I dream of Thorin kicking Smaug’s Scaly Arse . . . ING interview


hobbitauj-0191500470roar“Hopefully I come face to face with Cumberbatch.” Richard Armitage on possibly meeting Benedict Cumberbatch on set. BC is playing the dragon Smaug (via voice and motion capture).

In case you’ve missed it, an interesting little video featuring Richard, James and Andy discussing Smaug, that mean ol’ gold-loving dragon who drove Thorin and his people from Erebor (with no help from those effing elves). Link is below:


Now, I really like the talented Benedict as an actor, although I still maintain he resembles an otter (hey, I think otters are cute) and he has a lovely voice, too (NOT as lovely to me as RA’s, of course). But part of me just wants to see Richard Thorin kick the ever-loving daylights out of Sherlock Smaug. If you know what I mean.


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  1. Gently, dear Fedoralady Lady….I LOVE the other otter-faces for said BCdragon…yes,your effort speaks volumes…accurately!….. but dear Lady..you are equally gentle and kind, as you put up with..US KIDS HERE!.. so please continue to share The Stories You Find of RA,and….forget SQUIRT-FACE!….did I shoutsay that…hm-m-m-m ‘(love those OTHER otter faces!hee!hee!hee!)….scuse me…..

      • Not for many years, but yes I have. Plus, when I was growing up, my brother lived on a farm in Leesburg, VA when this was a much less grown up area. Many times, when I went to visit him, we would go out to Goose Creek, where there was an otter run near a dam on the creek. We used to hide and watch the otters slide down the bank into the water, and they would do it for hours at a time. I’ve never forgotten that–we loved it.

  2. Very funny, Angie.I always thought DB had weasel eyes, but now I find out that anyone has a similar opinion.I can´t think him as a handsome man, as many women think, but I have to recognize he is a great actor.

    • I think he is very interesting looking, with striking bone structure, but no, I do not find him handsome in the way some fans do, either, Tereza. Superb actor, without a doubt.

  3. *giggle* While I have enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch’s performances, I don’t feel anything for him, not like I do for Richard. An otter, yes, how cute! I, too, want to see Thorin kick some dragon butt, just because Thorin is so magnificent.

    • That’s me, he simply doesn’t have “it” for me as RA does. But I do like his oddly otter looks. 😉 Thorin is magnificent and he’s been badly wronged by that darned dragon, too.

  4. Benedict has a charming smile, gorgeous eyes and yes, his voice is beautiful and he is a great actor. That said, he is no Richard. Even though I watch Sherlock and love Ben’s portrayal, I do not swoon over him at all. Richard is a man who changes people’s lives. Not only that, he has literally saved lives. I have talked a few of his young fans out of killing themselves by getting them to realize how very sad Richard would feel if he heard what had happened, and I am not joking not making light of the matter. He is artistic muse to many of us, a person who inspires others to climb mountains, so to speak. It may sound stupid to some of you, but I feel in my heart he was born to be a leader amongst men, to be a light unto the world. It is my opinion that he makes this world a better place and – as handsome as he is – I like him better for his character.

    • I said tonight on Twitter to Janine that I see him as a sort of guardian angel who has come into people’s lives when they need him most. So I would never laugh at your notions, Chatty. It’s the beauty within that shines through and makes the exterior beauty all the more lovely. It’s his character and nature that make Richard so extraordinary. Reading all those lovely comments about him by his co-stars just shows he’s not your run-of-the-mill actor.

  5. I know I’m lowering the tone here, but could it be that our dear boy has been hitting the chocolate ice cream just a little too hard? His face seems soooo much fuller…?

    • Several people have remarked on that at Twitter. Judi is afraid he’s starting a downward slide in terms of looks just as his career is peaking. I think he just needs to get back into training (as he will have to in order to complete the films) and his lovely face will reflect that with a bit of a slim down. 😉

      • I guess I’m in the minority here, but I think he looks great–I am also sure that he will slim down again once he’s in training for “Smaug”, but I don’t really think the bit of extra fullness is unattractive at all.

