Sir Guy: Infinitely Fanciable



Whether smug, smirking, or smouldering, disdainful or doubtful, complacent or in complete menace mood–I find you oddly irresistible and infinitely fanciable, Sir Guy.ย  You always wear it well . . .

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        • I think in RL Lucy did pretty much adore him–I mean really, handsome, charming, sweet Richard, who must have been such a wonderful screen partner, she said so herself– and she would not have objected to a true romance between Marian and Guy. I always felt the chemistry between Robin and Marian onscreen was more of a sibling relationship. I bought it more when they were bickering like brother and sister than when they played kissy-face, frankly. As it is, you found yourself questioning the poor girl’s sanity–or good taste.

          • Well, I have to say it–I still must wonder at whoever was doing the casting and their choice of Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood. I mean, when not only both of the bad guys far outshine the “hero”, but most of the Merry Men are better actors, fighters, what have you–it just doesn’t add up. He got a little better by the end of the series, but for the most part, his performance was so one-note that he was almost boring. Again, I’m probably in the minority on this–but it still bugs me to this day.

            • No, you are not in the minority.I think that’s what turned many people off from watching the series initially and getting into Guy’s character. They just couldn’t take this version of Robin. I ALWAYS preferred the gang members over their leader. Better actors, more appealing, more believable in their roles.

              To me, this Robin, as written, directed by TPTB and acted by Jonas Armstrong, simply didn’t embody any sort of heroic ideal. A battle-hardened veteran, sadder but wiser from the horrors of war? *snort* More like a spoiled medieval frat boy, always looking for some cute girl to flirt with. He had about three facial expressions: Mr. Glib and Smarmy, the Constipated Hedgehog and the Whiny Puppy Dog. Up against someone of the caliber of Richard Armitage? That, my dear, just doesn’t cut it.

              • Tell us how you really feel about Robin, Angie. Please don’t hold back! hahahaha … I can’t stand him either. When Richard said in an interview that Lucy was very, very beautiful and the interviewer hinted that he should go for it, Richard said something about there being a long line of suitors already…I wish I remembered his exact words. To this day I wonder if they ever got together in real life. She was so much younger than him, though. Anyway, I got my Guy fix today on Armitage Watch on Twitter and it was fun. He is soooo swoony! The Pants of Seduction frame those Thighs of Thunder and the P.H.D. so perfectly that it should be illegal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • I figure it’s my blog and I will air my true feelings about Forest Boy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I always suspected Richard would have been hesitant to initiate anything because there was that rather large age difference between them. I know she was dating Joe Kennedy, the one who played Carter in guest spots on RH at one time. RA and Lucy were always so cute together in their comments on the DVDs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And they did make a great-looking couple onscreen.

              • Although those two, Blobbin and Crazy Izzie, deserved each other. I got so sick of hearing her whine about how mistreated she’d been. Excuse me, it was the 12th century. Arranged marriages for 13-year-old girls of good families were not unusual at all. It was a fact of life. I am sorry that Thornton turned out to be a far less than ideal husband, but Guy was trying to do the best he could for her. It’s not as if they had any family to fall back on. Between Izzie complaining about being married off and Kate screeching, “He killed my brootha,” I wanted to scream.

              • Have to admit–I like Joanne Froggatt much better as Anna in “Downton Abbey”. Although she was certainly a good fighter in RH–but Isabella drove me bonkers. As if I could ever forgive her for the way she treated Guy anyway, no matter what she thought he’d done to her. I’m sure he didn’t realize that Thornton was a psychopath–but Guy’s childhood was hardly a stroll in the forest either.

