you’ve got the real picture 🙂

              • Oh yes, the emotional side definitely gets cranked up in spite of my trying to be all logical and rational. That’s a good example with the ice skating scores, actually. 😉

  5. OKay, I gotta admit–this makes me mad. I love the fabulous things you do to brighten our days and make Richard more available to us. He is such a wonderful inspiration to all of us in so many ways. I truly believe that quote I copied some time back–“You bring light to the world. You can’t help it.” Every time I see or think of that quote, my mind visualizes Richard and all the ways he has made my life easier to get through over the past years–and I think, Angie, it also applies to you for the enormous amount of time and talent and imagination you dedicate to bringing him closer into our lives. I don’t know where these people get off criticizing you or labeling you in their own narrow little spheres. You go, girl–if someone doesn’t like what you do, they don’t need to read it–don’t spoil it for the rest of us who count on it to brighten our days (and nights)!

    • Oh, thank you, dear Stephanie. I shouldn’t have let it bother me so, but it was that sort of day. I got so frustrated over the last couple of days working on that darned video, I let things get to me. And I’ve been having the strangest dreams, too. So I don’t seem to get relief from frustration even when I am asleep. 😉

      Thanks again, your kind words help me feel better. 😀

      • I’m only sorry that someone felt called upon to make such a dumb remark and make you feel bad in the first place. Some people got no manners, you know? But that’s not even the point–the point is that there are many of us who appreciate everything that you do. If nothing else, we need to be kind and good friends to each other.

  6. Your blog and videos have been a source of inspiration for me and brightens my day. I look forward everyday to your new RA postings and they are so beautifully written and the photos are done with taste, great style and high quality. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into your photo work, edits and videos. Keep up the excellent work of RA appreciation posts which expresses how so many of us feel about our dear man!

  7. I am so sorry you were made upset by someone’s thoughtless comment. I too love that video and think its one of your best. That’s why I used it on my blog once too. Please continue to make whatever your muse inspires you to create. As Ricky Nelson sang “You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.” 🙂

  8. So sorry that someone has misinterpreted your work and made you feel so bad. I second everything that Stephanie and plfallin have said. You and RA brighten my days. That’s why I keep coming around.

    My experience of the work, the person, and the fandom of RA has made me think long and hard about what it means to be an actor. What kind of person wants to spend his life pretending to be someone else? What are the implications of this type of life? One could write a whole book on this subject. Even though RA is a shy, modest, private person, by choosing to be an actor, he puts himself into an extremely public eye. He needs to be widely known and appreciated to have a successful career. He willingly went on the promotion tour for The Hobbit, and opened himself up to all sorts of questions from fans and from media pros on video.

    The interview with George S. I found particularly revealing, especially when George put up on a huge screen that quotation from a fan video: WHAT IS IT ABOUT RICHARD ARMITAGE THAT JUST MAKES US WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO HIM? There it is in front of Richard, in public, in plain English, to be spread all over the world on film, how much some of his fans love him. First he covers the sheepish smile on his face with his hands in embarrassment, while various clips (ending with Lee in a speedo) are projected. Then, most uncharacteristically, he jumps out of his chair and attacks George, pretending to strangle him. With RA back in his own chair, George notices that RA’s mike has gotten dislodged, and Richard apologizes for messing it up! Ever the polite gentleman!

    There follows a discussion of how RA feels about clothing or lack thereof and fans who (my words here) may be indiscretely appreciative. Even though he did exhibit a certain level of discomfort, upon reflection, Richard said that he embraces it–it is these fans who buy the tickets. In spite of his shy modesty, he very well realizes that The Armitage Army, and all their activities, are promoting his career because they (we) love him. This is not bad, not stalking. It is art appreciation in relatively new forms of media.

    The Dreamer is a great video. Keep ’em coming! They brighten my days!

    • Thanks, Lynne. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder re the “stalking” aspect. But yes, an actor has to put himself out there if he wants to be recognized and appreciated for his talent and versatility, even if you are a naturally shy, diffident person like Richard. That means interviews and press junkets and red carpets and photo shoots and all the rest, part and parcel of the process of raising his profile.