        • I’m with you, Stephanie. Chunky!Richard is my favorite – more to love. I’m sure his mother has fed him as much as she could every time he’s visited her. However, knowing how dedicated he is to his career and that he is no fool, maybe he is preparing for a new role he hasn’t announced yet? We know from Adam’s Brown anecdote that Richard was literally on top of a mountain not too long ago; you cannot do that if you are not fit. I’m sure he has been skiing, which also requires fitness. I doubt he has stopped hitting the gym and running, both things he loves to do. No way is he going to go back to NZ to film the Battle of the Five Armies and show up overweight and unprepared. From what little I know of his personality, he would feel ashamed. We know the other actors who play the dwarves consider him a leader in real life; he would never risk losing their respect. Nah-uh, not after all the work he’s put into bringing Thorin to life. So, I am not worried. He still has a month before he goes back. Besides, he’s growing his beard and that should hide his rounded face. What can I say? I love that naughty professor in a cardigan and tie look he’s got going on lately. OOOF! hahaha

          Oh, and Stephanie, my condolences on the loss of your dear brother. Richard has helped me through the loss of my father and I completely understand what you mean. Sending you a hug! 🙂

          • The naughty professor in cardigan and tie look is one of my absolute faves. All he needs is a pair of glasses to whip off now. 😉

            And as I mentioned in another comment, he STILL looks pretty solid–toned–underneath those clothes. Full face and all. No complaints.

            • I love the naughty academic look, too. Sets me on the road to fantasyland in overdrive.

              Has it occurred to you that the fullness in his face could be puffiness from that cold and flying too much? I know my fluid balance goes wonky under either of those conditions.

              • I have always liked the whole sexy academic vibe, anyway. That’s a good point–he could have been retaining fluid what with the long flights and that stinking cold. Because honestly, his body looked just fine to me. *cough* Not that I was ogl–er, studying it. *ahem*

            • Well, and if they have him on antibiotics for the “cold” (or whatever it is), those also play havoc with your system–make you retain fluids, etc. Just a thought.

              • Yeah, I put a lot of it down to him just not being in tip top health. I remember posting that I felt he needed to get some rest after seeing him on Lorraine, and he surely didn’t get any that day! Look at all the interviews they did. His eyes looked weak and tired in some images. 😦

              • I remember feeling so, so sorry for him that day, and wishing that he would be able to kick back, even for a little while, and take it easy. Have the feeling he’s gotten very little of that.

              • It really worried me, fussy old mother hen type that I seem to be, I just wanted to take care of him. He seems to be the caregiver sort–and I want him to have a chance to be cared for.

        • Oh, I have no complaints about his appearance. I was defending him on Twitter! But I do think he’s probably relaxed his intense training a bit (and why shouldn’t he take a break? And enjoy an extra bowl of ice cream or two, bless his heart.)

          He IS at an age (I know people don’t want to think it, but 40s is middle-aged) where indulgence catches up with you a little more quickly. I said to Judi he STILL looks much better than the vast majority of men out there even with any “extra fullness” (and that physique still looks pretty solid to me) and HE SEEMS HAPPY. Nuff said.

          I also thought he was beautiful when he lost the weight to play Lucas and ppl complain about him being too skinny. Well, yes, he was thin for a man of his build but also very well toned, and I enjoyed the angular beauty of his features in that phase. I guess I never think he’s less than lovely. 😉

            • I look at the images of him as Thorin at end of film, all dirty and bloody and beaten up–and he’s still just BEAUTIFUL. The smile he gives Bilbo the smile on his face as he looks at his homeland—mesmerizing.

              • Richard is mesmerizing in so many ways–here I sit, trying valiantly to finish a unicorn cushion to go to my best friend for her birthday on Monday while wiping blood off my fingers (I keep sticking myself), but I’m staring at pictures of Richard–which, I suppose, could be why I keep sticking myself.