              • I love this comment thread. Lara Pulver is a good actress (lucky her to have worked with Richard twice!) and deserved a better role. It would have been far more interesting if she had forgiven Guy and teamed up with him against the Sheriff. Furthermore, they had so much chemistry together they shouldn’t have played siblings in the first place! I never believed that Robin loved Marian. They should have introduced Archer in the second season, killed Robin, have Archer and Guy take over Robin’s job – Archer in the forest and Guy in the castle. Then, during Season 3, Marian would have softened towards Guy and as a finale decided he had proven himself – finally marrying him.
                I hope you continue to make Guy comments and edits for a long, long time! ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Thanks–don’t misunderstand me, in many ways, I was very much a fan of RH–but the majority of it had to do with Richard (it almost broke my heart in Season 3 when he was absent for several episodes) and the interactions of the Merry Men, many of which I thought were a hoot. I know there were many reasons why Season 3 seemed to be all over the shop (not the least of which was the death of Dominic Minghela’s brother Anthony) and it was very obviously going to be the last season since they were pretty much killing off all of the interesting people–however, I was NOT aware during the process that they were going to kill off Guy. That really threw me for a loop.

              • They released the S3 DVDs too early through a glitch to some customers who ended up seeing the final ep before it aired on television. And I inadvertently discovered this. So I knew in advance what was going to happen. I was so sick at heart. Richard had kept saying “Guy has to die” and I kept saying, “No, WHY does he? Because this is a ‘family friendly’ show and the baddies all have to buy the farm?? WHY can’t he survive a redeemed man?”

                Oh, well. They didn’t ask ME.

              • Obviously, they didn’t ask me either–I just kept thinking, after they’d escaped from York, that some of them were going to survive. And some did, of course–I already knew the series was ending but they didn’t leave anyone standing that could have carried on even if it wasn’t. Archer was an interesting character, but I didn’t get that he was strong enough to keep things going among the loss of most of the stronger cast members. Vive la Sir Guy–I don’t think you need to worry about his fading from anyone’s memory, Angie. I don’t think that’s possible.

              • With Guy and Allan dead and Much not planning to return for another series, that left only Tuck, Little John, Archer and Kate–and that wouldn’t have drawn me to keep watching, sorry. And you are right, of course. I am just very defensive and protective of Sir Guy. My first RA character and still my most beloved. He gets a bit insecure at times–especially with all the hoopla over a certain hirsute dwarf . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • One of very few things that truly bug me about Richard is how he contradicts himself in interviews. He did say while he was playing Guy that even though Jonas was leaving, he had been told they were planning a fourth season and that he was really looking forward to it. Then, he said Guy should die to pay for his sins. Part of me thought, ‘that’s his mother speaking, not him’, but what do I know? I believe that to this day it bothers him that Guy killed Marian, that there was no fourth season and that Guy died. A reporter asked him recently a string of ‘Hot or Not’ questions and when the ‘Guy killed Marian’ question came around, he emphatically said NO! The reporter asked why and Richard said ‘because he should have married Marian’. I wanted to reach inside my screen and hug him for saying that! They should make a new version of Robin Hood with a great screenplay and great actors and have Richard play Guy. I wish Peter Jackson would direct it!!! Daniela could play Lady Marian as a smart, kind woman, not a manipulative witch like the one we saw on the show. The thing is, I want it to be a movie about Guy of Gisborne, not about Robin. ๐Ÿ˜€
                Too bad I’m not a billionaire so I could finance it!

              • I think he hated, hated, hated the fact they had Guy killed Marian. I remember hearing the Guy-like growl in his voice when he responded “NO!–he should have married her.”

              • Yes! He has also said that at times he would open a script and get very frustrated with the things the writers had Guy do because he knew that Guy would not act that way. Poor Richard! No wonder he has said he did not make any friends on the set. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

              • I don’t think it was a very happy experience for him in some ways, which makes me sad. He did such a beautiful job bringing that character to such vivid life.

              • It seems to me that in an interview not long after the 2nd season finale, Richard expressed the fact that he had not been comfortable with Guy killing Marian–apparently, he was just as surprised as anyone that that was the plan. I don’t remember his saying anything about a 4th season–in fact, I think he was already heading into “Spooks” at that point. Like I said before, I think they were just all over the place in season 3–I also think that Richard may contradict himself in interviews because he does so many that it would be impossible to remember everything he’s said in every single one.