      And yes, I do believe he’s OK with all that and is increasingly becoming more confident and comfortable in such settings. He is willing to do what it takes (within reason, of course) to build the career he’s worked so long and hard for. And I want to celebrate that and share him with others. If loving and showing my appreciation of him is wrong–I don’t wanna be right! 😉

      • Absolutely, Angie–I feel that Richard is more than deserving of every bit of support we can give him after all his years of hard work and disappointment, and you certainly do more than your share. Nor do I ever seeing him “going Hollywood”, whatever the hell that means in this day and time. He has far too much talent and good sense to let that c*** derail him at this point in his career.

        • Yeah, if he were some young 20-something who had never really experienced all the bumps in the road on the way to a successful career in this tough field, who might easily get his head turned by some sycophants, I might be worried. But he isn’t–he’s a seasoned adult with considerable life experience, a strong work ethic and a generous dose of common sense to keep him grounded. I believe he’s going to be just fine.

  9. You know how I feel. I love “Dreamer.” You are anything but “stalkerish.” Try to take that comment for what it is, less than a grain of salt and more deluded. I know it’s difficult, especially at times when our skin is thinner than usual. I agree with other commenters that what you do is valuable and praiseworthy, that we ought to be able to be civil to one another.

    If that person had ever been the target of a stalker, and knew what it really meant, would they be so miserably insensitive as to make such a comment? My daughter was once stalked, and it’s horrible because the police can’t do anything until the stalker does something blatantly against the law. I don’t let that kind of accusation fly lightly.

    • Exactly, their definition of stalking is somewhat skewed. I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter, Leigh. It is no laughing matter. When I was in college,we had a scary experience with a caller to our apartment. This person kept calling us over and over, sometimes speaking in a strange fake accent, sometimes screaming in anguish and other times, never speaking at all (which was worse). We once disconnected the phone for more than an hour and when we plugged it back in–he was still on the line.

      Now that was scary sh*t. We couldn’t sleep well at night. We went out and bought coloring books and silly toys to entertain ourselves (long before computers arrived). Finally the campus police called us and let us know the situation had been contained and it was someone who could pose “no physical threat.” Well, he’d already taken away our peace of mind. The calls ended, but the bitter aftertaste lingered long, long afterwards.

      • That’s terrifying! “No physical threat”, huh? What about having to live in fear, not knowing what this creep would do? What about the mental distress, especially at a time when you need to focus on your studies? Horrible. And last I heard, you can’t even sue for damages.

        There is no doubt that this is very different from the casual, inaccurate, and hurtful usage employed by these commenters. I think these commenters know exactly what they are doing, convinced they are in the right. They are out to inflict their judgments on anyone who does not subscribe to their views.

        • That’s it. We didn’t know this person posed no physical threat through those weeks of his phone calls. We didn’t know what he could or might choose to do. I’ve heard people who’ve been burglarized say they felt violated. Well, even though this person never physically touched me, I definitely felt violated by his actions. Those things stick with you long afterwards, believe me.

          • Quite a few years ago, a roommate and I had the same problem with a telephone creep–what made it worse was that he had a voice very similar to a friend of ours, someone I worked with, which made it very difficult to figure out when it as the creep and when it was our friend. It went on for weeks, until my mother (of all people) solved it for us. She had a real, honest-to-God police whistle, which she gave to us–the first time he called and we blasted his eardrum with the whistle, it ended the problem.

            • We used the police whistle tactic, too–didn’t stop this guy. That was one of our signals he might be more of a threat than just a prank caller. 😦 But it does work in many cases.

              • I guess we lucked out–it discouraged him pretty effectively. We never heard from him again. Our friend was also very relieved that we were no longer asking him weird questions about conversations we’d never had, so he had no idea what we were talking about!

            • I had the police put a tap on my line once. I screened all of the calls. I did an outgoing message saying that all calls would be recorded and any harassment would be prosecuted. Problem ceased.

          • When I was in college in upstate NY, I began to get these phone calls from a guy I didn’t know. He would tell me things like: ‘You looked gorgeous today in that blue sweater.’ That was back when there was no Caller ID, etc. Therefore, either I could let the phone ring ten billion times or answer to see if – hopefully – it wasn’t him. Campus Police told me that if I saw anyone following me, I should run to the nearest emergency phone and that I should never walk alone. They said they couldn’t trace the calls and there was nothing they could do. The man actually told me: ‘Good luck!’

