‘He’s a hero on screen and in real life.’ From the new Chronicles II book


Here I am bloody crying again and it’s not my wonky Even Worse Knee (now being iced) that’s making me tear up. It’s reading both Richard’s words and those of others who’ve worked with him found within Weta Workshop‘s beautiful new book, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles II, which arrived today.

Here’s a snippet of what Amy Hubbard, UK casting director, had to say about RA (who gave what she called “one of the most committed performances I have ever seen”). Bold font my addition:

“I know he won’t mind me saying that Peter saw potential in Richard that hadn’t been fully exploited before . . . (Richard) turned down the opportunity (to appear in next series of Strike Back) to make himself available to appear in The Hobbit. His commitment to the films . . . was an inspiration to all of us. And I believe it was a much-needed boost to the filmmakers’ morale during a marathon casting process. And Richard really deserves credit for that. He’s a hero on screen and in real life. Other actors made similar sacrifices, but Richard made this one very early in the casting process.”

Amy Hubbard


The book also states in the opening section on Thorin that “it was essential filmmakers cast an actor in the role with the same charisma and simmering dignity that the character demanded. Fortunately the casting directors found Richard Armitage, an actor with the quiet intensity and thoughtfulness needed for the role, and a man in whom both the rest of the cast and the audience can believe.”


Didn’t those casting directors do a splendid job? I most definitely do believe in the power of the Armitage, and appreciate all the more the commitment he made to the film when it wasn’t even 100 percent green lighted yet. Richard, you tall, gorgeous drink of water and inspiring morale builder, you.

*Smiling even as I blink back tears* I am so very proud of you, Richard.

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  1. They wanted a Prince who was the direct heir to the throne of Erebor and they found themselves a man who is a Prince amongst men. Frankly, I am shocked they made him wait so long to tell me he got the part. He is the Sacher Torte of chocolate cakes – there is nobody else who would have been a better Thorin. Period. Those men look up to him now – all of them, and they have expressed it in public. His family must be over the moon with happiness and pride. 😉

    • I think he was pretty much born to play a prince, and specifically, this charismatic warrior dwarf prince named Thorin. 😀 I am certain his family is so proud and pleased for him–and there’s a whole army of admirers out there who are, too! Vive Richard!!

  2. I have to admit to being moved to tears a number of times lately when reading or listening to what others have said about this wonderful human being and what he has revealed about himself. Like many others I became an ardent admirers of Richard’s many years ago and again like many others seem “hopelessly devoted”. Happily there is no cure for it either! 😉

  3. Thanks for this! It’s so nice to read these statements that just confirm what we knew about this amazing man! It seems that many, many people have the Good Taste Gene!

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