              • When else did Lara get to work with Richard? He was finished shooting Spooks when she arrived for the last season, although I think he did introduce her around on the set . . . I was so hoping that Isabella would be a friend and ally to Guy when they added her character, but she was anything BUT. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

                Yes, Lara is a good actress and it seems she and RA really enjoyed working together as well, she has called him a “friend for life.” ๐Ÿ˜€

                I like your idea, Chatty. Get rid of annoying Robin and bring in the more attractive and charismatic little brother. I always wanted Guy to become the world’s sexiest outlaw. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Listen I could talk about Guy all the bloomin’ day and play with images of him hour after hour if I didn’t watch it. It’s important to me that this character is not forgotten or overlooked–not that that is likely to happen.

              • Oops! Like Buffy used to say: ‘My bad!’ I was thinking about Spooks. Sorry! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

              • I remembered reading an article with Lara talking about Richard showing her around the set and introducing her to people, wanting her to feel at home (my gosh but he is simply a lovely human being). But the only the acting they’ve done so far together is RH. Now, Lara appeared in Sherlock with Benedict and Martin, so there’s another connection.

              • I couldn’t stand Joanna’s voice as Kate. Too shrill and screechy and if she hadn’t been standing there talking to the cart Guy might not have realized her brootha was there in the first place. And then the boy came charging at Guy , who had a perfect right to defend himself. Yes, I like JF much better as Anna–thank goodness!. And I think that bunny boiler Izzie was mentally ill from way back. Poor Guy. He did not have an easy life, that’s for certain.

              • I love the “constipated hedgehog” reference–I mean, I stuck with the series until the bitter end, but only because of Richard and his superlative portrayal of Guy, and hardly anyone else in the entire cast could even begin to touch his gorgeous leather coattails. I guess it made me mad that
                Armstrong was considered “the star” and at the beginning, Richard was only given third billing. Thank God someone saw the potential there and began enlarging his role and the Sheriff’s before the whole thing disintegrated.

            • I reckon he was someones cousin, friend, sister-in-law’s cousins friend. How else would he have possibly got the role! He was useless. (and a goober)

              • Well, that’s certainly a reasonable thought, as well–I know that Richard did read for Robin, but they (and he, himself) felt he was too old for the role. I think the casting did him a much bigger favor anyway in the end.

  1. I DID NOT like Joanne Froggart in RH (whine whine whine) or Downton Abbey(too winsome). I found her incredibly annoying and she grated on my nerves. Sorry, just my opinion.

  2. Oh, goodness… *melts into puddle on the floor* There are no specific pictures for this one I can say, ALL of them are just fabulous!!! Overload of masculinity and smoldering sexiness, over here. Call 911! LOL

  3. *ooof*. Now here are the visuals for the Guy fanfic I am reading at the mo… I have so immersed myself in Guy, I am not Guylty anymore but rather BeGuyled *eeeek*.
    Very interesting discussion here in the comments on Guy’s trajectory through the script. And what a downward spiral it was. Lots of things were clearly wrong with the script and the casting. Interestingly, even though I obviously loved RA in the role, I think he ultimately did not succeed in his acting. He stated somewhere that he wanted the viewers to squirm and hate Guy. Well, darling, you got that terribly wrong. Instead we all fell for him and cheered him on, everytime constipated hedgehog/forest boy (*muhahaha* – love your monikers for RH) tried to attack him.

    • I think maybe he didn’t realize that he came off as vulnerable as he did–I, for one, think it added to the character and gave Guy an entire back story that he’s never had anywhere else I’ve ever seen the character of Gisborne. Whether he meant it that way or not, only he knows–but he made Guy relatable to viewers instead of just being unredeemably evil–and I think it gave a whole new depth to the character.