            You can imagine how terrified I was, a young girl away from her family, in that horrible New England Winter weather, having to walk for miles to get everywhere because the campus had no buses. One day, the stalker called again and before I could react and hang up, he said: ‘I can’t wait any longer. Next time I see you, I’m going to make you mine.’ I hung up the phone and began to cry hysterically. About ten minutes later the phone rang again and I had the strong feeling I should pick it up, some spiritual inkling I can’t explain. So, I did. It was my brother, who was an Army officer. The moment I said hello, he asked: ‘What’s wrong?’ I said, ‘Nothing’. He said, ‘Don’t tell me that because I know something is wrong. I was finishing a meeting and had the strong impression that I needed to call you immediately because you are in danger.’ I sat there, stunned. So, I told him. He was furious – I could tell by the tone of his voice. He said: ‘Listen to me. I am going to send you an express next day package today. Inside, you will find one of the whistles that the sergeants use to drill the troops. It is the loudest possible one you can buy. You are going to put it around your neck and keep it with you. The next time this ass*&^% calls you, I want you to take a very deep breath and blow into the phone. His eardrum will explode and he will never call you again.’ I, being a goody-two shoes, was horrified. ‘I can’t do that!’ He asked, ‘Do you want to get raped and possibly killed?’ ‘No’ ‘Then do as I say. Give me your word!’ So, I did. Sure enough, the guy called the next night, I used the whistle, heard him scream in pain, and he never called me again! My brother saved me from my stalker.

            People need to learn to think before they use a word. Words are powerful and should not be taken lightly. I am sorry you were told that you act in a ‘stalkerish’ way. You most certainly do not!

            P.S: Leigh, I am sad to hear that your daughter had a stalker and that you all went through that.

            • I am grateful your creepy stalker was silenced (and perhaps semi-deafened??) and you are OK. Makes me wonder if our caller already had some hearing impairment since the whistle blast didn’t seem to bother him. It’s when he was still on the damned line after we’d disconnected the phone more than an hour that made me know he was determined. ?!

              We suspected–but do not know, as the campus police would not give us a name–this individual was a professor who was wheelchair bound. That’s what they meant by “no physical threat.” I am sorry, but anyone engaging in this type of behavior, whether they can or cannot walk, is a physical threat of sorts. The headaches, upset stomachs, the lack of sleep, that sense of dread they induce in us–that is harmful.

              And yes, words are powerful and using such inflammatory ones should be done very carefully.

              • He was a professor and the university did not fire him? What the heck?! That’s wrong in so many levels. I’m stunned.
                I remember when someone could walk anywhere without fear. It was very rare to hear about stalking and kidnappings. Now – like my father used to say – the good people are locked up inside their houses and the evil ones roam the streets.
                Oh, and yes, that person is jealous of you. That was one of the first things that came to mind when you told us. It’s funny how it was ‘stalkerish’ and yet she watched the whole thing! Hypocrite…

              • I guess he came up with some explanation and probably promised to never do it again–he had tenure, I am sure. *sigh* It’s like the time a certain someone ripped apart my fanfic. After reading eight chapters of it, mind you. Probably read the whole thing, if truth be told, in spite of it being “cheap, poorly written trash” or something to that effect. Hypocrite, indeed.

              • This was some time ago, no? The standards for professor behavior have really changed a lot since I started grad school and universities became very afraid of lawsuits. Someone would probably be fired for cause (even with tenure) for behavior like that today, if not the first time he did it, then the second it started to look like a pattern.

              • Yeah, it was more than 30 years ago and thank goodness, things have changed for the better. I’ve often wondered what become of the guy, if he continued that behavior. He was well into middle age so I wonder if he’s even still alive.

  10. I adore everyone of your videos. They are classy, fun, and ever respectful of Richard. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next one.

  11. I cannot pull up Dreamer directly from YouTube. I wonder if it has been blocked in some way. I wanted to see what these commenters actually said. I did get access to it from this blog and another one. It is beautiful! I can’t understand why anyone would take offense. It is a chronology of his work. One might as well claim that an author who writes an unauthorized biography of a living person is a stalker!

    Anyone who works in or with the public, or any artist who reveals her or his inner thoughts and emotions to the public has to expect to take some knocks from a few unkind, self-interested, or misinformed people. As a former public school teacher, I took some myself from students, parents, even administrators. At the time, these incidents can be silly or serious, but also painful and all-consuming. It’s best to do like the tennis players with a bad shot: just let go as fast as you can and move on to the next opportunity.

