“I like it to be real” Richard’s Hobbit interview with Steven Samblis *UPDATED*


You’ve probably seen this video by now, but I really like it because the interviewer asks intellgent questions, delving into the process of acting a larger-than-life role, and gives RA a chance to properly respond. Hooray for these nuggets continuing to show up. I love hearing Richard talk about his craft, one he obviously loves so much. And RA? You like it to be real, and you make it real for us.

UPDATE*Below is a link to a transcript of the video:



(screencaps from Richard Armitage Central)




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  1. Sound worked fine for me, UNLIKE the one from Germany where I had to download an Apple application and then it cut out most of the sound. Richard sounds really good, and the interviewer asked good questions (finally). Oh, Richard, you do make it real for us, and beautifully.

    • Well, that was a pain in the butt for you, wasn’t it? Did you have to download iTunes? I hear that vid is now available on YT. Isn’t it heavenly to hear that voice? When he was talking about all the marvelous faces and voices PJ had at his disposal, I thought of how he once disliked his own voice and thought–oh, Richard, you just have the very best voice in the world. And I love how he makes it so real for us. He’s simply amazing.

      • Yeah, I had to download iTunes; it took 20 minutes, and for what? I’ll delete it now, and go over to YT. Yes, it is heavenly to hear Richard’s voice. I have to go reread the instructions for capturing sound clips…

        • I have iTunes because I do purchase music from them from time to time, but that’s really all I use it for; with my slow connection, I can’t livestream stuff well.

          • Well, go figure–I started up the computer just a few minutes ago to discover that TA-DA! we have sound again (after days of inexplicable silence), and I have no idea why. But I was finally able to listen to Richard’s interview and it certainly has to be considered one of the better ones done since the movie came out (and, of course, he looked and sounded glorious, as he always does). I find it difficult to believe that he ever hated the sound of his beautiful voice, and sincerely hope that that is no longer the case. I love listening to him speak, and listening to him sing on “Lonely Mountain” sends shivers down my spine–the good kind.

  2. Hi!
    As allways, he looks and sounds so perfect!!! Love to see him! I also saw an interview from a french journalist, and Richard speaks a little of french, for saying thank you, I believe, and is wonderful! And the questions were very intelligent.
    Sorry for my english, it´s not good.

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