      • Exactly. If Richard failed at his goal to make Guy “icky” to viewers, I have to give him an A+ for crafting a multi-dimensional, complex character with light and darks, an interesting one that consistently engaged the viewer. That makes his performance a WIN for me.

        I watch actors spouting lines and that’s all it is to me and I don’t give the proverbial rat’s bladder what happens to their characters. But with Guy, I did care immensely. Richard gave the big, strong, angry, alpha male a vulnerability that could be heart-breaking. There was a sort of naivety in Guy, and a gullibility when it came to Marian (and to Vasey and later, his sister). At some point I have to get around the tears it will bring and write about the parallels I see between Guy’s character and my father.

        • Exactly–Guy was so tormented and so conflicted, it’s no wonder he couldn’t always decide between light and dark. But that shows, to me, that rattling around in there somewhere was still some hope and some humanity that had never been obliterated by all that he suffered. I also think he truly loved Marian, which would explain why he mourned her so deeply despite being responsible for her death–and why he so heroically tried to save Meg, despite the odds. In many ways, he was far more heroic than Robin ever thought about being–and again, whether or not Richard meant the character to come across that way, only he knows. I can only say that it made an indelible impression on me.

      • As I said, don’t get me wrong, I lived the way he gave Sir Guy depth and dimension. I do not mean my criticism all that seriously. And I doubt that RA meant his statement all that seriously either ;-). He must have known that Sir Guy was garnering a lot if appreciation as a romantic almost-hero…

        • I also think it’s possible that the writers began to see how affected the audience was by Guy’s character through sheer reaction–and they may also have realized early on that Robin’s character was not (and might never be, as we all saw) strong enough to anchor the series alone. The next best avenues to generate interest were Gisborne and the Sheriff, and I think they took full advantage of that, as well as the incredibly talented actors cast in those roles. One of those rare cases where they saw a mistake and decided to capitalize on what they already had in place to overcome it–thank God!

    • Yeah, I’ve said before even thought there were actions of Guy’s I found deplorable, I couldn’t hate him. Just–couldn’t, sorry RA. Rich gave him too much humanity, made him relatable to me as a human being (I could never do that with the pompous glory hog known as Robin) and of course, he was just soooo beautiful. He’d had a hard life with a horrible sort of father figure manipulating him even as he struggled to make something of himself, to gain the power and wealth befitting a nobleman. To find his place in a nasty, brutish medieval world.

      Sure, at first Marian was just the comely daughter of the old sheriff and a good catch NTM Robin’s old flame–what a coup to take her away from him, too! But he fell deeply and truly in love with her–in a way I do not believe Robin ever did. Who kept coming to her rescue? Who truly mourned her? Ah, here I go rattling on about Guy when I should be doing other things.

      • I suppose it developed further as the series went on. It’s quite possible that Sir Guy was initially intended as the one-dimensional baddie, but as the viewership started reacting (maybe in an unpredicted/unexpected way, partly due to the delectable visuals), the writers made Sir Guy more interesting. I’m sure that a lot of that may be due to RA’s talent in developing and interpreting Guy’s character.

  4. Reading all the comments. Interesting.

    This crazy look he gives to Marian when she leaves her room with her bag… the Sheriff is forcing his hand to send her to Lord Winchester – one feels his struggle between duty and conscience, it was masterfully done.

    1. Where I am, this episode was broadcast just last week. I must say that I like all the actors in this series, it’s a strong team and it makes the series so good. RA could not have shined so brightly if he were not surrounded.supported by this brilliant team, any wrong note from the part of the other actors would have brought the show down.

    2. It’s curious for me that “Dr.Who” never got any traction in my country, where it’s considered a British excentricity best to be avoided, while “RH” is well known and appreciated. Scratching head: British actors being in both shows.

    3. I am looking for fanfic to explain Guy and Sheriff relationship, because it’s most intriguing. I have found some NSFW stuff, still looking. Suggestions please? ๐Ÿ™‚

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