One of those days–but here’s Thorin & his CReAtor


I was up in the wee hours working on some RL stuff in Photoshop (yes, something other than RA) and then never got going with much of anything today. FMS, some of Bechep’s doubt fairies, allergies, feeling dumpy and old,  all conspired against me, I suppose.  More work to do tonight, but at least I know where I am going with it.  I think . . .

Someone else who dealt with self-doubt and feeling burdened is our own hero Thorin Oakenshield.  I do love a hero to whom I can relate, and to an actor with whom I equally feel a certain kinsmanship, although I have no royal blood flowing through these veins.

Now, back to the salt mines . . .




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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. That top picture Angie!!? *THUD* and also, *THUD* I havent seen that one before, oh, and did I mention? *THUD*
    Sorry my doubt fairies have paid you a visit – I thought they had taken a wee vacation as I see their beds havent been slept in for a couple of days! Shoo them away and tell them to leave you alone! Nasty things we hates them!
    Hope you feel better tomorrow -sending you some squeezy, comforting, Aussie (((hugs))) 🙂

    • That is from the new HD screencaps Heirs of Durin has up from the Best Buy doc. When she redid them, she provided some new caps different from the original set. The funny thing is what you click on isn’t always what you get when the photo opens up, so I’ve had to play hunt and seek to get some snaffled. ?? Glad you liked. I have a few more tucked away for later. It’s been a hard week for me. My fingernails are gnawed again, I’ve eaten too many M&Ms, had some crying jags and aches and pains. It will get better–I certainly hope so! Thanks, my dear, hugs back to you from Lower Alabama. ((hugs))

      • Then I must hasten to the Heirs of Durin for some hide and seek games with Thorin for snaffling purposes! 😉
        Boo to bad weeks. And just so you know, I don’t think there is such a thing as too many M&Ms…

        • It may be sorted out by now, but I certainly was scratching my head over it. Wasn’t going to complain to DJ after she’d gone to all that trouble, either, but I did want to give you a heads-up in case the same thing happened to you. 😉 Have fun!

          I am afraid of the foods I would be willing to give up voluntarily, chocolate is not one of them. *sigh*

  2. Once more we’re on the same page, my dear. I hope it gets better fast. Thorin inspires me, but my objectives seem so trivial compared to his, and I am not sure he would tolerate my weakness.

    • I know; the weight of what he carries on his shoulders–restoring his people to their homeland, reclaiming his throne–is so much greater. My problems wouldn’t seem to add up to a hill of beans compared to that. But still they weigh me down. And I rather hate my weaknesses right about now.

  3. I seem to have been visited by those same fairies this week or something akin to them. Not sure if it’s the changeable weather or what, but I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to do much of anything other than read blogs, mostly without commenting. I have so many emails to reply to I hardly know where to start. As it’s close to midnight they will have to wait until tomorrow. However none of this lassitude has actually stopped me from Armitaging, so you see it’s not all bad!! 😉 I do hope you will soon be feeling a lot better, Angie.

    • Is it the Doubt Fairies, or the Blue Meanies that have us, I wonder? Saturday night we have 92 beauty pageant contestants to shoot, so no doubt I shall feel well and truly old and dilapidated after that! I can only hope they order some DVDs and make it worth our while. May we all be feeling better soon.

      • MAGENTA! Don’t know if there are any Golden Girls fans out there, but Dorothy and Blanche had a whole discussion about what to call those days when everything got the better of them–MAGENTA! Blanche hated that color, so that’s what she called it. That’s what I always think of when I’m having one of those lives–hope you’re feeling better soon, my friend. I keep thinking if the weather would just get warmer and stay that way, if I could just start sleeping better (those with fibro will know exactly what I mean), if I could just win the lottery, if I could just meet Richard in person (you know, without the fainting and the blood on the shoes thing)–the list goes on and on. It will get better, Angie–it probably just doesn’t seem like it right now. One of the horribly unfortunate side effects of fibro.

              • Sometimes the benefit to feeling is knowing that you are still alive; almost everything else can be dealt with later.

              • I need to try to remember that on particularly bad fibro days. Sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself when the aches are in full swing.

              • True. I have forced myself to count reasons to live when it gets that bad, even if my mind won’t count beyond two.

            • Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, Angie. It must feel like torture. *hugs*

              Stephanie, could you please tell me more about your friend who prints canvases? Thank you!

              Leigh, I wish I knew how to do needlepoint, crochet and/or knitting but, alas, the only thing I learned -which I’m sure I have forgotten by now – was macrame. I made a few things to hang the flower pots from our porch ceiling back in Puerto Rico. They were in fashion when I was a teenager. 🙂

              • Mujertropical, there are some good basic books on needlework, crochet, knitting, and such at most libraries in the U.S., and many yarn or fabric stores (including a national chain) have inexpensive classes. As long as your hands don’t give you grief, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take up something that appeals to you now. I have friends who didn’t start knitting or crochet until they were in their fifties. I even met a young man who took up knitting and now designs sweaters.

              • I know…but I’m not naturally crafty. At least I don’t think I am. Also, the mobility in my hands has been affected by CTS. It would not be impossible, but my hands would hurt and go numb from the repetitive movements. I will consider it. I have heard that it is a relaxing hobby and I sure would love to have a Thorin pillow! Thank you.

              • You’re welcome, Mujertropical. I wouldn’t call myself crafty, in either sense of the word, and my hands are affected by fibromyalgia (pain and cramping), but I still sew and embroider (sometimes with beading), things I can do a little at a time, so there is not so much repetitive motion.

              • I used to sew and I love it, but when my mother died my sister took her sewing machine and I don’t even know why I haven’t bought one for myself. Maybe I’ll ask Santa to bring me one! 😉

              • Depending on how ambitious you want to be, Singer makes some pretty basic modes that aren’t very expensive at all. The fancier you get (with different kinds of stitches and such), the more expensive they get.