              • Oh, bless your poor fingers!! I am achy from the weather–rainy, damp and cooler. Can’t seem to settle down to much except Richarding. I’ve checked on the dogs and fed them, picked up and sorted through the mail and gathered up some trash. Now I am back here LOL

              • I completely understand–and I have to get this cushion done to go in a package to be sent at the post office tomorrow! Can’t seem to settle down and finish, which is nuts because I’m on the last side. Plus still have to wrap all of her presents and get the package put together!

              • I’m getting silly–just occurred to me that the title of your post fits perfectly to the opening line of “I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair”. Maybe we should try to come up with some more lyrics!

              • That sort of popped into my mind, too. *giggle* I’d have to look up the rest of Foster’s lyrics, but I am game. I have redone lyrics before for RA characters. John Mulligan to the Grinch song, inserted RA in place of Christmas for “We Need a Little Christmas” and so forth. 😀 I am just a big ol’ kid.

              • 😀 I am definitely feeling it–and imagining RA singing it in that rich baritone, a distinct twinkle in his blue eyes. . .

              • Hardly my best work, but not too bad for the limited amount of time I gave it. Not sure whether he would actually try to sing it or just double over laughing. Heard from my friend about the photo I sent him–he says it will work fine, so hopefuly I will have it by next week. I’m excited.

  6. I don’t see the attraction at all for BC (great actor but sorry to those who like him, I think he looks shifty!) As much as I would like to see my mighty dwarf kick Smaug’s scaly butt, we all know (warning, *spoilers* ) that he actually doesnt do it at all. It’s a man!
    In regard to Chatty and Angies comments about Richard, I haven’t had any desperate moments that he has helped me with yet but I don’t doubt that he has helped many through rough patches. I will say though he has inspired me to do many things I never dreamed of. I wont bore you with all of them but one major influence in my life is that he has started me writing. It may not be any great works of art but still! I love him for that. (and many many other things of course but that is very special to me)

    • As one who has had some very difficult times to overcome in the past several years, I feel like I should say how much Richard has helped me through a few stretches–I guess the toughest one was the death of my younger brother after a long, lingering illness where I was his primary caregiver for a large portion of that. It’s hard enough to lose a younger sibling, but when it’s someone who has lived with you for years and you’ve been through so much with that person, it’s like losing a huge part of yourself. His final weeks were in a care facility where he was not treated well and his ending was very traumatic. It was in large part due to Richard and his wonderful performances that I feel like I got through that with a few shreds of my sanity intact. He kept me company in the long, slow hours when I was by myself and gave my mind and heart needed occupation by transporting me into his fantasy worlds for precious hours at a time–after which I was better able to face the harsh realities of my brother’s life (and subsequent loss). For that alone, I would love him forever–but he also helped me greatly during the grieving part, then inspired me to pull up my bootstraps and keep putting one foot in front of the other during days I didn’t want to. Since then, he has inspired me most days to take up things again I had let fall by the wayside in the face of years of family problems, and to not let my dreams fade away. He is extraordinary in so many ways, and I hope only good comes to him–Lord knows, he certainly deserves it.

      • Stephanie, when I think about the possibility of losing one of my siblings, it’s heart-wrenching, and they are both older than I am. I am their baby sister, so to lose me would be even more so for them–the youngest are just not supposed to go first, just as a child should not go before the parent. The fact you shared a home had to make it doubly hard. My heart goes out to you over the loss of your brother. ((hugs)) I am glad you had RA as a go-to during a painful chapter in your life.

        We went through some terrible times with my dad, who passed on before I discovered RA, before he had even appeared in his best-known roles, and now I wish I had had some of that RA magic to help me through those most difficult times. We were both unemployed during part of that time, Daddy’s stroke had caused vascular dementia which is similar to a sudden, rapid onset of Alzheimer’s and Mama was not coping well at all. I was afraid we’d lose her in the aftermath of it all . . . it’s tricky becoming the parent to your parents.

        Anyway, it’s wonderful to know how RA has inspired you, too, and helped you reignite your dreams. We need those dreams. And I am with you, I want only good for the man who has been such a beneficent influence in my life.

