Well, he WAS in Star Wars, you know.



Richard was getting some grief at Twitter over this ensemble–not the robe, reminiscent of a monk or Jedi, but those dark socks paired with comfy, if not particularly stylish, Crocs. Personally, I have no problem with them. Those giant dwarf boots had to literally be a pain after a while. I am certain those big, beautiful feet get tired!  If he wanted to put on some comfy kicks when he had the opportunity, I say go for it.  I really don’t think we will see him wearing them on the red carpet. 😉

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  1. I was the one who was horrified and sent a Tweet to Ilaria asking her to ‘burn them all’. hahahaha … I’m sure she had a good laugh. He does look great in that robe. Maybe they will cast him in the new Star Wars movie as one of the Jedi Knights. He would love that!!!

    • ;D Yeah, I remember you weren’t terribly keen on the old Crocs (my husband thinks they are pretty ugly, too, along with any clog-type of shoe 😉 ) I love him in hoods and scarves–I think of him swathed in the head scarf for Strike Back and in the flashbacks of RH where he’d been in the Holy Land. Oh, yes, that is a possibility, what with them making the new Star Wars films. He’s already got plenty of experience wielding weapons, too! 😉

      • Hahahahaha! Yes, and we have the video evidence of his testimony to that effect. 😉

        I can already hear the teasing from his ‘mates’ back home!

  2. Richard may get teased for this one, but as someone who worked as a dancer, who is now a hard-working actor, he knows how important it is to be kind to his feet. If his feet are comfortable in crocs, why not? All the nurses at the hospital here wear them, because they, too, know their livelihood (and freedom from pain) depends on treating their feet well. Better to take a little teasing than to risk his feet. [I’d be happy to help him with that. *giggle*] Yes, I can see him as a Jedi knight; he ticks all the boxes for stage fighting, skill with a sword, presence, and the ability to project that centered stillness, as well as looking good in the costume. But please, pretty please, get the man a better script!!.

    • Comfort before style. 😉 He’s adorable to me any old way. You know, he clearly has good taste in shoes–even if he says he has no fashion sense, he has always rocked his choices in shoes/boots–so I DEFINITELY give the man a pass on the Crocs. Take care of those poor old tootsies, sweetheart. When your feet hurt, everything hurts.

  3. *muhahaha* still laughing about the Jedi reference. Too true!!! And as regards crocs – I am presently relaxing in a bright red pair of those myself. Wonderfully comfy and easy. Plus: best festival wear *ever*!!! They’ve tided me over many a moodbath at the open air music festival of my choice. Oh, and I am soooo pleased that Richard and I at least have similar taste in footwear *ggg*

  4. After clumping around in those dwarf boots day in, day out, I’m not surprised he’s settled for comfy footwear. I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs myself, but if they’re as comfortable as I’ve heard they are, who can blame him. My thought here was that it was probably as dressed-down as we’re ever going to see him look, although the daggy singlet in the make-up chair comes close, and I love it!

    • I love that he’s still recognizable even in this gear by the build and–the NOSE. 😉 I have a pair of pseudo Crocs–they are Christmas ones, with a very cheerful red, white and green pattern on them 😀 Oh, that daggy singlet is just fine with me, too. 😉

      • Have never worn crocs myself, but a really painful problem with my left foot a few years back made it all but mandatory for me to wear Birkinstocks almost all the time–so now, I even wear the beachy-style sandals all year round so I can afford them. I mean, I literally wear them until they fall apart. Some of the patterns are adorable and I Haven’t had the problem since.

  5. Somehow, there’s something VERY sexy about that hooded robe on him… Dark broodiness and broad shoulders, YUM! XD

  6. Anyone who looks as good as he does in a hooded robe, socks and crocs AND also looks comfortable in them is fine with me. I have nothing against socks and crocs because I have those in my wardrobe as well – and I love them. As long as he’s comfortable in it – and he sure looks like it – is nothing for me to be all a-grieved over 🙂

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