    • I don’t know why it won’t come up for you at YT. It’s blocked in some countries, but not here. ?? One commenter said it was “near-stalkerish” and another “verging on stalkerish” The one who commented earlier did add some humor to her comment, but the latest one seemed quite serious in her response. Also expressed her concern over him possibly going Hollywood. Frankly, I am not worried about the latter. The man has proven he has a good head on those broad shoulders. Which I think also illustrates they may not “know” RA–or me–as well as they think they do. 😉

  12. Angie, I am sorry to read that people want to be so mean to other people, that really they don’t know. You put part of yourself out there but not the whole, we all do that. To judge you on this part of your life is wrong. Also know what words mean, instead of just throwing about words to suit them self. I am becoming more to think that when people bully (and that is just what this is) are trying to not let others look at them, as they have something to hide. Don’t let the gremlins get you down, you have friends who care about you and really enjoy your videos and your blog ( I have yet to read your fanfic as I am so busy as it is). I have said this other places and will say it again, if you don’t like then don’t read , watch or what ever, just turn away and let it be. I really read this post after midnight and wanted to rewatch the video first but thought I would wait till day time as to not wake the family, Dreamer is a lovely video as yours are, and when ever I do got an idea for one if you ever want it, just e-mail me.

  13. Stalkerish? How dare *Unknown Person* say that! Girl, puh-leeze! There’s nothing malicious about you, don’t even worry about that comment and whoever made it. You’re adoring and supportive, not insane! Don’t worry-I may be new, but I got your back ;D

        • Well, you know, the reason I didn’t go to Comic-Con last year is someone accused me of being a stalker and dangerous to Richard Armitage. You know, like, I might harm him if I was able to get close to him. She contacted the ppl I was going to work for there and I ended up losing my badge and thus my entrance to Comic-Con (and an additional $600 in airfare).

          So one might say the whole stalker accusation leaves a really, really bad taste in my mouth ever after. Kind of like Thorin and the word “elves” although he has much greater reason to hate them LOL It’s a long story and I won’t get into all the particulars of it again here. I did not pursue this matter for several important reasons. But, yeah–don’t call me a stalker, please. It’s untrue and unfair. A sad chapter in mine and my husband’s life, because her actions made him cry for me, and for that–I don’t know that I will ever quite forgive her.

          • Oh, Angie, how horrible–I don’t even know this person, but yet again, I think there is a special place in hell for such dreadful, awful people. I can no more imagine someone saying this about you than I can about anyone else who so reverently supports Richard in every possible way. And I do know these types are out there–miserable people who have to do their level best to make other people miserable and give their own pitiful lives some meaning. A new candidate for the Queen of the Slimy Soul-Suckers! Any votes, ladies? All welcome!

            • Sadly, she’s carried on her vendetta against other RA bloggers, too. Including Servetus. It’s something we have in common we wish we didn’t have in common. 😦 Let me just say I wouldn’t want to be her.

              • I pray for him every day also and am sure we are not the only ones who do it. God will protect him because he is a very good man who inspires thousands of people to have faith, to persevere, be creative, to be kind, polite and to never give up. He has many friends and colleagues who look after his well-being, and let us not forget his family. So, I refuse to believe any harm will come to him.
                Besides, if that woman ever tries anything she will have to deal with the wrath of the Army!

              • Are we talking about the same person who ruined our New Year’s Eve/Day on Twitter? I am not lying when I say I have forgotten her name, but what she did to us? Never!!!

              • No, no, totally different person, love. The gal I am referring to is in a league of her own, as the saying goes. I have done my best to stay away from said person and out of her line of fire as much as possible. (sigh)

          • That’s so unfair and mean, especially if this person didn’t know you at all. That’s just ridiculous!!! Obviously some people are blind because they don’t know good intentions when they see them, boo hiss grumble snarl. -_-

          • Uh-oh, I just had a terrible thought! I’m working on a Thorin doll and will be on a needlepoint portrait quite soon, and working on more fanfics than I can count featuring various of his characters–does this make me dangerous to Richard? Heaven forbid!

          • I have a pretty good idea to whom you are referring, seems to have become almost the Valdemort of this fandom. This assertion that someone *knows* what RA thinks and feels, and that this someone is therefore more qualified to comment or whatever, really bugs me. No one can do anything but speculate on what he really thinks or feels unless they know him personally, in which case, it seems wholly inappropriate to be commenting in fan forums in the first place. I’ve never once gotten the impression you (or most other people either) that they are under any such delusion about insider knowledge. Geez! Why must people be so territorial?