        • Believe me, I feel for you–I went though something very similar when my mother began to go downhill (she was 89 when she died), and the last six months of her life were like an experiment in terror. She did not have Alzheimer’s, but more just a loss of her faculties, and again I was the primary caregiver–and I truly wish I had had the lovely influence of Richard during that time also. However, he’s there now; and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the archangels for bringing him to us. I don’t say this lightly or often, but with Richard, he is truly a blessing and I don’t feel that it can be expressed often enough to do him justice.

          • It’s weird sometimes–I honestly have a difficult time remembering what it was like before RA was in my life–I mean, it just seems as if he should ALWAYS have been there. “Experiment in terror”–yes, I saw that with Daddy and then with my mother, when in a few moments her life went being on the road to recovery from pneumonia to you-know-where in a hand basket . . . nothing can really prepare us for moments like that in life. He’d be quite surprised and wriggling with discomfort, probably, to know what an angelic creature we find him, such a gift from heaven, but he is, so there. I send you a big virtual hug, dear RA.

      • Im so, so sorry for your heart-breaking time- I can’t even begin to imagine going through something like that. I truly believe that we are sent what we need to get through things like this – in this case RA. It may sound silly to others but the influence he has on our lives is truly incredible – in good times and bad. I know when Im having a bad day looking at pictures, watching him on the screen or escpaing into a daydream makes all the difference. What would we do without him?

    • The whole weasel eyes thing, Bechep?? 😉 Yes, we know that about Smaug’s end but it’s still a little fantasy of mine. *sigh* RA has certainly influenced many of us in very positive ways, creatively and otherwise. 😀

        • Look, if they can introduce Tauriel, why can’t they let Thorin live? But no, that would draw fire from Tolkien purists and deprive viewers of a death scene, thereby reducing tissue consumption enough to ruin the manufacturers. Harumph. So, SND shall Thorin be.

          • I do believe that during THAT scene I will put my fingers in my ears, squeeze my eyes shut and chant under my breathe “So Not Dead, So Not Dead, So Not Dead…”

            • I just hope I don’t wind up sitting in the theater whimpering “No, No, No!” with tears streaming down my face like I did in the last episode of Robin Hood.

              • I will prob be hiding under the chair, rocking back and forth, crying uncontrollably and whimpering ‘no no no! ‘ I’m really dreading it

              • Well, at least when that happened, I was sitting in my bedroom by myself, so the bawling like a baby thing only disturbed my cats. I have been known to cry in theaters, but usually not all-out SOBBING like I was doing there. The worst I think I ever did was going to see “Terms of Endearment” with two friends–somehow, we’d all missed the fact that it was a complete tearjerker and when the crying started in earnest for all three of us, the only thing we had to mop up with was one lone napkin that had been used to wrap a dill pickle. Can you imagine?

              • BAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny but also not funny! I have cried in cinemas before, but this. This is going to be a whole new level of traumatic! I really am serious that I don’t think I will be able to watch it!

  7. It seems that more than a few of us have had the experience of being a caregiver and of loss. I know I have, multiple times. For me, “the year that everyone died” was too early to have encountered Richard. He would have made it much easier, I think.

      • Yes, RA is one beautiful man. In the couple of years since I came across N&S, he has helped me get through a fair amount of bad stuff (family and health), and he, his work, and his community of fans have widened my horizons and made my life a whole lot more interesting.

        Sometimes I feel guilty about the amount of time I’m spending on this, but I always feel more positive afterwards, more upbeat about the world and other people. That can’t be bad. Every morning I get a gorgeous photo from Ali, and I can count on an outrageous bellylaugh compliments of Angie! That otter picture is so precious! The expression suits the otter better. I’m not a huge fan of BC.

        • I feel guilty myself at times, but then someone will leave me a really nice comment here or at YT or Twitter letting me know how much my RA stuff helps them, and I really feel much better myself. It’s a sort of service I provide, I do believe. 😀 The otter is just adorable. 😉

  8. I really want that otter for a pet, although I’m not sure how my cats would feel about it. And your stuff makes me feel closer to Richard, which is all I ask of the world on most days, so it is most sincerely appreciated, Angie.

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