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“I like it to be real” Richard’s Hobbit interview with Steven Samblis *UPDATED*


You’ve probably seen this video by now, but I really like it because the interviewer asks intellgent questions, delving into the process of acting a larger-than-life role, and gives RA a chance to properly respond. Hooray for these nuggets continuing to show up. I love hearing Richard talk about his craft, one he obviously loves so much. And RA? You like it to be real, and you make it real for us.

UPDATE*Below is a link to a transcript of the video:



(screencaps from Richard Armitage Central)




Oakenshield: The Warrior Who Would Be King (NEW fanvid in HD!)


I told you I was going to objectify and stalk Thorin muhahahahahahahaha.  Although I am not sure you can really do those things to fictional characters. Then again, they seem so REAL when Richard gets his beautiful and talented hands on them, if you know what I mean . . . anyhow, here’s a rather long but fast-paced and stirring fanvid celebrating the beautiful, stubborn, proud, fierce warrior and uncrowned King Under the Mountain, Thorin Oakenshield. I tried to condense down some of his best scenes from his days as a dwarf prince at Erebor to that final scene with the Company on the mountain peak. And I do love me some “Queen.” I hope you enjoy! Be sure and watch in HD to appreciate all the Thorin goodness.

No foolin’–they are all SND (So Not Dead)



It’s TPTB that are foolish, thinking they can kill off our favorite ChaRActers with a stroke of their poisoned pens (or keyboards, as it were).  Their CReAtor has breathed life into these fellows, giving them breadth and depth, hearts and souls, and they outlive whatever heinous plans and dubious plotlines shoved at them.  Long live the So Not Dead, who have been Loved into Being by their many admirers.  Long may they continue to delight and dazzle us with their adventures.



I’d include more artwork including Capt. Ian, but WP is playing an April Fool’s joke on me, it seems. 😉