            • Voldemort is not a bad comparison! 😉 And she will say she doesn’t think that, and then contradict herself with almost the next thing coming out of her mouth. She really, truly believes she is in the right and has the purest of motives. But then again, so did the people in charge of the Inquisition.

              Yeah, If I actually had any sort of relationship with the man, I don’t believe I’d be hanging out in the fandom. It just wouldn’t be right, would it?! Somehow, it’s as if she sees herself as the guardian of Richard Armitage’s image (the “real” RA and his characters) and she desires to control how others think about, write about them. She wants to dictate how we write fanfiction. She wants to dictate, period and bully and control. And I have always had a very rebellious streak against that sort of repression.

              I truly believe she has some psychological issues and one reason I have tried my best to avoid her is I just am not sure of what she is capable. I don’t want to end up on the wrong end of one of those Investigation Discovery shows as a victim, if you now what I mean. :-/

              • Good grief, that is a alarming albeit amusing concern. I think your right, it is best just to let this type go at it – they eventually burn themselves out. It just seems to ironic to me since this seems to be exactly about the only thing that RA seems to find problematic in the fandom – infighting/nastiness. Um, hellooooo?

              • Exactly. Physician, heal thyself. And what’s that about seeing a splinter in someone else’s eye when you’ve got a giant log in your own?? RA wants us to treat each other with respect and kindness, which is not her MO. I am hoping as his fandom continues to grow across the Internet, she will simply find it impossible to retain her foothold and move on to someone else. One can only hope, except I really don’t wish her on anyone else, come to think of it. *sigh*

              • Good grief, the more I hear about this person, the more I think she sounds like something out of “Law and Order: SVU” (one of my favorite shows, as it happens–I’ve been addicted almost since the first episode I ever watched). And I agree–one thing it always seems like Richard stresses is that he wants his fans to be friends and treat each other kindly and fairly, which seems to be the absolute antithesis of what this unknown person is trying to achieve in her narrow vision. We’re here to enjoy and support our guy in any positive way that we can–and treat each other well along with it. Maybe she’ll just go away–or is that wishful thinking?

          • Apparently it is also stalkerish (or encouraging dangerous stalking) to mention a tweet by someone who saw RA recently in a certain big city. This person who is trying to moderate the whole internet on behalf of RA’s privacy and dignity has notoriously unmoderated IMDb under control and drives everyone away who tries to start the gossip that is so common over there (which may not be a bad thing, but it is not her job). I think she has probably done more harm to fellow fans than any fan has done to RA, not to mention that she is one of the main reasons RA fans have the reputation of being rabid and over-protective. These days, anything goes, like it or not. It is already out there, like it is for any other popular actor.

            • Wow! That level of monomania must be a full time commitment for her…I get the impression that for most of us, “stalking” Richard Armitage is reserved for the wee hours between job, family and a multitude other obligations and when we finally pass out from exhaustion. Do you think, as his fan base continues to grow, she might burn out, supernova style, from the effort of trying to control everything?

              • She has been around for years. After the Hobbit was released she was gone for a while, I don’t know why, but she was upset that he told what she perceived as a lie in an interview (turned out it wasn’t). I think only disappointment with RA can drive her away. I don’t even disagree with her idea that RA should be treated with the same basic respect we owe the people we know in real life. I have also been a long-term member of forums that have certain limits of what is appropriate, rule of thumb is not to write anything we aren’t comfortable with if he or his family and friends read it. I think that is a sensible way of conduct. However, no-one has a right to try and censor the internet. It is not her job and just doesn’t work. It is a fact that almost anything goes and already exists out there, if not pre-Hobbit, then surely post-Hobbit. RA gets the same treatment other actors get and that is inevitable. If no tumblr fandom and no naughty fanfic had developed something would be seriously wrong.

              • This is what bothers me more than anything. Even in just the three years I’ve been a fan, the list of cruel things she’s done to fellow fans has gone and on, and although we breathed a sign of relief when she disappeared last fall, practically the second she reappeared on imdB at Christmas she got into a huge fight (which she then had imdB delete — smart historians screen cap).

              • I think you’re right that everything needs to be taken in context here…it would be very strange in the current climate if RA did not have a corpus of fan related material similar to other actors in his position. The irony remains for me in that this person is a self appointed repressor acting (in her mind) on behalf of RA who himself seems to come across with a more or less live and let live attitude…None of it makes much sense to me, but I doubt anything you, I or the lampshade says is going to make much difference in her opinion. On to the next 🙂

              • Richard has said himself that he appreciates the support and encouragement he gets from his fans and realizes that they are a large part of how he has surged to such popularity–so how dare this person take it upon herself to contradict her supposed “idol”. Seems to me that she’s the one who is going against his stated wishes and not respecting his autonomy.