              • You don’t have to be naturally crafty to do printed needlepoint work; as long as you learn a few basic stitches (which are shown in almost any basic needlepoint book), you can do pretty much anything. I would definitely stick to the basic stitches at first. Also, there are now craft gloves that can be purchased that help the circulation in your hands to ease pain with repetitive movements. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have if you find you need help. Another possibility when you’re just starting out is to purchase a kit–in the beginning, though, stick to the larger weave canvases (preferably 10, 12, 13 or 14 count) until you get used to following the diagrams. The little tiny weaves can make you nuts, even if you’re experienced.

        • I think if our weather straightened out, it would definitely help, It’s been wet, damp and cool the last few days and it’s telling on my FMS and the arthritis. And I feel stressed about some stuff. I talked to Benny about it some last night and that helped. Didn’t sleep at all last night, though, and I’ve got to crash a bit this afternoon now that I have some other things done. I will do a bit of a Scarlett and say, “I’ll think about all the rest of that RL stuff tomorrow–tomorrow is another day.” 😉

          • I’m hoping that maybe my canvas will show up today and give me a much-needed shot in the arm–occupying myself with choosing threads for it would probably cheer me up considerably, as I have compiled quite a stash over the years and can probably find plenty to start out with before I have to buy anything. I can hardly wait to get started on it, can you tell?

            • I can see you are definitely excited. 😀 I remember years ago when I had my knee surgery I started cross-stitching ornaments to help pass the time during my recovery and give me something to do other than reading and watching TV ( in between my strengthening exercises and going to PT (Pain & Torture) at the hospital, of course). That was almost 20 years ago and those ornaments still grace the Christmas tree. 😀

              • Since there was no Richard in my life when my mother became so ill at the last, I went back to needlepoint, which I’d kind of let go there for a very long time–working two and three jobs at a time isn’t terribly conducive to doing things so labor intensive. However, one of the main things I discovered again almost immediately is the sense of accomplishment I feel when I see a finished project, which has never waned to this day. I really love creating things and I love the tapestry feel of needlepoint (I’m also not very good at cross-stitch). Something tells me I will be working on this until my eyes give out in the evenings because I really want to see it finished and framed–or I might make a pillow out of it–easier to hug, you know?

              • I did a photo manip with a pillow featuring Thorin’s face on it, saying something like “Wouldn’t you like to cuddle with Thorin?” So I think a pillow would be a very nice idea. 😉

                I much prefer making art, digital or regular, even reading a good book, singing, etc. because I do feel a sense of accomplishment and that little thrill of creativity versus oh, say, housework. It doesn’t stay DONE. I’m afraid I will never be Little Susie Homemaker. NTM it aggravates my back something terrible.

              • Bless you for saying that–I’m afraid my talents will never be (and have never been) in the June Cleaver department of housekeeping. It doesn’t stay done (there’s just the two of us–well, and the cats, of course) and the house we are in at the moment is not that large. And the sad fact is–I always have about ten things better to do at any given moment.

            • Yes, Stefanie, I can tell you’re excited. A friend of mine has this notion, “World peace through needlework…” I don’t know that she’s right, but creativity is definitely good for what ails us.

              • I’ve been wanting to do one of Richard in one of his guises for so long–and this photo of Thorin I finally chose will make a magnificent piece, I think. Also, when I first discovered Richard, I was not acquainted with the friend who prints canvases, so it was kind of a moot point. So this is a long-held dream I’ve had for quite a while.

          • I hope you get a break from the weather soon. Between the fibro and the arthritus, it can take you to some bad places. Add to that the RL stressors, — well, I’m glad talking to Benny helped. So yes, do a Scarlett; tomorrow IS another day, I hope a better one.

            • My IBS has also decided to flare up today–whoopee! Just went through an entire roll of toilet paper in a couple of hours or so. *sigh* Our plans for tomorrow got changed–we thought we had two pageants, but they had less contestants than expected, so it will be 92 entrants beginning at 6 p.m. A long night. However, it is a fundraiser for the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society, and a portion of whatever DVD sales we have will go back to the Relay Team hosting the event. Definitely a good cause, if a long and tiring night ahead.

              • Wow, 92 contestants–where do they find all these people? I guess the pageant business really is big business, but you’re right–the cause is definitely a worthwhile one. I feel for you guys, though.

              • I’m so sorry about the IBS. I know it’s hell. Maybe loperamide and gingerale for the duration? I hope that you can get the pain under control, and then the IBS should ease. (The pain hit me in the gut today, too. :((

                The beauty pageant sounds like a long, long evening of work. I hope it proves worthwhile.

              • I just went and checked and found two more large rolls of TP, things seemed to have slowed down. Benny can pick up some more 2morrow afternoon. I will stint on a lot of things, but not toilet paper. It has to be quilted Northern or Charmin, the good stuff. Once I risked it for a few minutes of being more than a few steps from the bathroom, I went out to get the mail and play with the dogs a little. I took a few photos. Now trying out Lightbox as an organizer. I have way too much Adobe %$#$@! on this computer right now LOL It’s all running together in my poor head.

                As for the pageant—yeah. Just what I was thinking, too.

              • Yeah, you have to have the good stuff. Some soothing baby wipes (the flushable kind) make it easier, too. I’m glad you were able to get out for a few minutes at least and play with the doggies.

              • Right next to the TP are the baby wipes. Used a lot of them, too. Probably need to buy more. Yeah, got a little sun, which judging by how vampiric my bare arms looked (and no Twisparkles) I needed it. Trying to access the photos now but this Lightroom is causing me some problems. Makes me want to go back to the old way if I could figure it out!!

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