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Like moths to a flame: Farewell to Thorin Thursday



A behind-the-scenes screencap I edited from the treasure trove at Heirs of Durin. From the Best Buy bonus doc. Love all these ladies clustered around him. I know they are just doing their job. Still . . . as requested, here’s the original.


One of those days–but here’s Thorin & his CReAtor


I was up in the wee hours working on some RL stuff in Photoshop (yes, something other than RA) and then never got going with much of anything today. FMS, some of Bechep’s doubt fairies, allergies, feeling dumpy and old,  all conspired against me, I suppose.  More work to do tonight, but at least I know where I am going with it.  I think . . .

Someone else who dealt with self-doubt and feeling burdened is our own hero Thorin Oakenshield.  I do love a hero to whom I can relate, and to an actor with whom I equally feel a certain kinsmanship, although I have no royal blood flowing through these veins.

Now, back to the salt mines . . .




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