              • I used to have a problem with RPF or speculating about RA’s private life. It wasn’t just that I didn’t wanted to read it or fear that he might read it and be embarrassed, I felt it should not be there because it puts ideas and images into people’s heads they might not have otherwise. But isn’t that what censorship is about – trying to prevent people from coming in contact with dangerous thoughts? I also realised tat RPF is really about a fictional character and totally not the same as spreading rumours! I think most authors are perfectly aware that the character they write about is their own creation and don’t claim to have hit the nail on the head about who RA really is.

              • The ironic thing is that by calling so much attention to these things, she actually increases their audiences rather than abating their impact.

              • To paraphrase one of my favorite current artists–we can always try to burst her into flames with our minds. I’m willing to give it a shot.

  14. Oh dear. Is “Voldemart” back? I do recall from last year or so, that after having been banned from one after more blogs (after immense thought by the bloggers about censorship, etc.) that V just kept moving on to another blog. Without the nous to vary her name? All very weird. Never discerned (by any stretch of paranoid imagination) Angie, that you have ever been a) stalkerish b) offensive c) less that respecting of the gentleman’s person or his chaRActers. Carry on.

    As with some here, I could talk about phone stalkers too. Except I never felt threatened, and felt it was random, especially as it wasn’t repeated. When it is, that is a far different (and threatening) scenario. Just disgusted and not certain how to discourage. Whistles have worked for many.

    Carry on, Angie. You’re a bright light.

    • Wow–she was actually banned from some of the blogs? Not that I blame them–participation is one thing. Out and out abuse (which it sounds like this person was perpetrating) is something else entirely, and you do whatever you can to stop it.

      • Yeah, she’s been blocked from two of them, I believe. And believe me, no blogger lightly blocks a commentator. There aren’t that many of you and we’re grateful for every one who leaves a remark.

        • Just from what I’ve read about her (some of which is highly disturbing), I think that’s completely understandable. Believe me, most of us read and respond because we love the subject and the fellowship we receive–this kind of person makes it difficult for everyone. I’ve never personally read any of her posts and certainly have no desire to.

          • The fact she has been blocked in a strong indicator of what a poisonous influence she is seen as being. As Serv says, it’s not something any of us do lightly. But she’s definitely the exception to the rule.

            There are a lot of comments here to which I haven’t responded, because truthfully I just didn’t feel like thinking about or discussing this individual.As I have said, it was a hard week.

            I think the stalkerish remarks (which I have no reason to believe KK left) bothered me greatly because they brought back painful memories of being described as an obsessive, dangerous stalker by KK to the people I was going to write for at Comic-Con. And crying for a few days. The malicious cruelty of it all. No. Won’t go there.

            I never go to the RA board at IMDB anymore. No glutton for punishment or desire to be in a place with a queen bee who is dictatorial and in her own way, very much obsessive and, I fear, dangerous.

            • Okay, I’m a relative newcomer to blog participation, but it amazes me that any reputable board would allow someone to “rule the roost” and try to dictate what everyone else writes or comments. If it was “her” blog, well, I guess I could understand it–maybe. But just sort of coming in and taking over? Nah, that I don’t get. I don’t go to IMDB much anymore myself, and I certainly haven’t missed it–but this kind of thing would definitely put me off for good.

              • I visit IMDB to look up various films, but That’s it. I never make comments there about anything and I NEVER go to the RA board.

                IMDB has let the woman pretty much get away with murder, from what I can see, and in doing so it makes me respect them a lot less. It’s supposed to be for the public to have reasonable discussions, not for one woman to rant and rave, bully and intimidate and attempt to censor other fans’ creative output. What can I say, even the mention of it leaves a horribly sour taste in my mouth. :-/

              • Well, I can certainly go along with that. It also makes me not exactly want to go back there again. That they would allow that is completely out of my comprehension–I never really viewed the boards, because that wasn’t why I was there–and now I won’t for sure.

              • Off the subject for a moment, I need your help–would you say that Thorin’s coat is mostly black with some other colors woven through here and there to give it shading or more of a dark gray with darker patches? I can get either, but I’d like to get it right.

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